Dead Rising 4 Impressions – EB Expo 2016

I never played the Dead Rising games, at all. I have heard of them, of course, and know they are post-apocalyptic with hordes of zombies. With that in mind, previewing Dead Rising 4 at the Xbox booth at the 2016 EB Games Expo with only basic knowledge, but no experience playing the game would be a positive and possibly turn someone into a fan. The demo presented was a blast to play with, even if it is a pretty basic zombie hack and slash.

The demos starts off with Frank West staring down a horde of zombies and it’s the best way to describe the demo. In this open world environment, Frank an wield various weapons, be it melee for those close quarter encounters or ranged weapons for mowing down zombies from a distance. As I made my way through the zombie horde, unleashing powerful, area of effect melee attacks once a meter filled kill after kill, I ran towards a firehouse, which is where the story objective is.

The demo itself had a time limit of ten to twelve minutes and we were allowed to either do one of two things. First, players were able to do the story segment and play around with the mission involving a deserted firehouse and trying to find out what happened to them. The other option was to create as much carnage as possible. In fact, the demo tracked the amount of zombies killed during the ten minutes available.

Inside the firehouse, Frank (and the player) discover there are no firemen to be rescued. However, there were a few zombies to kill and they were disposed of efficiently. Sliding down the pole into the garage where teh fire engine would be kept, there were some more zobies to kill. On the wall, however, were the fire fighters, charred and pretty much dead. This brought out the camera mechanic. Throughout the game, Frank will take photos of interesting finds to help him in the story. You can also take selfies if you so incline.

After that, there was a white case near the exit. Opening up gave me access to one of the most ridiculous elements of Dead Rising 4: an exo suit. This futuristic armour allowed Frank to wield heavy melee weapons with ease and cause a whole lot of zombie carnage. Of course, Frank wasn’t invincible and it does have a timer on it, meaning you can’t simple run around in it forever. However, when the suit is on and the heavy weapon comes out, it was satisfying and fun to play the game.

The next point of the story saw Frank travel to a point on the map to fight a bigger lieutenant zombie. While traversing, I did manage to find another exo suit and went into full carnage mode. There were also little points were events will occur, such as saving someone from a horde of zombies. Once there, the lieutenant went down when it was no match for the heavy electric hammer. Afterwards, I was free to bring down more zombies with weapons you will expect and some downright ridiculous, like a crossbow that shoots firecrackers. All in all it was a fun demo. It will definitely be a stress killer once it releases later this year.

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