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Ai-pon, Nonaka Ai Q&A Panel – SMASH! 2016


“My name is Nonoka Ai, please call me Aipon. A. I . P. O. N.” This was going to be a fun panel, I could tell. Nonoka Ai, the voice actress known for a few roles, but probably most predominantly as Kyoko from Madoka Magica. Straight out of the door were some interesting questions like why she wanted to become a voice actress, which she responded that she wanted to meet YuYu Hakusho. There was another question where she was asked about some excersises she does for her voice, to which she responded that she doesn’t drink and goes to sleep early. She’s pretty energetic. The first Live Dubbing scene was a scene from Gintama. It was the highly energetic … Continue reading

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Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Preview Recap – SMASH! 2016


At SMASH! this year, there was a screening of the upcoming Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV film. The screening showcased 15 minutes of the film, which encompassed some pretty interesting moments.I’m not too sure if this was just the opening sequence, or a bunch of random points. The opening sequences showcased a dramatic opening battle between some evil looking dudes,a young Noctis and some blonde looking girl in a forest. It was very dramatic and had fire effects. After, it soon becomes 12 years later and there is an even bigger battle involving some cool looking dudes, monsters and what appears to be an Assassin’s Creed character. For some reason they are trying to breach a wall and lots of missiles … Continue reading

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Zelda Informer, Press-Start, and more, possibly lying about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Over the early weekend, a few websites had published some rather interesting articles about this years EB Games Expo and Nintendo’s upcoming video game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The rumours come sourced to a nameless anonymous source at the Expo claiming that fans that have purchased four Zelda games and have proof of purchasing these games at an EB Games store, that they will be able to play a demo build of Breath of the Wild. Obviously, this sounds like a terrible PR move and no sane person at Nintendo would have authorised this kind of move. But still, we have reached out to Nintendo for verification just the same. Below is their response, quoted. Thank … Continue reading

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The Meetup That Was Everyone’s XIVth Final Fantasy in Sydney + Palace of the Dead Primer


Saturday night was a rather different one for fans of Square Enix’s most recent entry in the MMORPG market, Final Fantasy XIV. That night, at a place called ‘The Nerd Cave‘, a rather packed out meetup took place between fans where we could engage and interact with each other while playing some FFXIV, and some of the many other games present at the location. It would prove to be a fun night with activities, pizza, booze and more. Officially, there is a Final Fantasy XIV group for Australians and New Zealanders to join on Facebook, which is where we found out about the event. Despite working with the PR company in-charge of looking after the Final Fantasy XIV brand, I … Continue reading

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Fixing The Issues Of Overwatch Competitive


A couple of days ago, Blizzard released the first ever competitive season to Overwatch, their latest team and objective based game. In Overwatch, players take control of a hero character and team up with other players in order to complete objectives in order to win. Of course, this kind of setup would work great with a competitive component where players can rank up and compete against each other. And Overwatch now delivers on that component. However, there are a few flaws in the design. With the introduction of the competitive season, the existing gametypes in Overwatch work very slightly differently to how they did in the previous quick play mode of the game. For example, some gametypes require a certain … Continue reading

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The Dungeons in Revenge of the Horde, A Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Article


  Final Fantasy XIV’s latest major content update, Revenge of the Horde FFXIV Patch 3.3, released the other day, and with it, a fair amount of new content was added into the game. The best part about this new content though, is Kotaku’s coverage the new PvE content which can actually be a little bit of a challenge in some places. We’ve been playing FFXIV since it was a poorly designed MMORPG, and have lived through its evolution into the content filled themepark that it is today. There was a little bit of a hiatus and a server change, but our new home on Leviathan has been great fun. So the first dungeon that we checked out was the Hullbreaker … Continue reading

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Overwatch – Watch Over, Anticipate the Release


Overwatch is the upcoming team-based shooter from Blizzard, and a game that I really, really, really, didn’t want to like. Looking at the marketing for the game, the MOBA-like gameplay elements, the art-style and what seemed like a general direction in the path of casualness, I didn’t think that I’d like this. At all. It wasn’t until someone I knew said that they were checking out the Open Beta, someone that didn’t traditionally play shooters, that I decided to check this out. After-all, if they enjoyed this, maybe I could convince them to play a real game. But man, I’m glad as heck that I tagged along, because Overwatch really took me back to that feeling I got playing Assault … Continue reading

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