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Sword Art Online II Part 1 (BluRay)

A second series of Sword Art Online is upon the English speaking world and it’s off to a great start. Sword Art Online II Part 1 focuses on the beginnings of an arc set in a VRMMORPG known as gun Gale Online. As the name suggests, the main gameplay mechanic is gunplay. It already has a superior story to the last arc as well as an interesting new character to help out the hero of the story, who ventures alone in this one. The amazing art and character designs and decent sound design round off an excellent package, even if it’s only seven episodes long. Sword Art Online II picks up after one year of the events of Sword Art … Continue reading

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Tearaway Unfolded Review (PS4)

Tearaway is easily one of the best PlayStation Vita titles available for the system. So it’s nice to see its bigger brother, the PlayStation 4, receiving the same game, albeit built from the ground up. Entitled Tearaway Unfolded, this remaster of the PlayStation Vita title follows a messenger on their task of sealing a hole between their world and ours. With solid gameplay, a sleuth of creative controls, a beautiful art style and customisation, Tearaway Unfolded turns out to be an excellent experience. It makes a very successful transition between the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 4. At it’s core, Tearaway is a pretty straight forward platforming game. With most platforming games, the story is of little importance. But there … Continue reading

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We’re currently in holiday mode


Hey everyone, Consultant here. We’re currently in holiday mode with AoG due to internet issues. We’ll be posting, but more slowly than usual. I think we have an anime review coming up this week and we’ll be headed to EBGames Expo this weekend. Expect some coverage for that next week some time. Cheers, Attack On Gaming staff

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Gauntlet: Slayer Edition Review (PlayStation 4)

There is a rich history in the Gauntlet series. Starting way back in 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment System, it’s a staple in hack and slash arcade gaming. Last year, Arrowhead Game Studios released an updated version/reimagining in 2014 for the PC. Now, the game has been re-released with new content and tweaks to the core gameplay, known as Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. Released for the PlayStation 4 and a free update for PC players, it’s a fun game for a group of friends or even solo, but the solo experience seems to have a small handicap attached to it. The core of last year’s release on PC is still the same and you can read a more in-depth analysis in … Continue reading

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Metal Gear Solid Fans Decode MSX Tape, Find Tribute To Gamedev


Fans playing through Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes may have noticed that there was an old cassette tape that when played, sounded like a garbled mess. This tape was the “Classified Intel Tape” cassette. Over a year ago, someone posted a recording of the file to a MSX group in an attempt to have it decoded. The people on the MSX forum found that this tape was labeled “Vol 2″ and had a string of garbage data. However, more recently, someone bumped the topic looking for more information on a segment playing through a cutscene involving a Sony MSX machine. The group had eventually found a tribute to the game designer that inspired Hideo Kojima to start producing games … Continue reading

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Attack On: Metal Gear Solid V – On Quiet [Spoilers]


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain came out around this time a week ago and since then, gamers will have had enough time to sit down with the game and at least get to the point of picking up Quiet and adding her to your team. Of course, this means that there are also many outlets now talking about the scantily clad character, almost the same way that they did a year or so ago. Accusations of sexism and misogyny in relation to the characters design, as well as underplaying the significance of the character herself, has been all too common. As we’re currently playing through the game for the purposes of review, we thought we’d talk about our … Continue reading

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Outbreak Company Review (DVD)

If there was a job where one would be the ambassador of a country and introduce to a fantasy world the culture of the gaming world, it would be worth applying for. After all, that is what Outbreak Company is about. The TBS produced anime focuses on Shinichi, a typical shut in otaku teenager hired to become an emissary to the Japanese government in the land of Eldant. His mission is to spread the otaku culture in the Holy Eldant Empire by introducing various manga, anime and video games. It’s quite silly, but it does have it serious moments. The characters are well developed and the art style is majestic but the sound design is left to be desired. The … Continue reading

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