Attack On Gaming is the gaming media website dedicated to having fun and playing games while watching anime. Outside of a specific member of staff, we are not journalists, nor do we claim to be them. We don’t claim to be bloggers either, but, we’re probably closer to that really. We do claim to be members of the gaming media, a publication on talking about video games, and a site that focuses on generating original pieces on gaming centered on whichever topics interest us at the time of writing.

One of the founding principles of Attack On Gaming was that any reporting that we do, will not contain any of our own biases, and any subjective piece that we create will have our biases be known. The best idea that we could come up with when reporting on news is to not report on it at all, but rather, to present the resources that this news is generally produced from. In general, these come in the form of Press Releases. The reason that we released the content in as close to original format as possible is so that the reader can take all of the information that we’ve been given and come to their own conclusions without our own bias’ getting in the way of that.

At Attack On Gaming, we hope to be ad-free for as long as we possibly can. This is so that issues, like the ones in Gertsmanngate and Doritogate, do not ever come up and affect our writing. However, if a sponsorship deal comes our way and it doesn’t look like it will create conflicts with our writing then we may not turn it down.