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The SPJ AirPlay Aftermath


It’s now been a week since the conclusion of the GamerGate debate at the SPJ’s AirPlay event, hosted by Michael Koretzky, held in the Koubek Centre in Miami. Airplay was to be held at the same time as a convention for journalists held in the Miami region, meaning that the show would have been host to both GamerGate people and Journalists. The panel was split into two sessions discussing differing facets of the GamerGate revolt. The morning session focused briefly on what GamerGate is before going into ethical breaches by the gaming media. Meanwhile, the afternoon panel was to focus on how to cover events like GamerGate better in the media going forward. The event itself was cut-short during the … Continue reading

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SMASH! 2015 – Danny Choo’s Life Lessons: A Day 2 Panel


During the second day of SMASH! 2015, I was able to attend a few panels featuring several of the guests. One such panel was hosted by blogger and Smart Doll creator Danny Choo. On Saturday, Danny Choo presented a panel based on Smart Doll. His Sunday panel, however, focused on him a little more. He discussed his beginnings, talked about Smart Doll a little more and gave some interesting advice for those who wish to follow their own steps into entrepreneurship. The first portion of the panel focused on the beginnings of Danny Choo. He showed off pictures of his office, which does get gradually bigger. It was based in his own living space, so it was quite cramped. He … Continue reading

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SMASH! Starts Tomorrow! Are you PREPARED!?


In just over 24 hours from now, SMASH!, the Sydney Manga and Anime SHow! will be kicking off for this year in 2015. Us here on Attack On Gaming will be there and we’re pretty excited. Each year, SMASH! has consistently gotten better and better, to the point where we’re expecting a real-life Gundam battle or something this year. Piloted by alpacas, of course. The show has been around for a little while now, starting in 2007 as a small University convention, and has grown into a massive event taking up the Rosehill Gardens center last year. What I’m looking forward to this year at the convention is obviously the SMASH X Anisong event, which is going to be a … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: Twitch coming to Australia for the first time at PAX AUS 2015


Fans of the Twitch service might be interested in this. Check out the details below. In bigger news, 3-day passes haven’t sold out yet! — Twitch coming to Australia for the first time at PAX AUS 2015   4 August 2015 – PAX Aus is proud to announce that Twitch, the world’s leading gaming video streaming platform, will have its first ever official booth at any Australian gaming festival, when the Twitch team visits Melbourne this October for PAX Aus 2015.   Over the three days of PAX Aus, Twitch will be streaming non-stop from the event with some of its most popular international and local stars in attendance (names to be announced shortly), showcasing the Australian gaming event to … Continue reading

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Meet Culture Select, The New Japanese Localisation Team Behind Wish


Culture Select is an up and coming company that we have high hopes for, as it seems that they’re planning on bringing us gamers and fans even more of these niche Japanese titles, such as doujin games and Visual Novels. Gamers looking to find some of the more niche Japanese titles translated into English (and Spanish) available legitimately currently only have a few options available to them. You have both JAST USA and MangaGamer that are releasing and translating Visual Novels predominantly, while you also have the team at Nyu Media that are bringing over the smaller doujin experiences. But now we have Culture Select to look out for; and we recently sat down with their CEO across the internet … Continue reading

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Interview With Culture Select’s John Baumlin


We recently sat down with Culture Select as part of a feature on their company. In our feature, we discuss the up and coming company and their plans to localise doujin games, visual novels and more for the English and Spanish audiences. You can check out that feature here. See below for the full interview with Culture Select’s CEO, John Baumlin. — AoG: What is Culture Select to you as the person in charge? What should it mean to the consumers and what brought about its creation? John: I feel like Culture Select is literally being created right now as we speak, through our Kickstarter (link) and the efforts of everyone involved, honestly.  Ever since our first project went public … Continue reading

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U.S. Eating Disorder Website Dangerously Shames Thin Game Characters


You may have woken up to this particular item being shared around on social media this morning. The US eating disorder help-website,, released an article into the internet where they have gone through and edited existing video-game characters into a more “realistic” representation of how they believe a woman should look. Take note that it was only women that were edited, leading us to believe that only women can have eating disorders, which is probably not the case. At most, I fear that blatant agenda pushing and fear-mongering is now entering the mental health field. My first point of contention with this article is that it fails to take into account the lifestyles of the women characters that they … Continue reading

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