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Age Of Wonders III: Golden Realms Review


Age Of Wonders III is the latest installment in the Age of Wonders series of turn-based strategy games for the PC. The series has been around since the 90s and has players battling across a fantastical game world involving your typical fantasy races. This latest expansion pack, Golden Realms, adds in a new race, the Halflings, based on fantasy lore to this latest game in the series, as well as a new campaign for players to play through. For those that have never played an Age of Wonders game in the past, it is a turn-based strategy game that plays very similarly to both the Heroes of Might and Magic and Stronghold series of games. Players take turns capturing castles, … Continue reading

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Veronica Mars Panel – Percy Daggs III and Michael Muhney – Oz Comic-Con 2014


Last weekend at Oz Comic-Con Sydney, two of the cast members from the Veronica Mars television programme, Percy Daggs III and Michael Muhney, hosted a joint panel in the second stage at the event. In the panel, the two were hosting a Q&A session, where the audience could ask questions to the cast. These ranged from what-if scenarios to production secrets. On a question about the film Percy Daggs III stated that the best part about being in the Veronica Mars set was being able to prank the director, Rob Thomas. In his story, he mentions that one day he was ticked off, and it involved a certain object being beaten, a prop that was apparently the only one of. … Continue reading

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4Chan Admin Officially Bans Gamergate Discussion


In a tragic bit of news, late last night the administrator for 4Chan, Mootykins, or Moot as his actually called, released an official statement on the /v/ forum on the 4Chan website. This statement was made in a locked thread, meaning that other users can not reply to it. In the statement, Christopher “moot” Poole has stated that Gamergate discussions have been banned due to it leading to calls for raids, which is against the Global Rules, and other ban-able offenses. 4Chan users on the site are currently invading other threads in protest. This can be seen in /mlp/, /pol/ and other boards. #Gamergaters may see this is a striking blow to the movement, considering /v/ has been the one … Continue reading

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Gaming Journalists Caught Acting In Collusion


Earlier today, Milo Yiannopoulis over at Breitbart had posted an interesting piece that shows a few gaming journalists, and possibly developers, working in collusion with each other over a gaming industry mailing list. This is interesting as it shows a clear image of various sites having the capacity to plan coverage of specific events in an organised manner. Of particular note in the screenshots shown on Breitbart are a few passages showing that it is stongly suggested for writers in the group to cover a certain scandal involving a game developer in a certain manner. It would be hard to imagine that this group was not the one responsible for the articles bullying gamers all being released within hours of … Continue reading

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4Chan Mods Shutting Down #GamerGate Discussions


Starting early this morning, users of the 4Chan discussion board have been noticing that #GamerGate threads have been getting deleted on sight. What’s even more is that thee have been reports of users being banned for posting about the topic on the site. 4Chan is best known for it’s completely Anonymous discussions on various topics, and is often seen as a bastion for free speech. Interestingly, a lot of users believe this to be the work of a rogue mod, or a “SJW” mod that is conspiring against the GamerGate crowd. Checking the Ban page of 4Chan, where users being banned can be seen publicly, you can see that a lot of Gamergate threads are being wiped as “spam”. This … Continue reading

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Super Smash Bros. Wii U First Impressions – Oz Comic-Con 2014


Over the weekend at Oz Comic-Con in Sydney, Nintendo Australia was hosting a booth showcasing a large portion of their first party upcoming titles. Of particular note was the Hyrule Warriors demo, but even more noteworthy than that was the huge Super Smash Bros. Wii U display that they had going. Across both days, con-goers were able to sit down with the game and compete against three other convention attendees. On the Sunday, we were given an opportunity to go up in one of those battles. The first thing that stuck out for me was the fact that we were playing with Gamecube controllers, GAMECUBE CONTROLLERS, on a massive LED screen while being seated on some comfy cushions of some … Continue reading

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Interview with Paul Eiding – Oz Comic-Con 2014


This year at Oz Comic-Con in Sydney, we were given the opportunity to meet with Paul Eiding, the actor best known in his role as Colonel Roy Campbell from Metal Gear Solid, as well as Max Tennyson from Ben-10. Fans may also recognise his work from Blizzard games, such as Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft. Also, Skyrim. See below where we talk to Paul about his role in the gaming industry.

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