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Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning Review [Adult Content Warning]

There are times where, after a long day at work, the only thought flooding your mind is to sit down in a nice chair, grab the controller (or keyboard and mouse) and just enjoy some video gaming R&R. Sometimes, a visual novel is all it takes to wind you down. In order to experience such a feeling, there must be a compelling story, with interesting characters and excellent dialogue and writing. Beautiful visuals and an inspiring soundtrack are also a must. For Gakhthun of the Golden Lightning, written by Sakurai Hikaru, developed by Lair Soft and published in English by MangaGamer, it seems it’s a big mash up of great moments mixed in with dull and boring moments. The writing … Continue reading

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euphoria Review [Adult Content Warning]


You awaken alone in a dark room with a collar wrapped around your neck. Urged on by nothing but a door with a green light, you move forward. This is the opening moment of the Visual Novel ‘euphoria’, published by MangaGamer. The horror story focuses on a young “over 18” year old man and his “over 18” year old female classmates as they have to undertake sexual rituals in order to unlock their way out of a sadistic and torturous death game. ‘euphoria’ is definitely a game for the sexual fetishists out there, but it also offers a rather interesting story for those that might not be so inclined. Keisuke Katakou is an 18 years old or older student that … Continue reading

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Steel Strider Review


Steel Strider is the latest side-scrolling mecha shooter from Nyu Media, as developed by Astro Port. The game is a successor to the previous Astro Port title, Gigantic Army, also released by Nyu Media. In Steel Strider, player take control of a humanoid mech as they battle their way through armies of opposing mechas to eventually save the Earth. Much like previous Astro Port games, the difficulty is learning the enemy spawns as you progress. Steel Strider might be the side-scrolling, Contra-like, game that fans of the arcade will want to check out. The story of Steel Strider follows the player as a pilot for a manned Gemini Class Manned Combat Robot, or MCR, as they take down new threats … Continue reading

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Uriel’s Chasm 2: את Review


What do you get when you mix Touhou, religion, gardening, religion, surfing, religion, Battletoads, and, Rail Slave Games? If you answered with “something bizarre”, you would be correct. If you added: “probably Uriel’s Chasm 2” to the end of that statement, you’d be even more correct. Uriel’s Chasm 2: את (pronounced as et) is the alt-game featuring religious themes by Rail Slave Games. It touches on multiple genres of gameplay and combines elements of those genres into a rather strange sequel to Selfie: Sisters of the Aniotic Lens, Uriel’s Chasm, and N.P.P.D Rush. Interestingly, the game doesn’t seem to tie into the original Uriel’s Chasm as much as you think that it would. Officially, the story of Uriel’s Chasm 2: … Continue reading

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Go! Go! Nippon! 2015 Review


Have you been planning a trip to Japan recently but have had no idea where to begin? Go! Go! Nippon! 2015 is the Japanese Visual Novel designed to help you with your Japanese trip planning by putting you through the story of a character traveling to Japan while staying with a couple of sisters. As the follow-up to the previous game, Go! Go! Nippon, it features updated graphics and features, such as the E-Mote system, which give the game a bit more life. The story is largely similar, however. This particular Visual Novel has no swearing, suggestive nudity, or sex-scenes, making it ideal for gamers of all ages. The story begins with the main character arriving at the Narita Airport … Continue reading

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Star Wars The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire Review


Star Wars The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire is the latest expansion pack to the SWTOR game, picking up after the events of the previous expansion pack: Shadows of Revan. In this expansion pack, the player goes through a 5 year time-skip to a point where the Sith emperor from the previous game, Valkorion, has been defeated by his son who is now waging a war across the galaxy. It is up to the player to lead a rebellion against the Empire and to free both the Republic and the Sith from subjugation. The storyline begins in the past (I guess), with the game picking up just after the events of Shadows of Revan. However, there’s a new … Continue reading

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Shiny Days Review [Adult Content Warning]


Shiny Days is an interactive anime OVA series from Overflow and has recently been released by JAST USA. The game is a remake of the School Days game appearing previous in the series, with School Days being a followup to previous Overflow games Summer Raddish Vacation and Snow Raddish Vacation. Players take on the role of the protagonist, Makoto, through a summer vacation where he begins a romance with his classmate, Setsuna. This is a hentai story and has had a small amount of censorship due to child pornography concerns. The protagonist, Makoto, is on a break from school due to it being the summer vacation. He is tasked with looking after his little sister and frequents a beach near … Continue reading

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