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SpaceCom – Intergalactic Strategy Made Simple (and fun!) – Preview


SpaceCom is a game that we’ve had a really hard time pigeonholing as a particular genre. This is because, at a glance, you could very easily make the connection between itself and a regular 4X game. However, after playing through the game, it is evident that SpaceCom is both more than your regular 4X game, but also a lot less. SpaceCom, we believe, is best described as a simple tactical-strategy game involving the raising of a galactic army to defeat an opposing galactic army across a 4X interface. The first thing that you’ll notice about SpaceCom is the incredibly simple interface and graphics. If you’re used to having massive fleet battles comprising of 2 trillion ships like in Sins of … Continue reading

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The Heck Is This Dash Con We Keep Hearing About?


So, as of late, there has been a lot of controversy around the “Unofficial” tumblr convention, Dash Con, and it’s catastrophic failure as an event. The tale of Dash Con is a very odd one, one that should not exist, and one that should serve as a warning for those that wish to undertake the ordeal of running their own event like this. Dash Con, as a thing that happened, is a cautionary tale of how catastrophically bad things can get when expectations are not met, customers are treated terribly and when there is urine in the ball-pit. Why was there even a ball-pit? So from our massive investigation today, we have come up with a massive list of what … Continue reading

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Attack On: Addicted to gaming – Channel 10


Gaming addiction is a serious issue, a very serious issue whereby hundreds of gamers are unable to put down their controller, or keyboard, in order to live a normal and functioning life as a human being. On the other hand, gamers tend to be people that will play games for a couple of hours at a time, have lives, interact with their families and friends and generally be a productive member of society. This news report coming from Channel 10 here in Australia seems to have the two concepts mixed up in their latest piece. What seems to be interesting with this particular scare story is that Channel 10 have dressed this news story up in a nice gown of … Continue reading

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Site Updates 30/06/2014

So you’ve probably noticed a few new changes to Attack On Gaming over the past few weeks. This has been us tirelessly (not really) working to make the users experience just a little more colourful and a little more presentable. There are still some kinks in the system, but ultimately, our site is now a much more pretty place to be. A list of changes include – Pictures, pictures everywhere. Embedded videos now display correctly A tonne of background optimisations that you probably wont see And more that we can’t remember. Let us know what you think.

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Battlefield Hardline Gametypes Gameplay


A little while ago, the Battlefield Hardline Beta ended. The beta gave players the chance to play in a couple of game modes that would see them take on the roles as cops and robbers in this game. Please not that the below footage is of an in-progress game and that things might change. Like, for example, hopefully things change so that there’s more destructibility, much like in Battlefield 3/4. Hopefully. We did notice a little bit of Levelution going on in there. –

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Interview With Spawn Point Small Bar


Coming to Sydney soon is a new gaming bar where gamers can go to hang out, have some drinks and play some video games socially. The scene here in Australia is quite a small one, with only a few similar bars, most notably Mana Bar, being open. This is a niche space that’s ripe for the taking here in Sydney and we’re sure that many gamers, ourselves included, will appreciate this new opening. After hearing about this new gaming bar in Sydney, we’ve reached out to the owners and asked them a few questions about their plans with the bar. See below for the full interview: 1. Hi, could you please introduce yourself and your background in gaming? I am … Continue reading

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John Barrowman Panel – Supanova 2014


This year at Supanova 2014, the amazing John Barrowman was in attendance and played host to an incredibly fun Q&A panel, anchored by himself. Us here at Attack On Gaming were in the audience and were incredibly entertained throughout. For those of you that don’t know who John Barrowman is, he is most notably recognised as the amazing Captain Jack Harkness, from the hit Sci-Fi series, Doctor Who, and its spin-off series Torchwood. Since the Captains debut on Doctor Who, John Barrowman has gone on to utilise the character as a lead in Torchwood. John’s panel was absolutely hilarious, and lewd, right from the get go. This was set when he gave a rather lewd announcement of being the big … Continue reading

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