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Why The Skyrim Mod Charges Are A Terrible Idea In Steam


Earlier today, Bethesda and Valve made a move to alter the current community modding mechanism in Valves Steam distribution platform. That change has enabled modders to set a charge for their mods if they so choose to. On paper, this seems like a great idea, content creators will be able to release a mod and then make some money off of their creations. Below I talk about why I think that this is a bad decision. We’ve seen some success for ideas like this before in games like Second Life, which is almost entirely player economy driven. However, in this case, I think that this system creates a terrible precedent for gamers that like mods, and the people creating mods … Continue reading

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Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno Bluray Review

The Rurouni Kenshin franchise is a mega hit, both in Japan and Western territories. The manga series, brainchild of Nobuhiro Watsuki, has been a success during its run, spawning into several other forms of media. There is a successful anime series, several OVAs, video games and animated films. It also ventured into the live action realm back in 2012. Simply titled Rurouni Kenshin, the film brought the action and excitement of the story onto the big screen, with success at the Japanese box office. It did very well to commission a two part finale. The first, Kyoto Inferno, sees Himura Kenshin forced to defend the world he helped create by battling another assassin who wants to see it all burn … Continue reading

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Mighty No9. Community Manager Leaves Comcept


In a post titled: A Mighty Mid-Spring Update, it was revealed that the English community manager for Comcept’s Might No9., Dina, has announced that she will be leaving Comcept. In her message, she states that has resigned from her position at Comcept, and will only be staying on the project as a regular backer. This seems like it is welcome news for a group of Mighty No9. backers that seem to have taken an interest in seeing her removed from the community. For those unaware, there was a small ruckus concerning the manager and the companies backers on the forums a little while back. There is still ongoing disputes with Comcept and their community on Twitter. We’re interested in seeing … Continue reading

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Updated: Gamespot Allegedly Steals Youtubers Footage And Passes It Off As Their Own


A Youtuber named UndercoverDudes has recently made a video about a game called Combat Arms. This same Youtuber is claiming that Gamespot, the big online gaming publication, has stolen the footage that UndercoverDudes has created of Combat Arms and has uploaded it to their own Gamespot Gameplay channel. To prove his allegations, UndercoverDudes has put together a video showcasing, what he claims, is a theft of his footage. His analysis of the theft involves the gameplay found within the video itself, which is 1:1 of his particular footage. His evidence includes: The kill log which includes his name in it, as well as, well, the footage itself being identical. If these allegations are true, this is a shameful display of … Continue reading

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Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 Review (DVD)

After watching Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3, I wondered where this would rate on my enjoyment scale. Developed by Gainax, the same studio behind Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gurren Lagann, this Slice of Life anime follows the adventures of a group of high school students with a passion for airsoft, called “survival games” by the club. For a “cute girls doing something for fun” type of anime,  it divulges into deeper themes, especially when it comes to the main character Yura Yamato. While I applaud the desire in exploring something deeper, I felt it was a little disjointed rather than a flowing narrative. The series focuses on one of the newest students at Stella Women’s Academy, Yura … Continue reading

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TyranoBuilder Tutorial – The Basics


Recently, Nyu-Media sent us over a code to try out their new TyranoBuilder software designed for building Visual Novel style games with relative ease. We’ve taken a look at the software for about 14-15 hours now, so we have a pretty good grip on what it’s capable of doing. So below, we’ll run you through the basics of creating your very own Visual Novel. Please note that the quality of your VN will be dependent on your own, or your teams, creative abilities. Bringing out the best from the software may require additional fiddling around. And so, with that, let’s get to Visual Novel designing! Note: The below section has images. Right-clicking and pressing the ‘view image’ button will bring … Continue reading

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Toukiden Kiwami Review


To see Omega Force to develop a game such as Toukiden is quite interesting. Despite their decorated history focusing on musou games such as Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors and the recently enhanced port of Bladestorm, Omega Force dives into the action role playing genre. Toukiden: The Age of Demons was released in June 2013 in Japan and February 2014 in North America and Europe, exclusively for the Playstation Portable (in Japan) and the Playstation Vita. The game was a hit in Japan and an enhanced port, entitled Toukiden Kiwami was developed for the two Playstation handhelds as well as the Playstation 4 (only in the west). It can be safely said, then, that playing Toukiden Kiwami has been an enjoyable … Continue reading

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