Ai-pon, Nonaka Ai Q&A Panel – SMASH! 2016


“My name is Nonoka Ai, please call me Aipon. A. I . P. O. N.” This was going to be a fun panel, I could tell. Nonoka Ai, the voice actress known for a few roles, but probably most predominantly as Kyoko from Madoka Magica.

Straight out of the door were some interesting questions like why she wanted to become a voice actress, which she responded that she wanted to meet YuYu Hakusho. There was another question where she was asked about some excersises she does for her voice, to which she responded that she doesn’t drink and goes to sleep early. She’s pretty energetic.

The first Live Dubbing scene was a scene from Gintama. It was the highly energetic scene where she goes into grandmas shop and find Gintoki to meet him as she believes him to be an underground mob boss.

After the live dub, we went back to another Q&A and she was asked about difficulties doing Gintama. She said that one of the biggest difficulties in doing the show was the lines were so fast. And, as anyone that has seen the show can attest, it really is. She says that the actor for Shinpachi had it much more tough though.

When talking about Piriko, she talked about how she doesn’t have to be a fun and aloof character by the end. Because the characters arc was that she would eventually become a tough character to take on her father.

“For the audition for Madoka Magica I went to audiiton for both Mami and Kyoko, but I really wanted to do Mami.” She said as the first part to a question on playing Kyoko. “I brought back my rebellious phase.” she added to the end.

Next up was another Live Dubbing session. This time with Kyoko fighting Sayaka for the first time in the alley. Listening to her do this live was absolutely amazing. She brings so much energy to her performances!

When asked about what colour soul gem she would have, she suggested that she would like a beige soul-gem, because it is a neutral colour that she likes and wears a lot. She was then asked about what kind of wish she would like made from Kyuubei.

“I want an Aussie Beef Steak!”, she wished! “Because I had original beef burger yesterday, but I haven’t had an Aussie Beef Steak yet.” Ai-pon stated, with her usual energy.

On the stage she talked baout being thankful for Madoka Magica for giving her the opportunity to travel the world and meet with so many fans. She then held a Jyanken tournament (Scissors, Paper, Rock) for the audience. There are four prizes. Everyone in the audience was to participate. The match had some witty banter from the actress, which was entertaining to listen to as well.

The winners received a signed poster, a T-shirt of Kyoko from Madoka Magica, and a coffee mug from the Seiyuu Lionstamp Cafe from Ai-pon. The lucky winners.

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There was also more after this, but somehow after hitting publish, the server must have bugged out or something and not published this article. And then also wiped an additional 400+ words. Apologies!

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