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Dead Rising 4 Impressions – EB Expo 2016

I never played the Dead Rising games, at all. I have heard of them, of course, and know they are post-apocalyptic with hordes of zombies. With that in mind, previewing Dead Rising 4 at the Xbox booth at the 2016 EB Games Expo with only basic knowledge, but no experience playing the game would be a positive and possibly turn someone into a fan. The demo presented was a blast to play with, even if it is a pretty basic zombie hack and slash. The demos starts off with Frank West staring down a horde of zombies and it’s the best way to describe the demo. In this open world environment, Frank an wield various weapons, be it melee for … Continue reading

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EB Expo 2016 – Horizon Zero Dawn Impressions

I have been following Horizon Zero Dawn for quite some time. I mean, it is going to be Guerrilla Games first IP since Killzone and it is going to be an action RPG set on Earth after an apocalyptic event. The game stars Aloy, a hunter who hunts machines, which are the prominent species on Earth. At this year’s EB Games Expo, Horizon Zero Dawn was the one of the centrepieces of the PlayStation Booth. After trying out the game, I’m becoming more and more hopeful this game is going to be excellent. The experience started with a demonstration of various gameplay mechanics available in the demo. The demo itself was a rehash of the E3 demo shown earlier in … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XV Impressions – EBGames Expo 2016


This year at the EBGames Expo held in Sydney there was a playable build of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV video game from Square Enix held at the Namco Bandai booth. Final Fantasy XV follows the adventure of Noctis and his crew of guys as they road-trip it across the countryside for bromance reasons. Our demo took place in a desert area, where they are tasked by Cidney to kill some mobs just outside of the garage. Exploration in Final Fantasy XV is a bit strange. Much like in classic Final Fantasy games, monsters are invisible in an explorable area, but what makes this strange is that the game feels like a third-person action game. The combat controls are locked … Continue reading

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Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue Impressions – EBGames Expo 2016


Over the weekend at this years EBGames Expo gaming convention, Square Enix and Bandai Namco had a playable build of the latest Kingdom Hearts remake, Kingdom Hearts II.8. This remake, as far as I know, is based on the second Kingdom Hearts game, but presents players with a new control scheme that makes things a bit more fluid and enjoyable. Of course, the core essence of Kingdom Hearts is still there, and you can feel it with every moment that you play. Our gameplay demo began with the main blue-haired girl, whose name I forget, standing before a castle across a broken bridge. It seems that in order to get across, the player would have to take her hunting for … Continue reading

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SMASH! 2016 – A Weekend in Photo’s


This years Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, or SMASH!, convention has come and gone. Once again, this year, SMASH! has proven itself to be the best convention out of all the ones that I have been to at the very least. What was there to do? What wasn’t there to do? Read on for my adventure. The day began with my the entrance to the convention, a convention held at the remarkable Rosehill Racecourse and its multiple buildings. These buildings make things so much easier on a navigation scale, because you know that each building has a particular purpose. However, the first building that I, and a friend, checked out was the Vendor Hall. Conveniently located at the first building. … Continue reading

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Go Go Nihon Panel – SMASH! 2016

I have always had the thought of living in Japan cross my mind. I love the otaku culture, especially their video games and anime, but I always knew it would be quite difficult. It wasn’t as simple as jumping on the plane, finding a job and living somewhere as soon as I arrived. When I saw this panel on the Sunday schedule, I knew I had to attend and learn more. I wasn’t disappointed as the Go Go Nihon: Live and Study in Japan panel offered a plethora of information for those who want to live and work in Japan. Go Go Nihon is a service, so the panel was basically an infomercial. Despite that, it did offer some useful … Continue reading

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My Overall Experience – SMASH! 2016

SMASH!, the Sydney Manga & Anime Show, rolled on once again for another year. The convention was held at Rosehill Gardens, the racecourse where the event was held over the last couple of years. Over the years, SMASH! has delivered an excellent convention experience and this year’s iteration was no different. From the international guests, the various activities and panels, the gaming area and the Exhibitor Hall, SMASH! had a lot to offer. My first port of call for this year’s SMASH! convention was, in fact, the Exhibitor Hall. What’s a convention without a place for shop owners to sell their wares. From anime, manga, figurines, video games and weapons (for cosplaying purposes, naturally), the very spacious Exhibitor Hall had … Continue reading

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