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Sword Art Online II Part 1 (BluRay)

A second series of Sword Art Online is upon the English speaking world and it’s off to a great start. Sword Art Online II Part 1 focuses on the beginnings of an arc set in a VRMMORPG known as Gun Gale Online. As the name suggests, the main gameplay mechanic is gunplay. It already has a superior story to the last arc as well as an interesting new character to help out the hero of the story, who ventures alone in this one. The amazing art and character designs and decent sound design round off an excellent package, even if it’s only seven episodes long. Sword Art Online II picks up after one year of the events of Sword Art … Continue reading

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SMASH! 2015 – Day 2 The Reika and Kaname Panel Was a Lot of Fun!


This year at SMASH!, or, the Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, both Reika and Kaname sat together on a panel with Danny Choo as the host on the main stage during the second day of the convention. During the panel, the group discussed many things, like cosplay, traveling, anime and more. Rather than being a free-flowing interview, it seemed like Danny came prepared with questions, although the spontaneity and humour came through with the banter between the guests. Danny asked Reika how she chooses characters, and how she chooses between male and female characters. He translated her response roughly like this: “For Reika-san, she generally likes to cosplay characters which she really likes. When there are animes with lots of … Continue reading

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SMASH! 2015 Reika Panel – Working With Wigs


This year at SMASH!, the cosplay guest from Japan, Reika, hosted a panel on cosplaying on the shows Saturday. In this panel, she discussed a few things, but predominantly talked about wig-styling and utilised a live demonstration on the topic. This talk involved her giving directions to the audience, which was translated on stage by a SMASH! appointed translator, and showing them what she was doing. Some of Reika’s advice was pretty solid, giving out useful hints as to what to do in various stages of the styling process. What was particularly interesting was that she showed how the offcuts from a wig can be utilised to create the spikes coming out of the hair, like with Sephiroth from Final … Continue reading

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Loverin Tamburin Performed At SMASH! 2015 And Rocked The House


This year at SMASH! we saw the return of Loverin Tamburin on the Sunday at the convention. The group previously appeared at the 2013 Sydney Manga and Anime Show!. Loverin Tamburin is comprised of two main members, Aya, on vocals; and Akihiro, on keyboard and also arrangement. They’re also joined by Fujio Ryo on Lead Guitar, Fire on what looked like Bass, and Kohta Igarashi on the Drums. You might recognise their work from the video game: Fushigi No Chronicle Furikaerimasen Katsumadewa by Spike Chunsoft. The group played after the Karaoke finals ended, and their performance was incredibly fun! Loverin Tamburin’s performance began with the soundcheck, where they played a short musical piece just to test that their equipment was … Continue reading

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I LOVE ANISONG X SMASH! – Kz, GARNiDELiA, DJ Hello Kitty and Yanaginagi Were Awesome!


SMASH!, or, the Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, hosted an awesome night Saturday in the main hall. That nights event was the I LOVE ANISONG X SMASH! concert, which saw a group of amazing performances from Japanese artists being played live on stage. The set included performances from Kz, GARNiDELiA, DJ Hellokitty and Yanaginagi. It was an amazing night full of dancing, jumping, glowsticks and amazing music! Here, we share our thoughts on each of the nights performances. Kz Kz (stylised as kz) is the Japanese DJ that predominantly creates fun electronic tracks and combines them with Vocaloid vocals. Fans of his will remember that he previously played live at the Vocalioid Night back at SMASH! 2013. This year, he … Continue reading

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The SMASH! 2015 Karaoke Finals Were Amazing!


On Sunday at SMASH!, after the Reika and Kaname panel, there was the Karaoke Finals. These were the finals of the karaoke prelimaries held at the convention, as well as a wildcard from the online entries. Sadly, we didn’t enter this year, but you can check out our entry from last year if you like. The show saw a small amount of singers going on stage one at a time to sing their hearts out and win over the judges. The show started with the host of the finals coming out on to the stage. A contestant that people might recognise from the television show, ‘The Voice’, Kiyomi Vella, was the host of these finals. She gave the audience a … Continue reading

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A Smashing Weekend at SMASH! – Day 2, 2015


It’s been a year since the last Sydney Manga and Anime Show! and it’s been a few hours since this years show has ended for another entire year. This years event was quite a big one for me, with tonnes of things to do, tonnes of things to see, and there was even a few amazing concerts that fans could attend. Even more, there were a tonne of interesting panels being held all over the convention, which made the day an incredibly packed day that really would have made sure that attendees got their monies worth. The following is my experiences of the day at SMASH! Day 2 (Sunday). My day really started at around 11, which is when I … Continue reading

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