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Attack On #Gamergate – The heck did we miss!?


As a lot of our readers are probably aware, we’ve been on holiday this past week or so. In fact, the night before we left was when we found out about the whole “Quinnspiracy” thing, involving herself and Five Guys that were a part of the gaming industry in some way. We’ve covered all that we know here. What’s interesting is that since playing catch-up, on things, we’ve found this whole #Gamergate nonsense. But what is that, so far as we can tell? Well, from what it looks like, it looks as though there has been a massive push from major gaming news publications blogs stating that gamers are a dying breed and that gamers themselves are the biggest problem … Continue reading

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4Chan Actively Supporting The Fine Young Capitalists


In a startling response to alleged reports within the whole Five Guys Burgers And Fries incident of a particular character shutting down a legitimate game development campaign to get women actively designing games and getting a foot into the door of the industry, the biggest “trolls” of the web, 4Chan, are banding together in order to get this campaign up and running. The Fine Young Capitalists campaign is one where five women are given the opportunity to come up with an idea for a game, and are then given concept art for that game. After that, the winning entry, as voted by the internet, will be given the opportunity to be completely developed. What’s interesting here is that the proceeds … Continue reading

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Attack On Gaming: Five Guys, Burgers And Fries Controversy


This is probably one of the biggest controversies in gaming media to date, and it’s actively being ignored, or worse, swept under the carpet by some of the largest gaming (news) content providers out there. The “Five Guys, Burgers and Fries” controversy is a story that involves massive corruption in the gaming journalism scene involving an independent game developer and the gaming journalists that she has supposedly slept with and gained positive coverage from over the course of the last year. The first thing that we want to ask ourselves is this: is this true? The answer to that is honestly: we can’t be 100% sure it’s true; however, there is massive evidence to suggest that this is worth at … Continue reading

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Toshihiro Kawamoto Panel – SMASH! 2014


This year at SMASH!, Toshihiro Kawamoto took to the stage in a panel for his fans. Attendees will know Toshihiro best for his work on Cowboy Bebop, although, other fans will recognize Toshihiro’s work from franchises such as: Gundam, Fullmetal Alchemist and Cowboy Bebop. He is also the co-founder of Studio Bones. At SMASH!, Kawamoto Toshihiro hosted a Q&A session on the Art Stage, as well as a small drawing session for fans to watch. The Q&A session was host to a plethora of questions and his answers were often insightful. The questions ranged from his inspirations in animation and drawing, as well as things like his views on where the industry is headed. One question that really stuck out … Continue reading

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Kotono Mitsuishi Panel – SMASH! 2014


Early Saturday morning at the Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, SMASH!, held in Rose Hill Gardens in Sydneys west, Kotono Mitsuishi took to the stage in a crowded panel for a Questions and Answers segment. In this panel she talked about her career, herself and also participated in a few segments of live-dubbing. These questions came from the anchor of the show, but at the end, the field was also open to questions from members of the audience. The questions asked by the anchor started out fairly general in nature, such as asking if it was Kotono’s first time being in Australia before. She answered that it was, and that even though she wanted to visit Uluru, that she was … Continue reading

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SMASH! 2014 – Day 2 Of Fun!


As we have previously written, we’ve been attending the Sydney Manga and Anime SHow!, or SMASH!, convention this weekend which was held at Rosehill Gardens. The convention itself is dedicated to the culture of Anime, Manga and other things Japanese, as well as the people that partake in that culture within Australia. This year is the first year that the show has been held across two days, and so it had a slightly more prolonged feel to it. Yesterday, The Consultant was in attendance at the event, today, was I! Anime Ninja! Kwacha! One of the first things we did at the show was check out all of the panels that we wanted to cover at the show. Fortunately for … Continue reading

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Madman Panel – SMASH! 2014


This year at SMASH! Madman had a huge presence with a massive booth almost right near the entrance of the vendor hall, as well as hosting their Anime Lab video room for Anime screenings all weekend. As a part of their presence, Sly from Madman hosted a pretty cool panel on Madman’s current, and future lineup, as well as showcasing their new Anime Lab streaming service. There was also a Question and Answers segment, as well as a massive game of Janken, or Scissors-Paper-Rock as it is known here. Madman easily has a massive lineup of titles coming out in the coming months, such as Kill La Kill, Attack On Titan and many more sweet and interesting looking titles. Interestingly, … Continue reading

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