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Patema Inverted Review


Patema Inverted is the award winning Anime movie from 2013, now released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc here in Australia thanks to Hanabee. The story is about a version of Earth where gravity has stopped working correctly, leaving two groups of humans essentially conflicting with each other. It’s established at the start of Patema Inverted that there are two kinds of people, people that are the right side up, and people that are essentially upside down and run the risk of falling into the sky. However, the movie isn’t a scientific narrative, it’s one of friendship and love. The film, Patema Inverted, follows the character Patema and her experiences in a world outside of her own. Early on in the … Continue reading

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Hatred Returns To Steam Greenlight


Yesterday we reported that the murder simulator, Hatred, was being removed from Steam Greenlight. Well today, it seems, that the decision has been reversed and that the title is now able to face the public again in Steams Greenlight service. We can’t be sure why exactly Valve has allowed the title to be returned to the service, but, we believe that it had something to do with the massive amount of fan support in the forums and possible e-mail campaigns to get the title back onto the service. Check out the official link and vote on if you’d like to see the edgy title on Steam or not. Update: It looks like Gabe Newell personally reinstated Hatred on Steam. Check … Continue reading

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EA Responds To Petition To Remove Anita Sarkeesian From Mirrors Edge 2 Development


There has been a rumour circulating the internet since 2012/2013 where it is alleged that the controversial Feminist Frequency host, Anita Sarkeesian, will be acting as an advisor on the sequel to the bargain-bin priced Mirrors Edge. As far as we could track, the rumour seems to have begun life as a Destructoid posting, stating that she will be acting as a consult to the game. Since then, other sites had picked up on the rumour and it resurfaced majorly in 2013. In the petition, an account called Electronic Arts with the EA logo has responded. It has responded thus: This petition is based on inaccurate information. EA is not working with Anita Sarkeesian on development of Mirror’s Edge. … Continue reading

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Hatred Removed From Steam


The upcoming murder simulator, Hatred, has been removed from Steam Greenlights section where members of the gaming community can vote for games that they want to appear on the platform to be available for purchase. What’s interesting is that the Greenlight platform should be indicative of what the market wants to see for sale, and Valve have essentially told the consumers, paying customers of theirs, that a popular game that they want to be spending money on wont be for sale. Interestingly, Eurogamer claim to have spoken to Valve about the issue and the statement that they claim was issued by a Valve representative is: “Based on what we’ve see on Greenlight we would not publish Hatred on Steam. As … Continue reading

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Ghost in the Shell 25th Anniversary Edition Review


Has it really been 25 years? Wow, that is a very long time. Ghost in the Shell is older than I am. That’s pretty awesome. Ghost in the Shell is the animated movie adaptation of the Shirow Masamune manga by the same name. The story follows a government foreign affairs policing squad known as Section 9 as they follow a case about a notorious hacker called The Puppetmaster. The movie is set in a future Tokyo where people are able to become cybernetic organisms living inside of cybernetic bodies, making them cyborgs. The Mamoru Oishii film is well regarded as an artistic and action-packed film that has strong philosophical elements. The storyline in Ghost in the Shell is one that … Continue reading

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Stardock CEO Brad Wardell Once Again Targeted By Gaming Media


Just yesterday, the CEO of Stardock wrote to his personal blog about being targeted by members of gaming developers and media professionals. In his blog, he listed both Zoe Quinn and Jim Sterling by name as attackers of his after he tweeted to a random person on Twitter asking them to send through their resume. After sending the request for a resume to an artist, Wardell states that both Zoe Quinn and Jim Sterling attempted to use his false rape accusations against him. The reasoning for this is that the artist he was requesting a resume of had apparently drawn lewd artwork of Zoe Quinn in the past. You can read Brad’s full account here, on his official blog. @ShreddedMoose … Continue reading

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Intel Is Now Advertising on 8Chan


In our investigations into the whole #GamerGate “consumer revolt” (attr. Anonymous), we came across something quite strange. In the past, the CPU manufacturer Intel had declared that they would be dropping advertisements out of Gamasutra for various reasons, reasons usually attributed to Gamasutra posting an article slandering gamers. Historically speaking, gamers are likely one of the largest demographics outside of business purchasing high-end CPU kits. During our research we stumbled upon this advertisement at the top of the video game board on Infinite Chan, or, This looks surprisingly like an Intel advertisement. Here’s our very own screenshot of the ad. The very least we can raw from this is that either Intel supports gamers, or 8Chan uses an advertising … Continue reading

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