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Beer & Bomb Threats: #GamerGate In Australia Part 2


This is an account that is overdue. The next set of #GamerGate meet ups in Sydney and Melbourne occurred this past Saturday but this is being posted on the following Tuesday. With that said, it needs some time to mull over what was experienced over the weekend. The meet up in Sydney was one heck of a meet up. This was the second #GamerGate meet up this year and it coincided with the one year anniversary of the release of a sleuth of articles claiming that gamers are dead. While there was a smaller contingent this time round, it was still filled with a range of human beings engaging in intelligent conversation. Once again, we were based in the heart … Continue reading

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Pet Girl Of Sakurasou Review

Sometimes it’s nice to relax to something as close to real life as possible. Granted, high school is nothing more than a distant memory, but it doesn’t mean the joys and trials of high school can’t be relived through an anime. When watching Pet Girl of Sakurasou, there was some enjoyment experiencing a slice of life through the animated lives of the people of Sakura Hall. The relationships between the different people became quite interesting. The characters were interesting and the story, while a bit cliché, does have its strong points. The series focuses on one dormitory, Sakura Hall. It houses the strangest students of the high school, but they often show creative traits. The main character is Sorata Kanda, … Continue reading

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Updated: Media Alleges Ice-T Hates GamerGate, But GamerGate Loves Ice-T


A strange article popped up on The Daily Beast where they have reported on a conversation between rapper and SVU star, Ice-T, and the amorphous talking point, GamerGate. The sites reporting style seems to push the idea that GamerGate and Ice-T have a contentious relationship due to his role in the SVU episode depicting gamers as being literally ISIS. They have taken a few of his tweets, chronologically, and come to the conclusion, as stated in their headline, that: “Ice-T Schools Gamergate Punks”. Interestingly, the reaction to this exchange on 8chan, home of one of the more anonymous aspects of the GamerGate group, is that they think that he is “based”. “Based” is a term within internet culture to mean … Continue reading

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Melbourne Crown Casino to host CS:GO Tournament


eSport fans, especially those following the Counter-Strike scene, will be interested in seeing both Cloud 9 gaming taking on Virtus Pro in a 55k Invitational match hosted at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. The 18+ event will have tickets going up on sale on the 31st of August on The Crowns website. This match is sponsored by Sportsbet and Fox Sports. Witness the skill and strategy of the world’s pro gamers including two of the top 5 ranked teams in the world – Cloud9 and Virtus Pro – as they go to war against the best of Australia and New Zealand on Saturday, 10 October. Watch live on state of the art screens as they outsmart, outwit and outplay each other to … Continue reading

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The SPJ AirPlay Aftermath


It’s now been a week since the conclusion of the GamerGate debate at the SPJ’s AirPlay event, hosted by Michael Koretzky, held in the Koubek Centre in Miami. Airplay was to be held at the same time as a convention for journalists held in the Miami region, meaning that the show would have been host to both GamerGate people and Journalists. The panel was split into two sessions discussing differing facets of the GamerGate revolt. The morning session focused briefly on what GamerGate is before going into ethical breaches by the gaming media. Meanwhile, the afternoon panel was to focus on how to cover events like GamerGate better in the media going forward. The event itself was cut-short during the … Continue reading

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Dreamwalker Preview – SMASH! 2015


Dreamwalker is the upcoming touch based rhythm game from developer Hiroaki Yura and Creative Intelligence Arts. At this years SMASH!, or, Sydney Manga and Anime Show, we went hands-on with the title in a private session with Hiroaki Yura guiding us through. Dreamwalker is one part rhythm game, and one part cutscene storytelling, appearing on mobile platforms in the future. The storyline in Project Dreamwalker is quite simple. There is a brother and sister pair that have this strange ability to share their dreams together. In their shared dreams, they’re transported to this strange bedroom with a mysterious doorway that leads them on all kinds of different adventures. These adventures are completed by the player musically, where they must complete … Continue reading

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Project Phoenix Preview – SMASH! 2015


Project Phoenix is the upcoming isometric tactical role-playing game from Hiroaki Yura and his team at Creative Intelligence Arts. The title is being developed by an international team of gaming veterans for a variety of platforms, including the PC, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Android and iOS systems. The story looks like it involves a main character and his hatred of Orcs, and a band of characters that are joining him on hjis quest for their own reasons. At the Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, or SMASH!, this year, we managed to get some hands-on time with the title and Hiroaki Yura, the developer. In our playthrough of the game, we weren’t really shown anything of the games actual storyline, so … Continue reading

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