Playback: Persona 4 – Part One

persona-4-001 Persona 4 is one of those games that everyone will list off as a great game.You ask them why, and they'll usually just tell you that it's interesting, the characters are good and it's generally just different from most games. Of course, as someone that was more of a PC and Nintendo gamer growing up (except when I was kid, SEGA glory days!), I never really had the opportunity to check out Persona 4 as it originally appeared on the Playstation 2. Nowadays, I'm not so restricted in choice, with many alternatives available to play games that I had once missed out on. Given these opportunities, I had taken the opportunity to finally check out one of those games that everyone considers great. -- This is the first hour of Persona 4, and there will be an ongoing series of videos showcasing this game and my reactions to it. Check it out in the embedded video below.
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