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Kill La Kill Volume 1 Review


Kill La Kill is quite possibly the biggest anime series to come out of Japan in the last year. The series is directed and animated by Trigger, the studio best known for being the best parts of Gainax before they split off, and, of course, creating Inferno Cop. Kill La Kill is a series that will go on to define Trigger as a studio that takes an over-the-top stand in their animation, proving that they are one of the strongest studios in Japan when it comes to animated storytelling. Kill La Kill Volume 1 follows the first 4 episodes of the series, which really serve as the gateway into the Kill La Kill universe. In the first four episodes we … Continue reading

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Nisemonogatari The Complete Series Review


Nisemonogatari is the sequel to the Bakemonogatari anime series from Shaft. The series is released by Hanabee here in Australia. The series follows directly on from the story left on after the events of the Black Hanekawa saga in Bakemonogatari. The series follows the unique look and feel of the monogatari series into a new season. This most recent release is the complete collection in one bundle, which means that it has episodes 1-11 across two Blu-Ray/DVD discs within. The Nisemonogatari series follows two storylines across its entire run, with each story following the circumstances behind each of Araragi’s sisters, The Fire Sisters. This season of monogatari might sound like it is much more focused on Araragi and his family … Continue reading

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Kabukimonogatari Review


The -Monotagari series is a series that we’ve talked about a great deal here at Attack On Gaming in the past, and Kabukimonogatari is the latest in the series as released by Hanabee here in Australia. The series is directed by SHAFT and revolves around a bunch of characters, called apparitions, that live in a metropolis town. The series is known for it’s unusual direction and even stranger stories. Kabukimonogatari is four episodes in length and deals with the topic of time-travel and the consequences of altering the events of time. The series begins with Araragi looking all over town for the mysterious snail/cow apparition Mayoi, who has left her backpack at his place after visiting him. For those unaware … Continue reading

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The Sacred Tears TRUE Review


The Sacred Tears TRUE is the latest JRPG doujin offering from Nyu-Media. The game is developed by Alphanuts and is described as a card battling RPG on the official website. However, The Sacred Tears TRUE is way more impressive than a mere TCG RPG. Alphanuts have developed a story and created a rather interesting game using dated technology which should be surprisingly interesting to gamers. The first thing that’s noticeable with The Sacred Tears TRUE is that it was built on the classic RPGMaker 2003 engine. At the first glance, we could have sworn that this title was built on the even older RPGMaker 2000 engine, but the game had a few tells that lead us to this conclusion. The … Continue reading

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FIFA 15 Review


Much like our last FIFA review, we’ve called in a series expert that would get the most out of this title. – FIFA 15 is the latest Soccer simulator game from EA Sports, a division of EA. For soccer fans, FIFA is the ultimate challenge in soccer, nay, football. The FIFA game is based on the championship by the same name, where football teams from around the world congragrate together in order to battle it out on the pitch to determine which country is the best at kicking balls into goals. FIFA 15 is the latest game that has players taking on the role of one of these competing countries and taking home the world championship. Wow, I have to … Continue reading

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Princess Knight – The Complete Series Review


Princess Knight is an anime series from the legendary Osamu Tezuka and is about a young Princess that is born and raised to be a Prince. The story comes from the early days of coloured animation, literally 1967, and is much more like a cartoon than modern day anime. The long series goes for 10 discs, or roughly 52 episodes all up. So 1300minutes in total. The series is distributed by Hanabee here in Australia. The story of Princess Knight revolves around a Princess that is born and raised to be a Prince since birth. This is because of a strange law in the land where only a King can be ruler of the Kingdom, and the king is decided … Continue reading

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Ar nosurge: Ode To An Unborn Star Review


Ar nosurge: Ode To An Unborn Star is the JRPG prequel to the Ar Tonelico video games as developed by Gust. Ar nosurge is published by Tecmo Koei and is a personal tale between a small community of characters and their personal plights during a war between humans and a race known as the Sharl. Players play as characters Delta and Cass, as well as Earthes and Ion, in a meta experience that may or may not seem like it’s designed to sell a soundtrack. Players of the PSVita game, Ciel NoSurge, will remember Ion as the main character in that game. However, the interesting storyline is something that will keep players moving through all of the games layers. The … Continue reading

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