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The Sacred Tears TRUE Review


The Sacred Tears TRUE is the latest JRPG doujin offering from Nyu-Media. The game is developed by Alphanuts and is described as a card battling RPG on the official website. However, The Sacred Tears TRUE is way more impressive than a mere TCG RPG. Alphanuts have developed a story and created a rather interesting game using dated technology which should be surprisingly interesting to gamers. The first thing that’s noticeable with The Sacred Tears TRUE is that it was built on the classic RPGMaker 2003 engine. At the first glance, we could have sworn that this title was built on the even older RPGMaker 2000 engine, but the game had a few tells that lead us to this conclusion. The … Continue reading

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FIFA 15 Review


Much like our last FIFA review, we’ve called in a series expert that would get the most out of this title. – FIFA 15 is the latest Soccer simulator game from EA Sports, a division of EA. For soccer fans, FIFA is the ultimate challenge in soccer, nay, football. The FIFA game is based on the championship by the same name, where football teams from around the world congragrate together in order to battle it out on the pitch to determine which country is the best at kicking balls into goals. FIFA 15 is the latest game that has players taking on the role of one of these competing countries and taking home the world championship. Wow, I have to … Continue reading

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Gauntlet Review


Gauntlet is one of those franchises that have echoed throughout the eons of gaming. Starting as an arcade title by Midway, the game saw a team of up to four players taking on the role of one of four archetypes to tackle a dungeon, or gauntlet, to battle through waves of enemies to ultimately reach some special gems. The series has since expanded into a series of sequels and spin-offs that all share the Gauntlet title, with each game being of varying quality and design; it has since returned to its roots as the remade Gauntlet, for PC. The storyline in Gauntlet is simple. Four heroes have been kidnapped by a powerful mage to against the Gauntlet in order to … Continue reading

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Age Of Wonders III: Golden Realms Review


Age Of Wonders III is the latest installment in the Age of Wonders series of turn-based strategy games for the PC. The series has been around since the 90s and has players battling across a fantastical game world involving your typical fantasy races. This latest expansion pack, Golden Realms, adds in a new race, the Halflings, based on fantasy lore to this latest game in the series, as well as a new campaign for players to play through. For those that have never played an Age of Wonders game in the past, it is a turn-based strategy game that plays very similarly to both the Heroes of Might and Magic and Stronghold series of games. Players take turns capturing castles, … Continue reading

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Watch_Dogs Review


At some point in everyone’s life, we’ve thought to ourselves: “Man, there’s all these computers and things everywhere man, and they’re like, probably watching us and shit with them. Maybe I should learn computers and become a hacker or something man“. Only, we never did learn to become a hacker, and we never did do anything about all this surveillance and information surrounding us at all ever. This is where Watch_Dogs comes in, it’s a game about a vigilante hacker that did think to do that, that did take those measures to take a look at the information surrounding them in an age where your mobile phone is more of a computer than some laptops on the market. The world … Continue reading

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Croixleur Sigma Review


Croixleur Sigma is the recent remake of the brawler/action game, Croixleur, from publisher Nyu-Media and developer Souvenir Circle. It was developed in Japan originally as Croixleur, but since then has had this recent upgrade into Croixleur Sigma, which is intended to tighten the gameplay and make things a bit more cleaner visually. The basic concept in Croixleur is that you have to battle your way to the top of a tower as a part of an exam. You have a limited time limit to do so. If you die or the timer hits 0, you lose and must start from the ground floor of the tower again. The basic premise is that you can play as one of two girls, … Continue reading

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RefleX Review


Fast paced and high skilled arcade rail shooters seem like a relic of the past in todays gaming climate. This is incredibly unfortunate because there are some really good games out there, and coming from out there, that really show that the genre still has the power that it once had, and can still outshine some of the games of now. RefleX is definitely an example of this. If you grew up playing games in the 90′s, chances are you’ve played a shooter game like RefleX. These kinds of games are the ones where you control a flying vehicle, through space or the sky, and fight waves after waves of enemies with often complex attack patterns. These kinds of games … Continue reading

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