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Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They? Review


Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?, or, Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo? in Japanese, is a series following a small group of teens from alternating dimensions being transported to a parallel world in order to battle it out in contests called Gift Games. These games see rivaling clans battling it out for honour and, in some cases, all of their worth. The series originally began its life as a Light Novel and was adapted into a Manga. The LN is still ongoing while the series ends on it’s 11th episode. The storyline of Mondaiji-tachi follows the three newcomers to the dimension of Little Garden, a world where people of exceptional power are summoned to … Continue reading

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Huniepop Review [Adult Content Warning]


What happens when you cross a Dating Simulator, a Visual Novel and a game of Pokemon Puzzle League together with pornographic elements? You get Huniepop, that’s what. The game comes from the development team, Huniepot, and has recently come out of Kickstarter and into full release. The game sees players dating various Anime-esque women in the hopes of eventually bedding them. How does the player do this? With a game involving coloured jewels and achieving the required amount of points. The storyline is that the player is playing as a character that apparently is incredibly bad with women. This character is so bad with women that the game opens you up with a conversation with a cute girl and all … Continue reading

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The Dirties Film Review


The Dirties is a cult film about a couple of highschool students that are tasked with creating a film as an assignment by one of their teachers. Their film, The Dirties, is about a couple of undercover officers taking down a crime-ring within the school named after the title of the film. The movie is directed by Matt Johnson, who also stars in the film. The movie itself is a story about two friends and their time at school during the pre-release, release and aftermath of their project. Highschool life is one that the majority of us can look back on and have varying memories and experiences that either made it worthwhile, or a horrible experience overall. For two friends, … Continue reading

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ALLTYNEX Second Review


ALLTYNEX Second is the third game released in the ALLTYNEX story by Siter Skain. It is also the opening chapter chronologically within the series, with both Kamui and RefleX coming before it. As it was developed last, it has a graphical switch from 2D sprites in the other two games to 3D models in this one. The title is still a bullet-hell shooter like its predecessors and retains the aesthetics of the series. In the year 2192A.D., humanity had been pushed to the brink of destruction by the worlds central operating system, ALLTYNEX. To escape their collapse, the inhabitants of Earth moved to the outer edges of the solar system and plotted a rebellion against ALLTYNEX. They had somehow managed … Continue reading

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Kill La Kill Volume 2 Review


Kill La Kill is the awesome series from ex-Gainax staff, the newly formed studio, Trigger, about a delinquent that gets a living school uniform and uses it to transform to do battle against the members of the student council at her new school, Honnouji Academy. The series is well known for it’s over the top direction, it’s untraditional animation and just for being a heck of a lot of fun. Madman Entertainment is releasing the series in volumes of four episodes here, you can check out our review for the first volume here. This second volume is where the show starts get a bit more involved with its lore, with the Nudist Beach group being introduced, as well as the … Continue reading

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Ghost In The Shell Arise: Border 1 and 2 Review


Ghost in the Shell is probably one of the most popular and franchises from Production I.G. It began as a manga by Shirow Masamune and was since adapted into a film that missed the point, an animated series that was pretty good, a sequel to the anime series, another movie (that further missed the point) and whole bunch of other things until finally reaching this latest OVA series, Ghost in the Shell Arise. Arise explores the beginning of Section 9 in an alternative universe starting with Motoko’s last few days in the military. This release focuses on two episodes of the OVA series. In the first OVA episode, Border 1: Ghost Pain, Motoko has just returned to Tokyo and learned … Continue reading

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Lupin The Third – The Woman Called Fujiko Mine The Complete Series Review


Lupin the Third is the manga franchise the features the the titular master thief, Lupin III. In Lupin The Third – The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, the thief is tasked with stealing various objects at the request of certain individuals. The Lupin franchise is by the Manga artist, Monkey Punch, and is an older series that was published in the Weekly Manga Action magazine. This recent anime story is by TMS Entertainment and released by Hanabee here in Australia. The complete series has 13 episodes in total, spanning across two collections. We have previously reviewed the first season, which you can check out here. The story in Lupin The Third – The Woman Called Fujiko Mine focuses strongly on the … Continue reading

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