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Super Smash Bros. Wii U First Impressions – Oz Comic-Con 2014


Over the weekend at Oz Comic-Con in Sydney, Nintendo Australia was hosting a booth showcasing a large portion of their first party upcoming titles. Of particular note was the Hyrule Warriors demo, but even more noteworthy than that was the huge Super Smash Bros. Wii U display that they had going. Across both days, con-goers were able to sit down with the game and compete against three other convention attendees. On the Sunday, we were given an opportunity to go up in one of those battles. The first thing that stuck out for me was the fact that we were playing with Gamecube controllers, GAMECUBE CONTROLLERS, on a massive LED screen while being seated on some comfy cushions of some … Continue reading

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The Fine Young Capitalists Fully Funded


We’ve been following this group for a little while now, and the good news is that the organisation currently aiming at developing games designed by women, The Fine Young Capitalists, has been fully funded as of today. This is a strong chance for some unknown developers to finally get their shot at having their game developed. People can vote on which game the $65k in funding goes to here.

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Ars Technica Push Biased And Un-Researched Anti-GamerGate Article


The technology news site, Ars Technica, have released an article covering the whole GamerGate movement earlier today on their site. What’s interesting about this article is it’s complete lack of impartialty and complete lack of research. This is a theme that gamers feel has been common throughout this entire ordeal. The article gets many of its facts completely wrong, and uses this to discredit the entire movement. The term “sockpuppet” is used throughout the article in relation to the #NotYourShield hashtag that has been complimenting #GamerGate. This is where legitimate persons of ethnic backgrounds other than white, and gender specifications other than male have been showing their support, legitimate people, towards the movement. #NotYourShield was originally started by the opposition … Continue reading

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StackSocial No Longer Lists Kotaku As Advertisement Affiliate In Wake Of GamerGate Campaigning [Amended]


Amendment: We may have jumped the gun on this one. Kotaku was also not listed a month prior to this image being capped according to sources. Take anything listed in this article with a grain of salt until further evidence can be compiled. This was brought to our attention this morning, thanks to The Niche Gamer, on Twitter. The advertising portal, StackSocial, is no longer advertising on the Gawker owned website, Kotaku. As to why this is, it is likely due to the efforts of #GamerGate campaigners. This is a striking blow to the Gawker website, with their revenue likely taking a hit. If this is the first overt loss of advertisement, how many more silent advertisers have dropped? The … Continue reading

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The Escapist Publishes Their New Publishing Policy As Promised During GamerGate


We published an article a day or two ago where the gaming publication, The Escapist, promised to amend their publishing policies over the weekend. Well, they finally have amended those policies to be a lot more encompassing and showing in integrity. GamerGate is all about increasing the integrity of publications in the gaming media industry, and this is a strong move for the publication. Be sure to check out the full guidelines below. Of particular note is the conflicts of interests section, which is one of the biggest deals GamerGate supporters have been pushing all along. Good work The Escapist.

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“Reddit Mod” Outs Reddit For Censorship During GamerGate


In an audio log, a self-proclaimed Moderator of the popular mega-forum, Reddit, announced that they were indeed censoring the whole GamerGate debacle. In the logs, he mentions a few key points on how the banning has been pretty much automated in order to maximise the efficiency of the banning. On Reddit, this process is known as ‘Shadowbanning’ and can be done on a user and IP level. See below for relevant quotes: 10:30 “I was told if I released this I would be marked as someone who was helping in the distribution of child pornography on Reddit.” 36:30 I know that there is automated code that exists to shadowban users from the website 40:00 the automod has filters that will … Continue reading

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Interstellar Marines Preview – Tactical Shooter Done With Tact


Tactical FPS’, in some regards, is one of the most difficult kinds of game genres to build a game into. The king of this genre, is of course, Counter-Strike. However, tactical shooters do go beyond this one title, but rarely have they shown as much tactical depth as Interstellar Marines has so far. It is developed by Zero Point Software and is self-published on Steam. For a game that is still in early access, Interstellar Marines is showing a lot of promise. At the moment, Interstellar Marines is largely Multiplayer driven, with a small handful of servers up in each region to accomodate players. What we’ve found with the game is that these are largely empty. However, this does not … Continue reading

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