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Huniepop Review [Adult Content Warning]


What happens when you cross a Dating Simulator, a Visual Novel and a game of Pokemon Puzzle League together with pornographic elements? You get Huniepop, that’s what. The game comes from the development team, Huniepot, and has recently come out of Kickstarter and into full release. The game sees players dating various Anime-esque women in the hopes of eventually bedding them. How does the player do this? With a game involving coloured jewels and achieving the required amount of points. The storyline is that the player is playing as a character that apparently is incredibly bad with women. This character is so bad with women that the game opens you up with a conversation with a cute girl and all … Continue reading

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ALLTYNEX Second Review


ALLTYNEX Second is the third game released in the ALLTYNEX story by Siter Skain. It is also the opening chapter chronologically within the series, with both Kamui and RefleX coming before it. As it was developed last, it has a graphical switch from 2D sprites in the other two games to 3D models in this one. The title is still a bullet-hell shooter like its predecessors and retains the aesthetics of the series. In the year 2192A.D., humanity had been pushed to the brink of destruction by the worlds central operating system, ALLTYNEX. To escape their collapse, the inhabitants of Earth moved to the outer edges of the solar system and plotted a rebellion against ALLTYNEX. They had somehow managed … Continue reading

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Kamui Review


Kamui is the first developed title in the ALLTYNEX storyline of top-down/2.5d shooters from Siter Skain and published by Nyu Media. It is also the third game in the series. The game has the player taking on the role of a specialised drone that fights against wave after wave of enemies in a bullet-hell shooter in order to take out a base running the ALLTYNEX Operation System. As this is a top-down bullet-hell shooter, there isn’t too much of a storyline here, instead, the story is hinted at as the player progresses. In the first mission, the players drone has escaped from some kind of mothership and goes on a rampage against enemy units controlled by this OS. The story … Continue reading

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ForeSight Review


ForeSight is the Real-Time Strategy game released by KISS Ltd. for the PC. The game is developed by a Korean team called Strides Interactive. The game is set in the future of Earth after a cataclysmic war had set out half of Earths population to another galaxy while the less privileged were left on Earth. Since then, the world has rebuilt and inhabited space surrounding the planet and created some kind of planetary defence force that the player assumes a role as an officer within. When starting the game, the player is subjected to a pretty interesting cutscene that details the history of Earths future and it sets up the world for the player within the story. This Earth had … Continue reading

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Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! Review


Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! is the second entry in the Cherry Tree High School video game/ visual novel series from developer 773 and publisher Nyu Media. The title focuses on a group of students that have set about creating a comedy club based on a club that used to exist at their school. This club that previously existed paved the way for a popular comedy group called the Grimmeister Girls, a now legendary figure at Cherry Tree High School. This new CTHCC hopes to follow in their footsteps. In this story, a new girl named Ai has moved to Cherry Tree city after hearing that the CTHCC has been re-opened. While the comedy clubs members are traditionally not … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Review


Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest installment in the Dragon Age franchise created by BioWare and published by EA. It is a fantasy franchise that is generally known for a more realistic approach to its themes and elements, while maintaining an aire of high fantasy. The story driven RPG is set in a somewhat open world environment and sees the player take on a world threatening villain that is able to open rifts into the void, an ethereal dimension home to demons and other monsters. The player and their Inquisition must close these rifts before they spell doom for the world. The player in Dragon Age: Inquisition assumes the role of ‘The Inquisitor’, a character given rule to the newly … Continue reading

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The Sacred Tears TRUE Review


The Sacred Tears TRUE is the latest JRPG doujin offering from Nyu-Media. The game is developed by Alphanuts and is described as a card battling RPG on the official website. However, The Sacred Tears TRUE is way more impressive than a mere TCG RPG. Alphanuts have developed a story and created a rather interesting game using dated technology which should be surprisingly interesting to gamers. The first thing that’s noticeable with The Sacred Tears TRUE is that it was built on the classic RPGMaker 2003 engine. At the first glance, we could have sworn that this title was built on the even older RPGMaker 2000 engine, but the game had a few tells that lead us to this conclusion. The … Continue reading

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