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Ozmafia!! Review


What would happen if you took a bunch of fairytale story characters and mixed them together in an Otome styled visual novel? You would end up with a story about a girl trapped in a mysterious town where territory is divided up to mafias representing the most iconic stories of our time. This is the premise of Ozmafia!!. Warring pretty boys, cat-girls, and an abundance of forced drama are what make Ozmafia!! an enjoyable read. The game starts with you, the female protagonist, awakening with no memories in a strange town and being about to be eaten by an evil wolf-like man. However, the player character soon takes flight and runs into a small group of dashing looking gentlemen that … Continue reading

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Isometric rail-shooters, or as Nyu-Media has described them: Glorious 2D Vertical Shooting, have been a staple in gaming since probably gaming was a thing. The developers over at Astro Port have made same rather fun games over the years, and WOLFLAME continues their tradition rather well. WOLFLAME is published by Nyu-Media and is available on Steam. WOLFLAME has a rather simple story, much like with Astro Ports other games, where the player pilots an experimental aircraft called the Siebold. The Siebold is tasked with defending the players world of Sig Fildonia from an oncoming swarm of alien baddies. I’m not actually sure where the story of the game comes into play, as you’re pretty much thrust straight into the game with … Continue reading

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Tokyo ESP Review


Coming up with something to say about Tokyo ESP to accurately convey what this series is has been tough. It’s not that it’s a bad series, or a forgettable one, it’s just that it is really hard to talk about. And so, in trying to define what Tokyo ESP is, I’ve come to the conclusion that the series can only really be described as one way. Tokyo ESP is pretty much X-Men, if it was written to include a bunch of different anime tropes. Also, if it was starring an anime girl, Wolverine became Magneto and Professor X was the bad guy. Tokyo ESP starts off in a really dramatic way that slowly builds your interest from completely disinterested to … Continue reading

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Tokyo Babel Review


Tokyo Babel is a rather interesting Visual Novel developed by Propeller and published by MangaGamer. The story follows an artificial human named Tendou Setsuna and a small team consisting of an Angel, a Demon and a regular Human as they traverse Tokyo Babel in an attempt to reach Heaven and come face-to-face with God. The story borrows a lot from Biblical stories, as well as some themes invented by Dante in the famous Inferno stories, and then throwing a layer of Japanese complexity and a whole lot of anime-esque storytelling to the mix. The end result is a game that is fun from beginning to end, while still maintaining a sense of mystery and even sometimes, horror. The story begins … Continue reading

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Sword Art Online II Part 3 Review (Bluray)

Sword Art Online II has returned for its third partial release. The insanely popular anime, created by A-1 Pictures and distributed by Madman here in Australia, returns to the land of fairies and Norse mythology with a short, enjoyable quest to obtain Excalibur and the beginnings of a new arc focusing on Asuna. While they were enjoyable episodes as a whole, the Excalibur arc was quite short. Nonetheless, expect the same outstanding action sequences, excellent animation and enjoyable soundtrack, staples of this great series. Part 3 leaves the world of Gun Gal Online and returns to Alfhiem Online, the game featured in the second half of the first series. After being swallowed by a giant worm, Kirito, Leafa and Yui … Continue reading

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Nights of Azure Review (PlayStation 4)

Gust deserve some credit when it comes to Nights of Azure. This is the first time they have attempted an action RPG and the game is quite a solid effort. Released in 2015 in Japan for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3, Koei Tecmo has brought the game to the West as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. What we get from Nights of Azure is a solid hac and slash action RPG with some interesting elements to add to the classic combo gameplay. With that said, it’s quite easy to power through the game and the story needed some more work. It does have a great soundtrack but the art style is a little bland. The story centres around … Continue reading

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Need For Speed (2015) PC Review


Need For Speed is the latest game in the Need For Speed franchise released by EA Games. This particular release was developed by Ghost Games and seems like it was designed to take the best elements of the latest Need For Speed games, while also taking elements of gameplay from fan favourite games, such as Need For Speed Underground 2. Oddly, this PC release faltered behind the release of the console versions of the game, with there being a significant gap between the releases of each. However, the street racing setting with a huge level of customisation and number of races and cars make this a real gem in the current market. Need For Speed begins with the player arriving … Continue reading

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