Attack on Gaming is the gaming media website dedicated to actually playing games… and making fun of the industry along the way. All in good humour, of course. There will be no blatant bashing out of anger, or rage, just amusement. Because we can.

Unlike most sites, we will only be sharing with you the news in its unaltered format (which is usually in the form of a press release), not only to save time, but also to prevent biases and/or any kind of influential marketing to make its way into the news.  This means that you, the audience, will be looking over the same content that we will be (at the moment, trying to be) receiving from publishers but without us rewriting it in any way. This leaves it up to you to make your own interpretations of the content, dig out the information that you decide is important and valuable and lastly, to have a look at just where other forms of media can find a place to fail.

Our team so far consists of a former member of the gaming media, as well as (what will be), a small team of gamers just looking to have fun writing about games. We have no plans to make money off of this, but if we’re offered sponsorship and the conditions aren’t apprehensible, then we wont turn it down.