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Flowers -Le Volume Sur Printemps- Review

If there is one world to describe Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-, it would be beautiful. Developed by Innocent Grey and published by JAST USA, the yuri visual novel tells the story of Suoh Shirahane, an introverted young girl who starts attending Saint Angraecum Academy, an all girls school isolated from society. While there, she becomes good friends with her fellow classmates, but she also discovers a mystery that needs to be solved. The story and characters are likable, the art style is beautiful and the music is excellent. There are, however, a few issues with the translation, but that can be fixed in the future. The story is centered around Suoh Shirahane, who is quite introverted and shy. She … Continue reading

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Umbrella Corps Review


Note: This review is based on a very limited playthrough of the Umbrella Corps game as there are rarely any players online at the same time to even have a decent go at this title. Umbrella Corps, or BIOHAZARD: Umbrella Corps as it also known as according to Steam, is the latest spin-off game in the Resident Evil/Biohazard franchise from the publisher Capcom. In Umbrella Corps, gamers take on the role of a faceless Umbrella mook that engages in Deathmatch style arena battles to complete objectives against other players. This game makes little sense, and doesn’t really do a good job of trying to do so. It seems like a game that is a justification for more DLC purchases and … Continue reading

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Anima: Gate of Memories Review (PlayStation 4)

Anima: Gate of Memories is a Kickstarter project based on the Spanish tabletop RPG Anima: Beyond Fantasy developed by Anima Project. In this action RPG, players control two characters; the Bearer and Ergo, as they attempt to retrieve an artifact known as the Byblos. Despite the ambitions of the development team and their passion to deliver the best product they can, Anima Gate of Memories turns out to be a mediocre experience. While the lore of the world, combined with the decent graphics and sound, turns out to be very creative and combat is surprisingly well thought out, the game suffers from frustrating platforming, a uncooperative camera, a dull narrative and uninteresting characters. In Anima: Gate of Memories, two members … Continue reading

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Sonicomi: Communication With Sonico Review


Sonicomi is the visual novel and photography simulator developed by Nitroplus+ and published into English by JAST. The title features Nitroplus+’ own mascot character, Super Sonico, as she teams up with the player to become a successful gravure model. Sonicomi, as a visual novel, does a lot of familiar things with the genre, but presents them in a new and interesting manner. Even more, there are some gameplay elements to the story, involving the player actively taking photographs of the character to earn points. As a marketing point, Jessica Nigri stars in the English adaptation of the script, although the original (and preferable) voice actress, Ayano Yamamoto, also takes the mantle of the character in the Japanese voice overs. The … Continue reading

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One Small Fire At A Time Review


One Small Fire At A Time is the non-Japanese visual novel developed by Kidalang, and published by Culture Select, about a teenaged girl deemed to be mad and placed in a madhouse. The reason for this condition? The inability to use magic in a world where everyone is able to do so. Her life is taken for a turn when a mysterious group of people arrive at the mansion that she is recovering in, and a strange plot involving illegal pharmaceuticals takes the reign. The story begins with our protagonist, Janis, and a short meeting between her, Ena (the nurse of the madhouse), and another girl, Candela. This short intro sets the mood for the entirety of the story, which … Continue reading

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Overwatch Review


Overwatch is the latest game from Blizzard. The premise is a rather simple one, you have two teams of six-players that must battle it out to complete objectives in order to defeat the opposing side. Where Overwatch has its intricacies is in its mechanical build up, interesting character design and engaging map layouts, which helps to create an incredibly fun experience. Be sure to check out our hands-on impressions here, or read on for the full review. The storyline in Overwatch isn’t really touched on too much in the game, with it being relegated primarily to online videos and comic-strips. However, there is a tonne of attention to detail in the games levels, particularly in the starting zones that allow … Continue reading

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Ozmafia!! Review


What would happen if you took a bunch of fairytale story characters and mixed them together in an Otome styled visual novel? You would end up with a story about a girl trapped in a mysterious town where territory is divided up to mafias representing the most iconic stories of our time. This is the premise of Ozmafia!!. Warring pretty boys, cat-girls, and an abundance of forced drama are what make Ozmafia!! an enjoyable read. The game starts with you, the female protagonist, awakening with no memories in a strange town and being about to be eaten by an evil wolf-like man. However, the player character soon takes flight and runs into a small group of dashing looking gentlemen that … Continue reading

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