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Solarix Review


Solarix is the latest psychological horror and survival game from Kiss Ltd, as developed by Pulsetense Games. The game sees players assuming the role of an engineer on what seems to be a distant world in a mining colony that has been hit by some kind of biological weapon. The player must navigate their way off world to survive and to do this, must utilise their skills in stealth and strategic offense. Solarix is a game, that if it was released 10 years ago, would have been one of the bigger examples of the stealth genre. In Solarix, you start in what seems to be a bunkroom with absolutely no idea what’s going on around you. You’re soon found by … Continue reading

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Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine! [Adult Content Warning] Review


Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine! is one of the latest H-RPG games released by Publisher MangaGamer. It was also developed by the doujin circle group, Anagura. The RPG features two playable characters, Mery and Mary, as they delve down a mysterious dungeon in the town of Cipagnu to pass a trial and have Mery graduate from her Magic Academy back in her homeland. It’s a game developed in RPGMaker VX and has a tonne of custom scripts that alter the gameplay experience completely. The storyline in Ecchi Mery is a very simple one that is told mostly at the beginning of the game, but it does develop a little over the course of the game through … Continue reading

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Littlewitch Romanesque Editio Regia Review

It’s interesting reviewing a visual novel for the first time. As someone who does love to read a lot of fantasy, the visual novel should be an genre worth exploring. Littlewitch Romanesque Editio Regia is definitely a great introduction to the visual novel genre. The story focuses on an archmage and his two students exploring a Dark Tower, full of magic and secrets. The story is excellent, the main trio are well developed and the art style is amazing. With such a world to explore, it becomes an enjoyable experience for a first time visual novel player. The story focuses on three central characters. One of these characters is the archmage Domino. He has the desire to explore a building … Continue reading

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eden* PLUS+MOSAIC Review [Adult Content Warning]


Eden* PLUS+MOSAIC is a visual novel recently released by MangaGamer and developed by Minori. Minori are the developers of the popular visual novel, ef~ a fairy tale of the two, which we have reviewed the anime series adaptation of. Eden* is the visual novel story that follows the military officer Ryou and his romance with a 100 year old Felix named Sion in a lite sci-fi story about the end of the world. PLUS+MOSAIC can be considered a kind of expansion pack to the Eden* storyline, containing adult elements not found in the main story. The story of Eden* begins with Ryou digging a hole in a farmland garden alongside the playful Sion. The opening scene itself is filled with … Continue reading

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TyranoBuilder Review


TyranoBuilder is the latest Visual Novel development suite published by Nyu Media and developed by Strikeworks. This particular application allows for users to create Visual Novel style video games with a quick and easy user interface that requires little-to-no scripting knowledge from the outset. For those unfamiliar with the Visual Novel genre, they’re essentially elaborate visual stories that function similarly to a picture book, but are often more detailed. It’s kind of like reading an episode of an anime series or something. One of the biggest advantages that TyranoBuilder has in comparison to its nearest competition is that it is a much easier to understand system due to being largely graphically based. Users can simply add and remove elements into … Continue reading

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Battlefield: Hardline Review


Battlefield: Hardline is the latest game in the Battlefield franchise. The spin-off sees players take on the role of a cop turned criminal in the games included campaign mode, or as a cop or robber in the games included multiplayer component. Hardline was developed by Visceral Games, alongside the series’ veterans DICE, and still retains the hallmark Battlefield experience. Battlefield: Hardlines singleplayer campaign tells the story of a police detective named Nick Mendoza as he goes from an honourable police officer into a wanted escaped convict after an investigation against corruption and drug trafficking goes wrong. The story itself has a kind of Law & Order vibe to it, but with a more badass look and feel. It also has … Continue reading

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LA Cops Review


What do you get when you mix characters from a 70s cop show with stylish cel-shaded graphics and an over the top action game? You get LA Cops. LA Cops is the isometric action game from Team 17 and developer Modern Dream. The game has players assuming the role of two police officers as they take on criminal scum in the land of LA. It’s set in what appears to be a 70s cop show reality, only with a lot more carnage. The story in LA Cops takes place in what appears to be a 1970s LA. Players assume the role of two selected police officers out of a variety of officers each with their own personalities as highlighted in … Continue reading

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