Attack On: John Carmacks Departure From id – A Small Rant On Zenimax


Very recently, John Carmack left id Software to pursue his latest obsession in VR technology with the Occulus Rift. It seems that the reason for his departure from the iconic company is because of both Bethesda’s and id’s parent company, ZeniMax, didn’t seem to like the idea of pursuing HMD content in their games, which is something that John Carmack is very interested in adopting.

What makes this particular case interesting is that Carmack is the co-founder of id Software, and he is also a key member on the Occulus Rift team. This is not something that we would find unusual for the programmer, as he seems to have always been at the forefront of the latest in gaming technology. The Quake 3 engine is still one of the most robust and versatile engines today, something that Carmack was instrumental in designing.

To us, it seems that Carmack’s interest in creating and adopting technology is much more preferential to the designer than sticking around at a company that seems like it doesn’t to want to innovate. We come to this conclusion because they instead push for things that worked around the year 2006. Since then, we’ve only seen id, and it’s parent company Zenimax, create subpar experiences derived from other more entertaining franchises. The only exception to this was Fallout 3, but even that was a bastardisation of the traditional Fallout formula.

You probably just read that and are thinking: “well, Skyrim was great!”. Your opinion is different to ours on that title. To us, Skyrim was the worst thing to happen to the ‘The Elder Scrolls” franchise, considering it crippled the leveling system, had a nightmare of a UI, had guild questlines that were insanely short and incredibly unoriginal and even more reasons that we wont go into as this isn’t an anti-Skyrim piece.

In fact, the last game that id seemed to try on was RAGE, which had some really interesting adaptive level processing procedures that made the game pretty on almost all hardware and settings. While RAGE was a technological pathway, the gameplay was still highly derivative of other games, most notably Zenimax’s own propery, Fallout, as well as another popular shooter of the time, Borderlands.

So really, what we’re saying here, is that the reason Carmack left id is because Zenimax now owns id. We’re also saying that Zenimax is the reason why id and Bethesda have been releasing bad games lately. And, really, we have no idea why. Letting Bethesda and id do their own things has worked out well in the past, so we’re not sure why stepping in and shit-canning Occulus integration has happened. We’re not sure why The Elder Scrolls Online is a thing, and we’re not sure how they managed to mess up Skyrim so bad.

As an aside: It’s kind of weird that hasn’t been too much of a media shitstorm over this. This is massive news. One of the founders of id leaves their own company because of creative differences. What?!

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