How We Would Want The Legend of Zelda Live Action To Be


Very recently, if you’ve been paying attention to the internet, there has been speculation and rumors that Netflix will be producing a brand-new The Legend of Zelda series for the streaming service in conjunction with Nintendo. We’ve been thinking about just how such a series would work if it was produced, considering the world of Hyrule, it’s characters and its long history of games within the franchise, each reflecting  and altering the lore in its own way. If we were in-charge of writing a The Legend of Zelda series, as we’re huge fans we would be totally up for it as well, it would probably turn out something like this.


A young adult Link is tasked with saving the world of Hyrule alongside a growing cast of characters that band together to defeat evil minions within various dungeons. These minions were put there by a sockpuppet character, based around Agnahim, who is really controlled by Ganon. The series itself would be a series spanning countless generations of Hyrulian history with a new Link appearing in each season to fight Ganons resurrected spirit and his minions. As a background story, Hyrule itself is plunged into war each time, with Hyrulean soldiers and battles constantly seen along Link and companies adventures.


Link – The Hero of Time and main character in the series. Each generation of Link is portrayed by a different actor. Each Link can be related to each other genetically, but this doesn’t always have to be a rule. He is mainly seen traveling with a Sword and Shield, but each iteration of Link has their own weapon specialty. Each Link has a genetic defect that stops them from being able to talk.

Zelda – Zelda is a special case, much like Link, in that Zelda also pops up generationally. Unlike Link, however, each Zelda must be genetically related to each other due to the royal bloodline. In our version of the story, Zelda in some generations would have different personalities and roles within the show depending on how the story is heading. For example, one generation of Zelda might accompany Link on a quest, while another might disguise themself as an assassin-like character (think Sheik) to assist from the shadows. Another Zelda might be lazy as shit and sit on her throne all day.

The King/Queen – This character stands as a way of creating the plot. In one season, the king might be assassinated, while in another, he might order Link on his quest. In others, he might just be too lazy or corrupt to want to assist Hyrule, leaving it upto the main cast to take matters into their own hands.

Familiars – Throughout the games, Link has always had a companion of some sort. It makes sense that in the series, Link would have some kind of retainer to speak for him, given his genetic defect. Examples would be Fairies, Owls, etc.

Goron character – These characters tend to have tribal-esque sounding names like Darunia or Darmani (I think was his name) starting with Da, or Go, or somesuch. The Goron character will join Link on his journey sometimes as a permanent character, or even a recurring one, depending on the season. In this series, they are given clothes as they are fully naked in the games and nobody wants to see Goron genitals on prime-time TV (unfortunately). Gorons are always experts at bombs, although some of them might be proficient in other things. They’re also big and strong, and will be seen eating rocks from time to time (as is canon, they had better not mess this up).

Zora character – The Zora character is designed much like the Zoras from the 3D Zelda games, and not the 2D ones. This is because they are more human in appearance, and thus, more easily costumed. The Zora character would generally be good at swimming and boomeranging. One of them had better be in a band. They would also be more clothed as if Nintendo wasn’t making the games expecting them to be played by children, they’d probably have nipples in Twilight Princess. I expect a lot of porn of these after the show is released.

Great Fairy – The Great Fairy would always be changing in appearance. This is because the Great Fairy is always a different Great Fairy in the mythos. There would be a fairy world where they have fairy elections on the next in line. there’s no canon explanation as to why the Fairies are always different, so that’s why. Fairy parliament.

Ancient Sages – These guys and girls pop in from time to time to riddle Link and the rest of the cast. Depending on the generation of Link, he might encounter some of them while they are still living. Some of them maybe be resurrected within the story as well. Some may never die, but instead just be able to detach their spirits from their bodies.

Old Man – They should get the guy from The Legend of Neil to do the Old Man again. This series needs an Old Man. In Lieu of a Link, we should have an Old Man the series.

‘Hip’ Link – WELLLLLL EXCUUUUUSE ME PRINCESS. He needs a cameo, and then is quickly killed off. Hyrule is plunged into a hundred years of darkness because of his failure.

Others – Some seasons might see additional characters and races that appear once off in the Zelda mythos, like the Rito tribe in WindWaker, for example. I would also expect a kind of Heroes League thing like in Twilight Princess.



Hyrule is the magical land in which The Legend of Zelda takes place. Once a land peaceful land created by the three Goddesses – Din, Nayru and Farore, it is now a war-torn realm thanks to the plots of the evil king Ganon. In this setting, Ganon is not revealed to be a Gerudo Prince, but is instead already a mutated pig-monster, to give a background mythology to the series in the form of a legend told at the start. The legend details the journey of a past Link and his efforts in sealing away the Dark King Ganon’s powers, like, 100 years ago.

All of the popular Hyrule landmarks and towns make an appearance, as well as some original ones to pad out the land of Hyrule to make it suitable for a TV series. Like, seriously, Hyrule is a kingdom of a Castle and one town, Kakariko, if you take the games lore. For a TV series to work, this needs to have a few more human towns and cities. Termina and other neighboring countries should also be present in some capacity, perhaps as an alliance to the Hyrule army and their fight against Ganons forces.

Think of the generational tale as the thing that Nintendo stated as Zelda games being 100 years apart. Each series should be 100+ years apart. However, the time element could also come into play as well. With maybe at like season 7, all the Links come back and finally kill Ganon once and for all with the power of the Triforce. The show might also have a Doctor Who feel where one Link becomes too old, and so they end the season and a new Link picks up the role. The same would apply for the side characters as well.

Each race would obviously have their settings based on the lore in the games. The Zora’s would have Zora’s Domain along the Zora River, Goron’s would have Goron City along Death Mountain and etc. These locations should also be recurring and have their own politics and alliances to make the show interesting. For example, Link might be sent as an envoy to the Zora’s to request their support, but he would have to do some perilous task from the Zora’s to get their approval before they join in on the war.

Magical abilities would also be a (somewhat) common occurrence, with Link and other characters learning magical skills throughout their journey. However, not every Link is magically talented, as per the games. But still, we would like to see more magic than less magic.


As a fan of those campy adventure shows like Stargate, Hercules and the like, The Legend of Zelda would have a feeling similar to those when it is just the main cast traveling around. However, it should also have its dark moments, but they shouldn’t be what the show is about. A balance between the good and the evil, like in Doctor Who, would work really well for this kind of story.

So that’s how we would envision the potentially upcoming The Legend of Zelda live-action series to go. No, this is how we would want it to go. This way, it would feel similarly to the games, while still remaining appealing to the home audience that may be unfamiliar with the franchise.

What would you like to see in this series that may or may not be happening? Let us know in the comment section below.

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