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Mighty No9. Community Manager Leaves Comcept


In a post titled: A Mighty Mid-Spring Update, it was revealed that the English community manager for Comcept’s Might No9., Dina, has announced that she will be leaving Comcept. In her message, she states that has resigned from her position at Comcept, and will only be staying on the project as a regular backer. This seems like it is welcome news for a group of Mighty No9. backers that seem to have taken an interest in seeing her removed from the community. For those unaware, there was a small ruckus concerning the manager and the companies backers on the forums a little while back. There is still ongoing disputes with Comcept and their community on Twitter. We’re interested in seeing … Continue reading

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Updated: Gamespot Allegedly Steals Youtubers Footage And Passes It Off As Their Own


A Youtuber named UndercoverDudes has recently made a video about a game called Combat Arms. This same Youtuber is claiming that Gamespot, the big online gaming publication, has stolen the footage that UndercoverDudes has created of Combat Arms and has uploaded it to their own Gamespot Gameplay channel. To prove his allegations, UndercoverDudes has put together a video showcasing, what he claims, is a theft of his footage. His analysis of the theft involves the gameplay found within the video itself, which is 1:1 of his particular footage. His evidence includes: The kill log which includes his name in it, as well as, well, the footage itself being identical. If these allegations are true, this is a shameful display of … Continue reading

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Anime PR: Japan’s #1 cosplayer REIKA returns to SMASH! 2015


Image Credits: ゥ REIKA REIKA is coming back to SMASH! The Sydney Manga and Anime SHow! this year. Check out the details below. w0000t! So excited to see her at the show again! — Japan’s #1 cosplayer REIKA returns to SMASH! 2015 Sydney, NSW, April 9, 2015 — With cosplay on the rise as a creative hobby for the young and old, SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show continues to attract thousands of cosplayers every year. Due to strong demands, SMASH! is delighted to reveal that Japan’s #1 cosplayer, REIKA ARIKAWA, will be returning to SMASH! for a second time. REIKA (麗華) is Japan’s top-ranking cosplayer and is well-renowned for her elaborate hand-made costumes and accurate portrayal of male characters. … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: EB Games EXPO 2015 – Australia’s Leading Video Games Event


Awwww yeah, EB Expo is coming back to Sydney this year in October. Check out the details below. — EB Expo returns with a bang in 2015: Major Publishers & ‘The Umbilical Brothers’ join the line-up The creators of Australia’s leading video games event EB Expo are excited to announce its return in 2015, continuing its reputation for showcasing unreleased games and bringing fresh additions to the experience. Sydney Showground remains the premiere location of choice on October 2 – 4. Tickets go on sale from 9am AEDT on April 16 and will be available to purchase from, EB Games stores and through On the back of some huge announcements in the gaming industry this week, including the … Continue reading

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Tim Schafer Makes Racist Joke At GDC – Our Response


If you’ve paid any attention to the video games industry at all since the early days you’ve probably heard of a gaming legend named Tim Schafer. Tim’s biggest achievements are from Adventure games from his Lucas Arts tenure such as Day of the Tentacle and The Secret of Monkey Island. Since then he has gone on to work for his own studio Double Fine where they produce video games that go extremely over-budget and promise things that aren’t delivered or are changed at the last minute. Finding time away from developing games, Tim has recently attended the Game Developers Conference over in the U.S.A where he was given a chance to chat on stage as himself and controlling a literal … Continue reading

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Game Developers Speak Out Against The Press


Very recently, there was a particular episode of Law and Order that aired. This particular episode of Law & Order featured the SVU team going up against a culture of hate and misogyny growing within the gaming community, a culture that would be believable if people were only to read about gaming from certain websites that control the image of gamers through their writing. Since that episode had aired, gamers and developers alike have been speaking out against these publications, as well as the effect that they’ve had on the gaming industries image, and gamers themselves. One such industry figure is Mark Kern, the person in charge of Vanilla World of Warcraft (the original game, before the expansion packs). After … Continue reading

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Petition To Ban Adam Baldwin From Supanova Fails


At around 2AM Australian time, the Supanova page posted a message pertaining to their decision to allow Adam Baldwin to attend their convention as a guest speaker as a part of their FireFly themed event. This decision is a controversial one at the moment, considering Adam Baldwin’s involvement in coining the GamerGate hashtag that exists for people to discuss ethics in video game journalism as part of a consumer revolt that has been happening since September last year. Supanova states: As a backdrop to how we arrived at this juncture, Supanova has been trying to get Adam to come to Supanova since 2006 and we previously succeeded in April 2013 when he appeared at our Melbourne and Gold Coast events. … Continue reading

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