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Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark [Xbox One] Review


Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raider of the Lost Quark is a side-scrolling platformer published by Team 17 and developed by Italic Pig. In Schrodinger’s Cat, players assume the role of the titular creature as they explore and solve puzzles in the Particle Zoo of various subatomic particles. The game is a simple game, but it has many complexities using a combo system where players can combine particles to create various effects, assisting them in their exploration and safety within the Zoo. The story of Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark begins with a nice little explanation on the world that the game takes place in. It’s something along the lines of a pocket world on the inside … Continue reading

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Solarix Review


Solarix is the latest psychological horror and survival game from Kiss Ltd, as developed by Pulsetense Games. The game sees players assuming the role of an engineer on what seems to be a distant world in a mining colony that has been hit by some kind of biological weapon. The player must navigate their way off world to survive and to do this, must utilise their skills in stealth and strategic offense. Solarix is a game, that if it was released 10 years ago, would have been one of the bigger examples of the stealth genre. In Solarix, you start in what seems to be a bunkroom with absolutely no idea what’s going on around you. You’re soon found by … Continue reading

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Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine! [Adult Content Warning] Review


Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine! is one of the latest H-RPG games released by Publisher MangaGamer. It was also developed by the doujin circle group, Anagura. The RPG features two playable characters, Mery and Mary, as they delve down a mysterious dungeon in the town of Cipagnu to pass a trial and have Mery graduate from her Magic Academy back in her homeland. It’s a game developed in RPGMaker VX and has a tonne of custom scripts that alter the gameplay experience completely. The storyline in Ecchi Mery is a very simple one that is told mostly at the beginning of the game, but it does develop a little over the course of the game through … Continue reading

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Littlewitch Romanesque Editio Regia Review

It’s interesting reviewing a visual novel for the first time. As someone who does love to read a lot of fantasy, the visual novel should be an genre worth exploring. Littlewitch Romanesque Editio Regia is definitely a great introduction to the visual novel genre. The story focuses on an archmage and his two students exploring a Dark Tower, full of magic and secrets. The story is excellent, the main trio are well developed and the art style is amazing. With such a world to explore, it becomes an enjoyable experience for a first time visual novel player. The story focuses on three central characters. One of these characters is the archmage Domino. He has the desire to explore a building … Continue reading

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RahXephon Review


RahXephon is an odd mecha/supernatural anime series from Studio Bones about a near adult boy named Ayato in a world at war with creatures known as the Mu. The series originally aired in 2001 in Japan, but was released in the west originally in the year 2004. Since then, the Australian publishing license behind RahXephon has changed hands a few times and now resides with Siren Visual here in Australia. This review is based on the 2015 release by Siren Visual. The story of RahXephon is one that starts similarly to a disaster show. The protagonist, Ayato, is preparing for school on a normal day. Along the way to school for his exams, he catches up with his best friends … Continue reading

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Tsuritama DVD Review


Yuki is a student always on the move. With no parents, he lives with his Grandmother who travels to wherever it is that she can find work. When the pair move into a new town by the beach, their lives take a turn for the strangest and the most funnest yet. Tsuritama combines fishing, aliens, conspiracies and, most importantly, friendship, making it a rather strong series that is quite enjoyable. One of the first things that you’ll notice about Tsuritama is how completely vivid the series is visually. It uses bright and poppy colours, along with a vibrant palette to really bring the world to life. From the get-go, you’ll notice how bright and distinctive the character Yuki is, even … Continue reading

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LA Cops Review (Playstation 4)


LA Cops could have been fun. There is still some elements of gameplay that did make it a fun experience, but the Modern Dream developed action/puzzle game does fall short of a fantastic experience. It’s an 1970’s inspired buddy cop game featuring eight main missions and several side missions with several difficulty levels to suit any level of gamer. It’s a short game, at most lasting a few hours of gameplay. However, despite some challenging moments, the game can lose its shine early on and can be a bit of a chore to play through. The game doesn’t have an overarching story, rather there are eight different missions to be completed. Set in various locations around the USA, they range … Continue reading

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