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009 Re: Cyborg BD Review


Cyborg 009 is one of the more popular examples of Sci-Fi manga from Japan. The series has recently been rebooted by the highly regarded anime studio, Production I.G., as a standalone movie that aims to tell a completely new story that looks like it takes bits and pieces from the manga that it is adapted from and bring it into the cinema space. The movie itself is animated completely in 3D CGI, and with the Blu-Ray package, also comes with a 3D screening version of the film. In 009 Re:Cyborg, a group of retired cyborgs come back together after a long hiatus and have to protect the world from “His Voice”, which seems to be controlling people into committing terrorist … Continue reading

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Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends Bluray Review

The final installment of the live action Rurouni Kenshin trilogy is finally available on Bluray and I couldn’t be more excited. I have considered Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends as my favourite of the three despite all three being excellent movies. However, I believe The Legend Ends stands taller above the other two due to the action sequences pushing the envelope, the character development and relationships shown throughout and the plot of the movie itself. It is one heck of an experience to enjoy, especially from the living room couch. Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends starts off where Kyoto Inferno, the previous installment of the trilogy, ended. Himura Kenshin is lying on the beach after escaping Makoto Shishio’s battleship, which … Continue reading

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Log Horizon Volume 2 (BD) Review


Log Horizon is one of the better anime series’ out there that takes on the theme of being trapped in a video game world. The series follows the character Shiroe and his Guild, Log Horizon, as they work out the mysteries of the new world that they inhabit, and try to find a way back home. The series has a wide variety of characters and scenarios not typically found in anime series that run on a similar plot, which really seperates it from rest. You could argue that this also makes it better than its competition. In this half of the season, we see the roundtable and the The People of the Land come to a kind of trade-agreement thanks … Continue reading

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Kill La Kill Volume 4 (BD) Review


Kill La Kill is the frenetic action anime series from Studio Trigger that has been released by Madman Entertainment here in Australia. The series follows the delinquent student, Ryuko, as she tries to defeat the person that killed her father. At this point in the series, we’ve gone beyond that and into the weird stuff territory. If you’ve been following the series up until now, you’re pretty much going to stick around, if not, check out our reviews for the first few parts to bring yourself up to speed. In this release, the tri-school raid thing has ended with Honnouji Academy becoming the clear winner. To celebrate, Lady Satsuki’s mother, Ragyo Kiryuin, is to make an appearance at the school … Continue reading

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Horizon Shift Review


Horizon Shift is the arcade shooter developed by Flump Studios, and published by Kiss Ltd. In Horizon Shift, players control what looks like a rocket as they protect the horizon from being bombarded by space junk and enemy units. The game itself sports a rather interesting art style that really reinforces the arcade feel, while it also has this amazing soundtrack that looks like it’s designed to keep you entranced within the game. If this was released into arcades today, I’d probably drop hundreds of dollars into that arcade machine. I’m not too sure what the storyline in Horizon Shift is, assuming there is one, but it looks like it’s up to the player to protect their horizon from being … Continue reading

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Higurashi When They Cry Chapter 1 Onkakushi Review

Higurashi When They Cry is a game described by 07th Expansion, the developers of the game, as a “sound novel.” Where a visual novel relies on the visual aspects, such as character design and background art, the sound novel relies on music and background noise to set the atmosphere and the tone of the story. The series dates back to 2002, when the first chapter, Onikakushi, was released in Japan, with an English release back in 2009 by MangaGamer themselves. Since then, another seven chapters have been created, with various spin offs and fan created chapters developed for various platforms such as PC, Playstation 3 and even the Playstation Vita. The series also has a PSP fighting game. In this … Continue reading

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Hanachirasu Review


Hanachirasu is the latest Nitro+, the studio behind Steins;Gate, Visual Novel released by JAST USA. The story follows the adventure of the swordsman named Akane as he seeks out to defeat his longstanding rival, Igarasu. The story itself is a rather emotional tale, but it doesn’t hold back on being brutal either. It’s also a story with a protagonist that is a genuine asshole, and an unlikeable character. It’s also full of sword-art, or ken-jutsu, exposition, which can sometimes be pretty educational. This particular package comes with a second game, Kaigen’s Ambition. The story in Hanachirasu begins on a somewhat perverted note, with the main character, Akane, being the sexual plaything for a rather powerful business woman in the largest … Continue reading

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