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Gatchaman Crowds Review


G-G-GATCHAAAMAAAAAAAN~! UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ. Gatchaman Crowds is the most recent Gatchaman series, featuring a group of bird themed heroes in a modern Tokyo that go against ancient threats to the planet Earth. The original Gatchaman came out in something like the 70’s or 80’s, and was rebuilt into G-Force and Battle of the Planets here in the west. Since then, the most recent series, that may or may not be a sequel, has lost the goofy outfits and have instead gained powersuits suited to each of the Gatchamans style. Tatsunoko have re-imagined this classic franchise for a new generation, and it’s quite great. The basic story of Gatchaman Crowds is that alien-thingies have invaded Earth and are causing … Continue reading

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Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet The Complete Series Review


In the far distant future, mankind has reached the stars and become a galactic alliance sworn to kill a race of space creatures known as the Hideauze. However, after an accident during an operation fighting the Hideauze, the series protagonist, Ledo, is stranded on a strange alien planet, covered in endless water, and inhabited by humans living on giant ships. Gargantia is animated by Production I.G. and written by Gen Urobochi, best known for his work on the Fate/* franchise and Madoka Magica. It is released by Hanabee here in Australia. Ledo is a soldier in the Galactic Alliance, a space army in the far future thats sole purpose is to hunt down and kill space-squid-like-creatures known as the Hideauze. … Continue reading

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Red Vs. Blue Season 12 Review


Red Vs. Blue is one of the most popular, if not -the- most popular webseries of all time. This 12th season marks something like the 12th year that the series has been running and it has been an incredibly long tale for the Red and Blue teams of Blood Gulch. The gist of Red vs. Blue is that there are two teams of soldiers that are at war with each other, but these two teams are some of the most incompetent soldiers that could ever have existed. Since the shows inception, the series has gone from a story of two idiot teams of soldiers fighting it out, to a story about mercenaries, freelancers and an intergalactic conspiracy to control a … Continue reading

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Otorimonogatari Review


Otorimonogatari is the next chapter in the Monogatari Second Season as part of the Bakemonogatari franchise from SHAFT and released in Australia by Hanabee. This particular story in the series focuses on the character Nadeko, the younger friend of Koyomi’s sisters, who also happens to have a crush on him. This is one of the stories that focuses less on Koyomi, and more on the life of a side-character. This particular story is 4 episodes in length, which makes it about average for stories told in the Monogatari Second Season. The storyline in Otorimonogatari follows Nadeko, a shy girl that is friends with Koyomi’s younger sisters and first appeared in the Bakemonogatari story involving a curse with a snake spirit … Continue reading

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SingStar: Ultimate Party Review (PS4)


SingStar has made the leap to the eighth generation as it has made its debut on the PlayStation 4 with SingStar Ultimate Party. With a strong focus on multiplayer, a long list of songs to select and the classic singing gameplay, the SingStar series is usually an excellent choice for karaoke night. I say usually because the SingStar Ultimate Party falls quite flat. While the game doesn’t change a formula that doesn’t need fixing, it strips down on the multiplayer aspect, provides a disappointing on disc track list and provides an average app where the mic needs to be retuned. At it’s core, the familiar formula of the Singstar franchise is not lost. The objective of the players is to … Continue reading

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Limited Edition Review [Spoilers]


Madoka Magica is probably one of the biggest anime franchises in the anime industry at the moment. While it isn’t the biggest in length or merchandise, it is certainly one of the biggest due to how it is received by anime fans, casual viewers and how almost everyone has an opinion on Madoka Magica. The series itself is a Magical Girl series, focusing a group of magical girls that hunt down witches to protect people from their harmful effects. However, unlike most Magical Girl series’, the Madoka Magica series is well known for its dark themes and a more realistic look at the effects of a Magical Girl on the world. Madoka Kaname is an ordinary highschool girl that soon … Continue reading

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RWBY Volume 2 Review


We’ve previously looked at RWBY, but for those that haven’t seen or heard of the series, RWBY is the original animated series by the group behind the Red Vs. Blue Halo parody, RoosterTeeth. The series follows a group of students at a school that trains hunters, who are specially trained people for fighting monsters and other bad guys in this world. The series is directed by Monty Oum, and features some awesome fight choreography, as he is known best for. In the last season of RWBY, the team was looking into one of the four main characters, Blake and her past with the White Fang, a terrorist organisation set about freeing her cat people for subjugation. This seasons story takes … Continue reading

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