Behind The Scenes: EA Australia’s Gamescom Conference


Last night down in Sydney, EA Australia held a re-screening of the Gamescom conference that their company had held over in Cologne earlier this week as part of the Gamescom event in Germany. For this screening EA had booked out an entire cinema room and filled it with food, drinks and later, people. It was completely filled, with the exception of a few seats where I’m assuming people just couldn’t make it.

Before the screening. EA had everyone meet inside at the bar. However, Jiggsy had informed us that the bar wasn’t open until after the conference. We were ushered into the cinema after a short while. In the cinema we had a short introduction by Pidgeo, where we were briefed on the upcoming presentation and how these strange pictures that were left lying amongst our seats and free food would be relevant later. After this brief presentation, the movie started and everyone in the crowd started watching.

The event was frame-for-frame the EA conference, which had aired online earlier in the week, but it didn’t stop the crowd from enjoying it. Some of the highlights included: NHL14, The Sims 4, TitanFall, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 and Command & Conquer.

Interestingly, the Command & Conquer showcase was of two developers fighting each other off in a match where the commentator was really loud and imposing. He also gave away key tactical information, making the fight rigged.

All of the TitanFall footage just kept me in love with the concept of the game. Running off walls, jumping in mechs, fast-paced shooter action, this game has me pumped. I can’t wait to see what EA is doing with this one.

Lastly, I want to talk about Battlefield 4. Whilst we had already seen the trailer to the new game type online, there was still an interesting concept being showcased at the conference called Levolution. Levolution is this new Battlefield concept, that seems like a continuation of their everything is destructible thinking in the last few games, where you can dynamically alter the state of the Battlefield during matches by doing certain things. Not too much was said about it, so we’re not sure if it’s dynamic or if it’s scripted. However some of the examples of Levolution included things like: shooting out the buildings power so opponents can’t see and then donning nightvision goggles to kill them, crashing a ship into the Battlefield and even making debris and rocks collapse into the Battlefield to defeat opponents strategically. It’s an interesting concept.

At the end of the conference, we were shown a live Multiplayer match of FIFA 14 being held between Pidgeo and Bowden. Those pictures we had earlier were of a couple of teams home stadiums. Whichever team won, the crowd with that teams stadium would get free cocktails at the bar. After a short while, this happened over the Twitter:

So, definitely, Bowden had won this match. A lot of people got free cocktails that night.

After the soccer match, everyone was ushered outside where they would either leave to go home or stay at the bar and enjoy free beer and wine. Also, in the winning teams case, a free cocktail.

Overall a great night, it was great seeing the community so enthusiastic about games and the night was a pretty good indicator of things to come. Definitely keep an eye out on some of EA’s offerings in the coming year.

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Also, some more of Jiggsy’s commentary below.

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