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A Look At Magic The Gathering: Khans Of Tarkir (And Core Deck 2015)


This is something completely strange for us to have taken a look at, but it’s still something we’re pretty fond of here, Magic The Gathering. Recently we were sent through a few of the latest decks to take a look at and to showcase. So we figured that it’d be best to throw together some videos to show the fans of Magic The Gathering just what to expect from the Khans of Tarkir set. In this set, we received two Khans of Tarkir decks, each one looking like it has a slightly different theme and build. We also received a box of booster packs, we’re not entirely sure why, but you can expect a bunch of cool cards to come … Continue reading

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC, Shows Impartial Reporting On #GamerGate


Earlier this week, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, or ABC, posted up a report on their official news programme airing on national television about GamerGate. Once again, the station has done very little actual research onto the issue, and has instead cherry-picked its interviewees on the topic, choosing only to talk to people that view GamerGate as a hate movement. For those unfamiliar with GamerGate, it’s a group of gamers tweeting under a the hashtag #GamerGate about corruption in video games journalism. One of the things that this segment can be known for is that it at least looks like it makes an attempt at trying to find out what GamerGate is about, by interviewing people that are involved with it. … Continue reading

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A Night of Karting at Video Gamers League Mario Kart 8 Tournament


Last night saw the tournament for the VGL, or Video Gamers League, Mario Kart 8 tournament. Held in a (not really) secret room at Strike Bowling at Fox Studios, players drove on in a night of Mario Kart 8 action. The Video Gamers League is a somewhat new gaming league that intends on bringing gamers together both casually and competitively to promote a comfortable and competitive environment where gamers can test their skills against each other. Us here at Attack On Gaming were also participating in this Mario kart 8 tournament. The tournament itself was intense, with some players coming along that have absolutely mastered the racing game. Like, seriously, these racers were burning rubber and taking all of the … Continue reading

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Project Nimbus Preview – A Fast Paced Mecha Blast


Project Nimbus is the upcoming mecha based action game from GameCrafterTeam and Kiss Ltd. Quite often, PC gamers in general are left behind when it comes to more console-esque video games, in particular, when it comes to fast-paced action games that require a bit more directional control. A game franchise that fits this bill is the Armored Core franchise, which is probably the closest comparison that we can make between a console game and this action-heavy PC game. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that Project Nimbus is the PCs answer to the Armored Core franchise. However, even if players have never played it before, Project Nimbus still stands on its own. One of Project Nimbus’ greatest … Continue reading

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IGF Judge Leaves After Twitter Backlash


Over the past 24 hours, an interesting IGF, Independent Game Awards, judge has left the panel due to a recent backlash against one of her tweets where she stated that she would be “[...]rating low any games with men in them[...]“. Since that time, the IGF have stated that she was simply trolling the audience and that there is no downvoting mechanisms in place in the competition. Interestingly, since posting about that, the judge in question “cutie hunter mattie” has accused the organisation of running her “under a bus”. The IGF’s official Twitter has stated that she has recused herself from judging. Looking at her feed, she claims that #GamerGate has been involved in some capacity. However, only the IGF … Continue reading

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Dyson Allegedly Pulls Funding From Kotaku Parent Gawker Media


In the past, Gawker have lost some interesting advertising partners, such as Adobe, due to the efforts of GamerGate tweeters sending in reports of offensive content to advertisers. The latest of these, in which there is a long line-up of, is Dyson. While Dyson may not seem like it’s relevant to gaming, this is just one example of many advertisers dropping out of the site. Where this becomes relevant to gaming is that Gawker Media owns the gaming tabloid, Kotaku, which means that the blog will be losing a bit of dosh as a result. JUST IN. DYSON REMOVED ADVERTISEMENTS FROM GAWKER. CONFIRMED. I PERSONALLY RECEIVED IT. #GamerGate #OpUV — Canoness Julie △ (@milky_candy) November 7, 2014 – This … Continue reading

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Official Nintendo UK Magazine Ending In 6 Days


We just came across this announcement (I guess?) over on Reddit. After a debacle with an Official Nintendo Magazine writer giving negative criticism to a Japanese developed game, Senran Kagura Burst, by XSEED, the publication has been announced to be closing on November 11. What’s interesting about this closure is the circumstances around it. The writer has written that Senran Kagura Burst is “filth” and focuses their entire preview on the fanservice aspect of the game, rather than the game itself. Even more, this has sparked an outrage by one of the people in charge of the game on Twitter, where they allege that the writer had not done research on the game at all (which would have involved playing … Continue reading

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