Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Preview Recap – SMASH! 2016


At SMASH! this year, there was a screening of the upcoming Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV film. The screening showcased 15 minutes of the film, which encompassed some pretty interesting moments.I’m not too sure if this was just the opening sequence, or a bunch of random points.

The opening sequences showcased a dramatic opening battle between some evil looking dudes,a young Noctis and some blonde looking girl in a forest. It was very dramatic and had fire effects. After, it soon becomes 12 years later and there is an even bigger battle involving some cool looking dudes, monsters and what appears to be an Assassin’s Creed character. For some reason they are trying to breach a wall and lots of missiles happen. There is also some witty banter as a big beast thing is killed by electricity. BUt you don’t notice the banter too much because it doesn’t stand out.

After a battle, someone ritual summons some fire tornados and people get sucked up into them. “Release the demon!” The ritual dude says. There’s lots of fire effects as some kind of demon summoned. I postulated that it was Titan or Ifrit, but nobody around me seems to have any idea what it actually is. It’s probably actually a Metal Gear, judging by how many missiles it shot out. Also, the demon caused more damage walking than it did shooting missiles, so the missiles seemed redundant and lackluster. There’s a cool cerberus though.

There is some badass chatter when a dude is escorted away by car. Unfortunately it doesn’t really make much sense or advance the plot. It’s just a badass conversation.

Following this was a conversation with the king negotiating peace and then immediately followed by people wanting to rebel against the new terms of the peace treaty. This is followed by more badass action sequences directed by Michael Bay in Downtown LA. For some reason an entire car chase is lifted straight out of the CGI Appleseed film. It’s looking like this is going to be explosions and shit-hitting-the-fans the movie.

It looks like the server crapped itself publishing this one and cute out half my preview. I think ending it with ‘This looks like explosions and shit-hitting-the-fans the movie” is an adequate summary to leave it on.

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