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Meet Culture Select, The New Japanese Localisation Team Behind Wish


Culture Select is an up and coming company that we have high hopes for, as it seems that they’re planning on bringing us gamers and fans even more of these niche Japanese titles, such as doujin games and Visual Novels. Gamers looking to find some of the more niche Japanese titles translated into English (and Spanish) available legitimately currently only have a few options available to them. You have both JAST USA and MangaGamer that are releasing and translating Visual Novels predominantly, while you also have the team at Nyu Media that are bringing over the smaller doujin experiences. But now we have Culture Select to look out for; and we recently sat down with their CEO across the internet … Continue reading

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Interview With Culture Select’s John Baumlin


We recently sat down with Culture Select as part of a feature on their company. In our feature, we discuss the up and coming company and their plans to localise doujin games, visual novels and more for the English and Spanish audiences. You can check out that feature here. See below for the full interview with Culture Select’s CEO, John Baumlin. — AoG: What is Culture Select to you as the person in charge? What should it mean to the consumers and what brought about its creation? John: I feel like Culture Select is literally being created right now as we speak, through our Kickstarter (link) and the efforts of everyone involved, honestly.  Ever since our first project went public … Continue reading

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U.S. Eating Disorder Website Dangerously Shames Thin Game Characters


You may have woken up to this particular item being shared around on social media this morning. The US eating disorder help-website,, released an article into the internet where they have gone through and edited existing video-game characters into a more “realistic” representation of how they believe a woman should look. Take note that it was only women that were edited, leading us to believe that only women can have eating disorders, which is probably not the case. At most, I fear that blatant agenda pushing and fear-mongering is now entering the mental health field. My first point of contention with this article is that it fails to take into account the lifestyles of the women characters that they … Continue reading

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Airplay Hits Turbulence Over Recent Drama


Over the course of the previous week, some rather interesting news popped up out of the SPJ’s AirPlay events blog. For those unfamiliar with the SPJ, it is essentially -the- organisation for journalists, the Society of Professional Journalists. The group is dedicated to upholding journalistic standards and is used as the meter to test unethical journalism against. The Airplay event is an event run by Michael Koretzky, and is to focus on the topic of GamerGate and the ethics in gaming journalism. Initially, the Airplay event was going to see a panel of GamerGate discussionists debating against a panel of anti-GamerGate discussionists. However, due to a lack of interest from the “anti” side, the discussion is now pretty much one … Continue reading

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The “Senpai Notice Me” JPF X SMASH! Cosplay Workshops! Was Pretty Fun


Over the weekend, on Saturday July 11, 2015, SMASH! and the Japan Foundation in Sydney held a trio of pre-SMASH! panels for people that RSVP’d to a Facebook event focused on Cosplay called “”Senpai Notice Me” JPF X SMASH! Cosplay Workshops!“. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend one of the workshops, the make-up application one, but I did attend both the Wig-Styling and the Casting workshops. As you can tell, each workshop focused primarily on one thing each, but went for about an hour or so each, with plenty of time for nuance. As we mentioned in the OP, we didn’t attend the Make-up workshop, so were not too sure about what happened in that. However, it was the first … Continue reading

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ABC Being Investigated By Members of Parliament Thanks To Dodgy Investigation


We’re not really ones to write about news covered on other sites, but this one is pretty relevant to us Australians here. In a post over at One Angry Gamer, it is revealed that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, or ABC, is being investigated by Members of Parliament over their one-sided coverage of GamerGate, as well as what looks like personal attacks from a producer within the company. We have previously reported on what we perceive was one-sided coverage of the internet event on our site. According to the writer over at One Angry Gamer, Billy D, they were contacted by a Queensland MP about their investigations into the ABC. According to them, an un-named Queensland MP had stated that senator … Continue reading

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Attack On: Fire Emblem Gender-politicking


The past couple of days have been a strange time to be a Fire Emblem fan. The latest game in the series, Fire Emblem Fates, was applauded by the games press for including homosexual characters without them looking too closely at whatever else is in the game. However, that applause was soon silenced when it was revealed in some way that a lesbian character would be drugged into finding the male protagonist attractive enough to marry. Only, of course, this is a gross exaggeration by the gaming press. As you can tell, the gaming press’ bias towards gender politics and not towards coherent storytelling is at play here when at roughly the same time, multiple outlets cover what looks like … Continue reading

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