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Wish -Tale of the sixteenth night of lunar month- Review


Wish -Tale of the sixteenth night of the lunar moon- is the kinetic visual novel from the doujin developer Migiha. The story revolves around a group of people capable of using a secret energy known as Prana, which has the ability to manipulate objects and do all kinds of magical things. Of course, things are not all as they seem for the main character, Tenka, who has been unable to harness the power of Prana until a chance encounter with his adoptive families cursed katana. The story itself seems to be influenced by Type-Moon’s style of games (think Fate/Stay Night), but with a bit more of a doujin feel to it. Fans of really long kinetic novels may want to … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: MangaGamer Announces Atelier Sakura’s Please Bang My Wife!


Lol! — September 9th, 2016–MangaGamer Announces Atelier Sakura’s Please Bang My Wife! If your wife was having an affair, would you break up? Would you have her end it? …Or would you encourage it, and watch? Please Bang My Wife is an erotic new title brought to by our brand new partners, Atelier Sakura, a developer known for it’s focus on eroticism and affordable titles. When Yasushi’s wife Mariko confesses that she’s been seeing another man who gives her mind-blowing sex her husband never could, he opens up to the new possibilities instead of shutting down. Will their threesomes save their marriage? Consensual NTR is a rarity, but Please Bang My Wife delivers it in spades. The game is also very customizable, … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: MangaGamer releases Funbag Fantasy!


THIS IS THE GAME I’VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO! — September 9th, 2015–MangaGamer releases Funbag Fantasy!  Lute Hende is a simple man who likes simple things like bread and boobs. He was never ambitious enough to seek wealth or aspire for fame and glory, but that never stopped him from spotting D-cups from the other side of town.The most notable thing he ever achieved in life was to get into the Kingdom of Edelland’s prestigious Royal Knight Academy. Unfortunately, he spent most of his time ogling his classmate Isis’s chest before finally graduating the last of his class. Lute is the kind of person most people would call a loser or a good-for-nothing. Though he isn’t the type to let such … Continue reading

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Tokyo Ghoul Root A – Complete Season 2 Review


Tokyo Ghoul is the hit anime series based on the manga of the same name. In Tokyo Ghoul, we follow the life of Ken Kannacky who has recently become a kind of ghoul-human hybrid after receiving a transplant of Ghoul organs while in an accident. Tokyo Ghoul Root A is the second season of this series and continues on almost exactly after the end of the first season. However, it seems as though there is a shift in tone, storytelling and directing. It is released by Madman Entertainment here in Australia and the English adaptation is done by Funimation. Right off the bat, Tokyo Ghoul’s story throws us straight into the action with the resolution to the Police vs. Ghouls … Continue reading

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A.O.T / Attack On Titan – Wings of Freedom Review


Shingeki no Kyojin – Attack On Titan, if you haven’t heard of it, is one of the largest Japanese anime and manga franchises on the market at the moment. The franchise is about humanity being on the brink of extinction thanks to relentless attacks by a mysterious enemy, known as Titans, for generations. To repel the titans, humanity have built several walls around their territory and have developed some rather unique weaponry that excel in butchering these foes. The A.O.T / Attack On Titan – Wings of Freedom video game follows the storyline of the anime adaptation of the popular manga series, and it somehow is way better than expected. If you’ve seen the anime or read the manga, the … Continue reading

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Moékuri Greenlit!


We got an e-mail yesterday from Culture Select about this title needing a boost in Kickstarter funds and Greenlight votes. But, as we have a no articles within 24 hours of a review policy, we missed publishing that. But now it has been Greenlit successfully and will be coming soon to Steam. You can check out the relevant links for the game to see if this moe SRPG is your thing. Narrated Gameplay Video: Kickstarter: Steam Greenlight: — This originally appeared as: Moekuri Kickstarted. It was an error on the authors part.

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Gaming PR: MangaGamer Releases Orc Castle!


Want some Orcs in a castle, to do lewd things with? Check out the details below. — September 2nd, 2016–MangaGamer Releases Orc Castle!   Play as the heir to the orcish throne in this tower defense game! Defend your castle from hot, sexy women trying to destroy your entire race! Set traps and monsters to string combos together and subject your invaders to humiliating defeat at the hands of your minions! Orc Castle is fun gameplay title offering lots of different H-scenes based on how you build your dungeon and defeat the invading heroines. There’s many ways to protect your kingdom, and plenty of gratification to be had from protecting your race! You can order your copy of Orc Castle today for … Continue reading

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