Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender Dungeons Impressions


Coming off the back of the last patch, this latest Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward content patch has added a lot of new content for players to burn through. With numerous additions to items, and obtaining them, as well as numerous additions to crafting and PVP, there is also a fair bit of new dungeon content to power through. And while I could focus on all of that new content, I lead a busy life, and so the main point of interest for me is in the dungeons of Soul Surrender.

Much like in the previous major content patches, there have been two additions made to the Expert Roulette of dungeons. The first of these is the Great Gubal Library (Hard) which sees players returning to the library once more to defeat some new enemies. The second is obtained through the Main Story Quest and is the dungeon Xelphatol, which is a dungeon that has the players running through some boardwalks and floating rocks in order to defeat some monsters trying to summon Garuda.

The first dungeon mentioned, The Great Gubal Library (Hard), is found by doing a sidequest that begins in Idyllshire. This dungeon is the second coming of the Great Gubbal Library and has the layout of the dungeon changed slightly. There are also some interesting books laying around, which some players might recognise as ones mentioned throughout the story and some of the class questlines, like “The Boy and the Dragon Gay” which was referenced in the Dark Knight storyline. Interestingly, I liked the boss fights in this dungeon as they felt like extensions or retakes on the fights from the first time through. The most fun fight would have to be the one with the magnetism gimmick though. The final battle is pretty cool, and is probably one of the most complicated fights I’ve seen in a dungeon boss in FFXIV, so it’s a lot of fun!

Xelphatol is the second new Expert dungeon added into FFXIV this patch. In this dungeon, accessed through the Main Story, players run through the mountains of Xelphatol to battle a contingency of Ixal looking to summon Garuda. This dungeon also has some interesting boss fights, as well as a pretty decent looking area to run through. One of the highlight bosses is the boss where you need to defeat a cannon in order to cause an updraft to pop a balloon with the boss on it. This will force it to the ground where it can be attacked again. There is also the final boss which stood out, with a bit of coordination being needed to place aoe markers and avoid a boss attack.

Out of the two, I like Gubal the most. It has a really fun atmosphere and really gives you a sense of returning to a place that has since become even more dangerous. The whole run is familiar, yet also different at the same time. I liked that aspect of this run the most.

Outside of these two dungeons is entire new wing of Alexander, and with it, a new series of Savage fights as well. This new Alexander wing, dubbed, ‘The X of the Creator’ (where X is the name of that section), has an interesting fight in each level. My favourite fights in this Alexander are the Gundam fight and the final battle which involves a bunch of time-travel mechanics. It’s actually a genuinely difficult wing to clear this time around, unlike the last wing where the only difficult fight was the final one. There is also a really fun fight involving a giant goblin and a bunch of trap buttons. I don’t really have anything negative to say about this wing of Alexander. It’s challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Lastly, there is one new primal fight added for players to challenge. This battle is Sophia found in Containment Bay P1T6. It’s not a particularly difficult fight, but, it is pretty enjoyable. Probably the hardest part of the fight is working out which way to run when the level starts to rock from side to side so you don’t fall off the ledge. But, unlike other fights like Leviathan, instead of being killed and being un-ressurectable, you are placed back into the arena where you can be rezzed. So it is a little bit easy.

Overall, the dungeons in this patch are pretty fun to run through. It was enjoyable returning to Gubal Library in a fun way, and the new wings of Alexander provide a decent challenge. I definitely recommend coming back to this if you’re into running content.

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