Monthly Roundup – Officially One Month Old!


As of today, Attack On Gaming is officially one month old! This means that it now time for us to branch out, create industry contacts and work towards becoming a Gaming/Anime mecca.

The month itself has been a solid one, presenting itself with some interesting content, as well some respectable site statistics. We are currently exceeding the expectations that we went into this with.

For the next month, we are planning on further tightening the sites code and design with a customised static background that actually represents our site and not the awesome Unreal Tournament 3. We are also going to be growing and nurturing industry contacts in both the Anime and Gaming industries.

At present we currently have contact with both Hanabee and Madman Entertainment on the Anime side of our coverage. And in the gaming side, we are currently working on talks with Ubisoft and are actively looking at other publishers at the moment. As you may have seen, we were recently at an event hosted by EA. We’re hoping to take that somewhere.


Anime –


Attack On Titan Airing Now In Madman Screening Room

A Smashing Time At SMASH!

Gaming –


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