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Assassination Classroom Season 1 Part 1 Review


Assassination Classroom is the comedy series from studio Lerche, and published by Madman Entertainment here in Australia. The series focuses on a mysterious being called Koro Sensei and his students within the classroom. There is a gimmick in play with this series where the students must work together to assassinate Koro Sensei before he destroys the world. However, given the theme, it’s interesting that this isn’t an action series, but is instead focuses on the comedy. The moon has been destroyed by a powerful being that now threatens to destroy the Earth. However, before it does that, it first decides that it wants to teach at a school where the bottom percentage of students are huddled into one class together … Continue reading

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Tokyo ESP Review


Coming up with something to say about Tokyo ESP to accurately convey what this series is has been tough. It’s not that it’s a bad series, or a forgettable one, it’s just that it is really hard to talk about. And so, in trying to define what Tokyo ESP is, I’ve come to the conclusion that the series can only really be described as one way. Tokyo ESP is pretty much X-Men, if it was written to include a bunch of different anime tropes. Also, if it was starring an anime girl, Wolverine became Magneto and Professor X was the bad guy. Tokyo ESP starts off in a really dramatic way that slowly builds your interest from completely disinterested to … Continue reading

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Sword Art Online II Part 3 Review (Bluray)

Sword Art Online II has returned for its third partial release. The insanely popular anime, created by A-1 Pictures and distributed by Madman here in Australia, returns to the land of fairies and Norse mythology with a short, enjoyable quest to obtain Excalibur and the beginnings of a new arc focusing on Asuna. While they were enjoyable episodes as a whole, the Excalibur arc was quite short. Nonetheless, expect the same outstanding action sequences, excellent animation and enjoyable soundtrack, staples of this great series. Part 3 leaves the world of Gun Gal Online and returns to Alfhiem Online, the game featured in the second half of the first series. After being swallowed by a giant worm, Kirito, Leafa and Yui … Continue reading

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Blue Exorcist Complete Series Review


A year or so ago, we had our first experience with the Blue Exorcist series in the form of its movie, a movie which takes place after the main series has ended. With the series recently being released as a complete collection from Madman Entertainment, we figured it’d be a good time to pick this up and see the whole story. This full collection of Blue Exorcist is released here in Australia by Madman Entertainment and was animated in Japan by A-1 Productions. The story in Blue Exorcist follows a half-demon and half-human exorcist named Rin. As the son of Satan, he is persued by various demons and humans due to his connection to Satan, a character that years earlier, … Continue reading

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Evangelion 3.33 – You Can (Not) Redo Review


There have been very few cultural phenomenon when it comes to anime, and arguably the biggest of these is the Evangelion franchise. Starting its life in roughly 1995 as a monster of the week mecha series, it quickly became known for its deep drama and character conflict within a story about a conspiracy to end mankind. It wasn’t until the English adaptation was released years later that the original Neon Genesis Evangelion gained its substantial global following and took its place at the top of the anime pile. Since the final story of the Neon Genesis Evangelion saga, the End of Evangelion was released, the lead Director, Hideaki Anno, bought all rights to the franchise and has established some kind … Continue reading

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Sword Art Online II Part 2 Review (Bluray)

It gets more and more exciting for another release of the Sword Art Online anime series. This steady release of the second season only heightens the excitement for more Sword Art Online. Alas, all good things must come to an end and Sword Art Online II Part 2 is the conclusion of one of the more exciting VRMMOs in the world, Gun Gal Online. Kirito and Sinon are part of the final of the Bullet of Bullets tournament. As they progress, they finally encounter Death Gun, who has been killing the real life counterparts of the in game avatars. With exciting action sequences, an excellent continuation of the plot, great animation and great visuals, the second part of this first … Continue reading

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Nodame Cantabile Review


Nodame Cantabile follows the story of a couple of students at a musical university, called the┬áMomogaoka College of Music, and tells the story of their relationship with each other. As a slice-of-life comedy drama anime, it may not seem like it would appeal to the usual anime demographics, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad. It’s actually a rather enjoyable story with rather interesting characters persuing the things that they love in life. The series is released by Siren Visual here in Australia and is animated by J.C. Staff in Japan. It was dubbed by Animax into English. The story in Nodame Cantabile focuses on the life of a musical student named Chiaki Shinichi. Chiaki is an arrogant … Continue reading

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