Edits Requested by PR

In this section, we will list all edits requested to us by PR, along with dates and possibly quotes from exchanges. This is because we believe that readers should be made aware of any changes to any material outside of the original authorship. This way we can both stick to our guns and keep our contacts content. This will be in reverse order, so newest change at the top. 2. Higurashi When They Cry Chapter 1 Onkakushi Review -   10/06/2015 It was requested by the publisher of Higurashi that we talk about specific points within our review for this title. These included things like Steam achievements, updates and new features added into the game. Also note that despite the request to not have these two titles release next to each other, we actually didn't work to achieve that goal. It just ended up that way. higurashi-disclosure 1. Anime PR: Knights of Sidonia Cancellation - 09/04/2014 The statement was changed from the following:
Readers, Madman have recently got in contact with us due to our recent coverage of the Knights of Sidonia news shared by them. We just want to clarify to our readers that Knights of Sidonia was not canceled due to server hacks and that Madman are working on getting the show on air. The hacks were partly speculation and partly jest due to the events that transpired in Kill La Kill's cancellation. Apologies for any confusion that may have arisen. Thanks, The Consultant
This is because:
Hi Benjamin,   Could you possibly shoot through the statement to me before you put it up? We just need to be conscious of wording in this scenario.   Best,
[name removed for privacy]
Obviously they didn't like that we mentioned their server breaches, fair enough to say, as we wouldn't want the world to know our servers can be broken into and we have a passwd file sitting in our root directory.
First line is fine, but just wondering if you could possibly amend the rest slightly to say:   We just want to clarify to our readers that Knights of Sidonia was not cancelled for the reasons we had previously speculated – which was partly in jest taking into account the events that transpired in Kill La Kill’s cancellation.   Madman is hopeful they will be able to reschedule the series at a later date.