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Gaming PR: and Apogee Software giving away free copies of Rise of the Triad today


RISE OF THE TRIAD IS FREE FOR 30,000 PEOPLE. GRAB IT. GRAB IT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! It is the most important FPS today. See below for details. — and Apogee Software celebrate FPS classics with Rise of the Triad (2013) giveaway! and Apogee Software are giving out 30,000 copies of Rise of the Triad (2013) for FREE – to celebrate gaming’s finest Silver Bullets. March 16, 2015: and Apogee Software are celebrating the retro charm of FPS classics by giving away 30,000 copies of Rise of the Triad entirely for free starting at 4:00 PM GMT (12:00 PM EDT / 9:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM CET). As soon as the freebies run out, … Continue reading

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Tim Schafer Makes Racist Joke At GDC – Our Response


If you’ve paid any attention to the video games industry at all since the early days you’ve probably heard of a gaming legend named Tim Schafer. Tim’s biggest achievements are from Adventure games from his Lucas Arts tenure such as Day of the Tentacle and The Secret of Monkey Island. Since then he has gone on to work for his own studio Double Fine where they produce video games that go extremely over-budget and promise things that aren’t delivered or are changed at the last minute. Finding time away from developing games, Tim has recently attended the Game Developers Conference over in the U.S.A where he was given a chance to chat on stage as himself and controlling a literal … Continue reading

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Maxis Emeryville Closes Shop


EA, Electronic Arts, is closing it’s Maxis branch in Emeryville, the branch best known for Will Wrights works on a number of games including Spore. We don’t know too much about what has happened other than the studio has closed. One of the designers at Maxis, Guillaume Pierre has shared his thoughts on Twitter, which is where we first noticed this story. Well it was a fun 12 years, but it's time to turn off the lights and put the key under the door. #RIPMaxisEmeryville — Guillaume Pierre (@MaxisGuillaume) March 4, 2015 We hope that this trend of EA closing down studios doesn’t continue in the future. EA has done this in the past with notable studios, such as Westwood … Continue reading

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Bladestorm Nightmare Preview


Bladestorm Nightmare is the upcoming tactical action game from Koei Tecmo. It is the followup to the previous Bladestorm and has the player take up the role of a mercenary commander as they join in military campaigns as part of the 100 year war. The game is set to appear on the Playstation 4 in the future, while it’s counterpart, Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War, was released on the previous generation Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 systems. Behind closed doors at Koei Tecmo local publisher, Mindscapes offices, we sat down for a session with the game. Much like in any modern video game, starting off in Bladestorm: Nightmare has you creating a character to use as your avatar in the … Continue reading

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Majestic Prince Part 2 Review


Majestic Prince is the anime adaptation of the manga series by the same name by the author Rando Ayamine. The animated adaptation follows the teenaged mecha pilots, Team Rabbits as they protect the Earth from the Walgaru invaders using their mechatronic fighting units called AHSMB. The series itself is animated by Dokakobo and is a comedy action anime. We previously reviewed the first part, which can be found here. The story in the second part of Majestic Prince picks up right where the first season left off with the pilots reflecting on their previous roles as mini celebrities for a day. However, the team soon finds that a sixth member will be joining the Team Rabbits group in MJP army. … Continue reading

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Toukiden Kiwami Preview


Coming soon from Koei Tecmo is a follow up to the Playstation Vita’s Toukiden, called Toukiden Kiwami, appearing on the Playstation 4. In Toukiden, players are tasked with hunting down Oni, Japanese for Demon, which have begun to attack the world. The high-fantasy Japanese setting is a very interesting one that will set Toukiden Kiwami apart from its competitors. Behind closed doors at Mindscape’s (the Australian publisher) offices, we were able to go hands-on with an in-progress build of the game. From what we played, the story in Toukiden Kiwami involves a new warrior that travels to a remote village to assist in fighting the Oni plague growing in nearby areas. The story is told in short cutscenes, which have … Continue reading

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Dead Or Alive: Last Round (Xbox One) Review


Dead Or Alive is the fighting game series that has been around since before the Playstation 2, but most fans will remember it from Dead Or Alive 2 on that system. Since then, the title has gone on to appear on the original Xbox with Dead or Alive 3, the Xbox 360 with Dead Or Alive 4 and finally the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 with Dead Or Alive 5, and it’s re-release, Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate. Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round takes the latest Dead Or Alive 5, increases it’s graphical abilities, throws in a bunch of extras and releases itself on our current generation of systems, the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Team Ninja and Tecmo … Continue reading

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