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Sword Art Online II Part 2 Review (Bluray)

It gets more and more exciting for another release of the Sword Art Online anime series. This steady release of the second season only heightens the excitement for more Sword Art Online. Alas, all good things must come to an end and Sword Art Online II Part 2 is the conclusion of one of the more exciting VRMMOs in the world, Gun Gal Online. Kirito and Sinon are part of the final of the Bullet of Bullets tournament. As they progress, they finally encounter Death Gun, who has been killing the real life counterparts of the in game avatars. With exciting action sequences, an excellent continuation of the plot, great animation and great visuals, the second part of this first … Continue reading

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Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning Review [Adult Content Warning]

There are times where, after a long day at work, the only thought flooding your mind is to sit down in a nice chair, grab the controller (or keyboard and mouse) and just enjoy some video gaming R&R. Sometimes, a visual novel is all it takes to wind you down. In order to experience such a feeling, there must be a compelling story, with interesting characters and excellent dialogue and writing. Beautiful visuals and an inspiring soundtrack are also a must. For Gakhthun of the Golden Lightning, written by Sakurai Hikaru, developed by Lair Soft and published in English by MangaGamer, it seems it’s a big mash up of great moments mixed in with dull and boring moments. The writing … Continue reading

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Tim Schafer Apologises For Remarks About #GamerGate and #NotYourShield


Or at least that’s how we would like this headline to read. A couple of days ago, Tim Schafer was host to an AMA, or Ask Me Anything, over on Reddit. In this AMA, a user named AnotonioOfVenice had asked a question to Tim Schafer asking about if he regretted attacking women and minorities in a joke made at last years CDC. Do you regret the way you attacked and mocked women and minorities with your sockpuppet? The developer responds claiming that he did not attack women and minorities at all and was only making implications that the people using the #gamergate and #notyourshield hashtags were known to be sockpuppets. Or at least, that’s the interpretation that I came out … Continue reading

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Attack On Gaming’s 2015 Game of the Year Awards


The year of 2015 is now over, and, as such, it is time for the Attack On Gaming 2015 Game of the Year Awards. If a game was chosen for this list, it was eligible for the Game of the Year according to us. See below for each category and its winner. — Game that proves that game journos do not control buying habits of the year: HuniePop — Game that excited us the most while standing on a bridge of the year: Dying Light — Fighting game of the year: Dead or Alive: Last Round — Desert RPG of the year: Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea — Battlefield game of the year: Battlefield … Continue reading

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‘What A Big Camera’ Cosplay Photographer Forced To Retract Defamatory Statements


This post has been updated with additional information. – 17/12/2015 12:32AM In a post made earlier tonight by the noted Australian cosplay photographer, ‘What A Big Camera’s’ Kris Ezergailis was forced to make a statement retracting defamatory remarks against an individual involved within the cosplay community. These defamatory statements were made against a cosplayer named Wen Cheng, involving falsehoods about ingredients being used in the creation of an unspecified type of cooking. In his post, Kris, from ‘What A Big Camera’, states that he did indeed echo falsehoods towards Mr. Cheng to members within the cosplay community. He also states that these falsehoods were “vicious, malicious and highly damaging” in nature towards Mr. Cheng. I retract all statements I made … Continue reading

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Persona 4 The Golden Animation Review

If you’re expecting the full Persona 4 story repackaged with extra content, then this isn’t what you’re looking for. Instead, it is purely focused on the content found in Persona 4 Golden, focusing on the social links of new character Marie and adding extra character development to Tohru Adachi, Dojima’s assistant/lackey. It also includes episodes based on scenes only found in the Vita port of the original game Persona 4 Golden. Despite the disjointed nature of the narrative and a few problems of Marie’s character, this was a enjoyable anime series to watch. The nice art style, character design and voice acting really added to an enjoyable experience. The extra character development to Adachi also provides a more complex layer … Continue reading

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The Play-Asia DOAX3 Salt-Mine Provides Much Insight


Earlier, we released an article where Play-Asia ( had suggested that the reason Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 was not being localised was because of “SJW nonsense”. While we personally probably wouldn’t have run that particular tweet in such tough terms ourselves, seeing another company do this has provided a tonne of insight into the western gaming news reporting and PR sphere. In particular, the views of the people within them. Below, I have accumulated a representative portion of people within gaming development, PR, journalism, as well as some technical people that appear important. I’ll let their own words speak for themselves. We do not support or condone the views of the people linked below. They represent themselves and their … Continue reading

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