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Bladestorm: Nightmare Review


It’s the 14th century. Two of Europe’s most powerful kingdoms, England and France, are locked into battle. Normanday, the Flanders, Brittany see more bloodshed by the day. For 120 years, as one century passes into the next, these two kingdoms fight for control of France. This is the setting for Bladestorm Nightmare, the latest game from Koei Tecmo and Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force, available for the Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One. It is a remake of Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 but with additional features, including a second story mode entitled Nightmare. The meat of the game revolves around the legendary conflict. However, instead of taking control of key figures, such as … Continue reading

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Tim Schafer Makes Racist Joke At GDC – Our Response


If you’ve paid any attention to the video games industry at all since the early days you’ve probably heard of a gaming legend named Tim Schafer. Tim’s biggest achievements are from Adventure games from his Lucas Arts tenure such as Day of the Tentacle and The Secret of Monkey Island. Since then he has gone on to work for his own studio Double Fine where they produce video games that go extremely over-budget and promise things that aren’t delivered or are changed at the last minute. Finding time away from developing games, Tim has recently attended the Game Developers Conference over in the U.S.A where he was given a chance to chat on stage as himself and controlling a literal … Continue reading

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Game Developers Speak Out Against The Press


Very recently, there was a particular episode of Law and Order that aired. This particular episode of Law & Order featured the SVU team going up against a culture of hate and misogyny growing within the gaming community, a culture that would be believable if people were only to read about gaming from certain websites that control the image of gamers through their writing. Since that episode had aired, gamers and developers alike have been speaking out against these publications, as well as the effect that they’ve had on the gaming industries image, and gamers themselves. One such industry figure is Mark Kern, the person in charge of Vanilla World of Warcraft (the original game, before the expansion packs). After … Continue reading

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How We Would Want The Legend of Zelda Live Action To Be


Very recently, if you’ve been paying attention to the internet, there has been speculation and rumors that Netflix will be producing a brand-new The Legend of Zelda series for the streaming service in conjunction with Nintendo. We’ve been thinking about just how such a series would work if it was produced, considering the world of Hyrule, it’s characters and its long history of games within the franchise, each reflecting  and altering the lore in its own way. If we were in-charge of writing a The Legend of Zelda series, as we’re huge fans we would be totally up for it as well, it would probably turn out something like this. Plot: A young adult Link is tasked with saving the … Continue reading

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Memories of Monty Oum


Earlier this week, something had happened to Mounty Oum, animator at Rooster Teeth. It was announced on their website that he was in a pretty bad shape and was in the hospital for recovery. Unfortunately, the White Mages working on him couldn’t cure his condition, a condition caused by an allergy during a medical procedure that left him in a coma, and he has passed away. For a lot of us, Monty will be known for his work on the hit series, RWBY, as well as his work in Red vs. Blue. While we’re personally on the side of Red Vs. Blue quality being reduced overall since the late 2000s, Monty’s choreography in that series has always been entertaining, even … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Takes Action Against Editors Of #GamerGate Page


The #GamerGate controversy has been a rather long talking point between gamers and their representative media, a talking point where media professionals have been known to insult their own readership and gamers at large; and the gamers themselves, claiming that there is a clear lack of ethics in gaming journalism. One of the areas that have seen the contention between these two points is the largest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, where editors supporting viewpoints on either side have been practically battling over the content of the page. The story, in general, is that writers have been adding or modifying content that removes the negative bias of gamers talking about #GamerGate while other editors, such as Ryulong, have been reverting these changes … Continue reading

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The Escapists Preview


The Escapists is a Prison Break simulator from the developer Mouldy Toof Studios and is being released by the publisher Team 17. The Escapists, as the name implies, is a game about escaping prison. To do this, player must use their wits, plans and a whole lot of patience in order to come up with a plan that will see them escaping in the shortest time possible. In The Escapists, the player plays as one of a select bunch of prisoners that are imprisoned in a prison. At the start of each level, the player is asked to choose a player character to choose from, which means that the player assumes the role of that prisoner. The player can also … Continue reading

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