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Horizon Shift Review


Horizon Shift is the arcade shooter developed by Flump Studios, and published by Kiss Ltd. In Horizon Shift, players control what looks like a rocket as they protect the horizon from being bombarded by space junk and enemy units. The game itself sports a rather interesting art style that really reinforces the arcade feel, while it also has this amazing soundtrack that looks like it’s designed to keep you entranced within the game. If this was released into arcades today, I’d probably drop hundreds of dollars into that arcade machine. I’m not too sure what the storyline in Horizon Shift is, assuming there is one, but it looks like it’s up to the player to protect their horizon from being … Continue reading

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Hanachirasu Review


Hanachirasu is the latest Nitro+, the studio behind Steins;Gate, Visual Novel released by JAST USA. The story follows the adventure of the swordsman named Akane as he seeks out to defeat his longstanding rival, Igarasu. The story itself is a rather emotional tale, but it doesn’t hold back on being brutal either. It’s also a story with a protagonist that is a genuine asshole, and an unlikeable character. It’s also full of sword-art, or ken-jutsu, exposition, which can sometimes be pretty educational. This particular package comes with a second game, Kaigen’s Ambition. The story in Hanachirasu begins on a somewhat perverted note, with the main character, Akane, being the sexual plaything for a rather powerful business woman in the largest … Continue reading

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Supercharged Robot VULKAISER Review


How cheesy do you like your video games? Well done pizza levels? Cheap pizza overloaded on cheese levels? Cheese-stick levels? How about blocks of cheese levels of cheesyness? Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser is pretty much the cheesiest homage to 70s style Super Robot genre anime series as turned into an arcade style game. It’s developed by Astro Port, who make some of the best side-scrolling shooters we’ve played. If you’re a fan of the classics, or just simply want a good laugh at a decent parody of the era, Vulkaiser is a game you might want to check out. The storyline is about as 70s anime as you can get. There’s a team of superheroes that pilot giant robots in order … Continue reading

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Starless: A Nymphomaniacs Paradise Review [Adult Content Warning]


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a sexual servant for three incredibly beautiful women? In Starless: A Nymphomaniacs Paradise, you are exactly that. You play as a student named Sawatari as he takes on a two-week job as a servant at the Mamiya families mansion. The title is by the studio Empress, and released by JAST USA. It also carries Sei Shoujo’s signature art-style of big-breasted women. This is also the game that was so intense with it’s hardcore fetish imagery that I can now only watch vanilla porn. The story of Starless begins with our main character, Sawatari, looking for work through a magazine at a local market. He skims through and finds an … Continue reading

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Selfie: Sisters of the Amniotic Lens Review


Selfie: Sisters of the Amniotic Lens is the latest game from Rail Slave Games. The developer is known for crating some rather interesting alternative styled video games, and Selfie is no different. Set in what appears to be the 80s, the game has this weird backstory involving a cult of women known as the ‘Sisters of the Amniotic Lens’, from a decade prior. This cult believed that they could travel to an alternative world through some kind of ritual. At its core, Selfie: SotAL appears to be a kind of social network and fly simulator for players to share grievances. It’s a very interesting experience. I’m not entirely sure how to review a title like this one. It’s an incredibly … Continue reading

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Solarix Review


Solarix is the latest psychological horror and survival game from Kiss Ltd, as developed by Pulsetense Games. The game sees players assuming the role of an engineer on what seems to be a distant world in a mining colony that has been hit by some kind of biological weapon. The player must navigate their way off world to survive and to do this, must utilise their skills in stealth and strategic offense. Solarix is a game, that if it was released 10 years ago, would have been one of the bigger examples of the stealth genre. In Solarix, you start in what seems to be a bunkroom with absolutely no idea what’s going on around you. You’re soon found by … Continue reading

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Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine! [Adult Content Warning] Review


Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine! is one of the latest H-RPG games released by Publisher MangaGamer. It was also developed by the doujin circle group, Anagura. The RPG features two playable characters, Mery and Mary, as they delve down a mysterious dungeon in the town of Cipagnu to pass a trial and have Mery graduate from her Magic Academy back in her homeland. It’s a game developed in RPGMaker VX and has a tonne of custom scripts that alter the gameplay experience completely. The storyline in Ecchi Mery is a very simple one that is told mostly at the beginning of the game, but it does develop a little over the course of the game through … Continue reading

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