The Dungeons in Revenge of the Horde, A Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Article



Final Fantasy XIV’s latest major content update, Revenge of the Horde FFXIV Patch 3.3, released the other day, and with it, a fair amount of new content was added into the game. The best part about this new content though, is Kotaku’s coverage the new PvE content which can actually be a little bit of a challenge in some places. We’ve been playing FFXIV since it was a poorly designed MMORPG, and have lived through its evolution into the content filled themepark that it is today. There was a little bit of a hiatus and a server change, but our new home on Leviathan has been great fun.

So the first dungeon that we checked out was the Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) dungeon. In this dungeon, you return to Hullbreaker Isle to test a new training gauntlet for the Maelstrom commanders (basically a good guy pirate guild from the major city, Limsa Lominsa). On the way through the gauntlet, you encounter some strange bosses, like a giant sea-snail named after a norse god, before facing off against some scurvy pirates.

This dungeon seemed like it was the most challenging out of the two new dungeons added into the game. Being a sidequest Dungeon, and returning to a familiar area, this was still an interesting one to run. Who could ever forget the apes flinging poop at you, and all the jokes and puns they bring? The first major boss fight is pretty much an AoE dodging battle against multiple opponents, which means that you have to stay on your toes the entire fight. It’s a lot of fun. The second fight has a focus on understanding the mechanics, where you’ll be facing against a giant sea-snail that drops ice-ball AoEs, lightning bolts and other bits of nasty. You’ll need to maintain positioning as the main focus. The final battle is actually a lot of fun, despite the boss having so much HP. The hardest part is probably concentrating on which treasure chests hold the items that will stop you from being killed by a debuff. Play with the camera zoomed out!


The second dungeon that I did was Sohr Khai, which is obtainable through the main story quest section introduced in this patch. To not spoil the story too much, this quest has the player go up on a mission to prove their mettle to a particular dragon for storyline reasons. Some of the bosses in the quest seem to be there for no reason, but their purpose is revealed at the end in a cutscene. Although their presence was very slightly hinted at in the preceeding cutscene.

Sohr Khai is actually a lot easier than Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) in my opinion. The only really challenging part of the dungeon was the last boss. Other than that, there were very few mobs, the dungeon was pretty straightforward and the only interesting part that I thought was these enemies that become fans when they die. I wonder if they have a purpose for other than propelling you forward (I looked around and couldn’t find anything though)? The boss battles in this are actually pretty fun, despite being pretty easy. You fight a Moogle in a fight that’s similar to Knights of the Round Thornmarch (Hard), with a bit of the totem boss from Neverreap and some moving of objects by hitting them which is in a few fights. The second boss is a Pegasus whose name I forget. That’s actually a really fun fight, where you have to fight it along a corridor and stop it from destroying all the walls so you don’t get knocked into electric water and die. The final fight is a lot like that boss fight where you jump along the islands in that dungeon I don’t remember (it might be the original Hullbreaker Isle). Except there’s this blue pulse beam that spawns randomly on you. If you’re on that and you get hit by a ghost, you’re pretty much dead in 0.5s.

Dungeons aren’t the only major PvE content that was delivered in this latest update. There is also a new Raid, The Weeping City of Mhach, which has the player character helping a gang of air pirates try to rescue some fellow pirates while tracking down a dangerous treasure created by sorcerers to bind demons to the world. To be honest, a lot of groups wipe on this from what I’ve heard. But I cleared it no problems on my first run. Maybe I just had a good group?


So there are a few fights in this, but I honestly don’t remember the first couple at all (and I just did this last night at the time of writing). The hardest one is easily the third boss, Ozma, but it’s mostly because herding MMO players is pretty much a game in-and-of itself. In that fight, you’re on a kind of circle with 3 platforms sticking out of it in a triangle kind of formation. You can fall off the side. The positioning in this fight is easy though, you just hug the boss with your character facing so that it wont be pushed off the side. Realistically, you will only be moving when Ozma changes into a triangle, in which you run onto the ring, or if you get a triangle icon on your head, then you stack somewhere else. You don’t even really have to move for the meteor stack, unless you get three, in which case they get lined up in a triangle-esque manner and everyone stands between them. There’s also a cool mechanic that was taken from The Coil of Bahamut and some cool Black Hole action. It’s a really fun fight. The final fight sees you going up against Calofisteri… I think her name was. She’s pretty cool, pretty easy though. The main thing to watch out for is the hair. If you stack against her, you wont get locked into it.

I really quite enjoyed the new dungeons and the new raid introduced into this latest content update for Final Fantasy XIV. They introduced some new challenges into the game, particularly Ozma, and some new loots that can be seen as an upgrade for some players. The dungeons themself only offer ilvl 215 gear drops, which is behind the lore gear by 15 ilvl, but they do look cool for glamours. The raid drops ilvl 230 gear, which are as good as lore items. However, from what I’ve seen of them, they’re pretty cool. So hang onto them for glamours!

The last thing I want to talk about in this is the new Aqualopolis dungeon-thing. Basically, with the Dragonskin maps, you have a chance of unlocking an Aqualopolis dungeon run. This is an 8-man dungeon that has the party taking on various challenges for various loots. At the end of each challenge, players are presented with an option between two doors. Choose wrong, and you leave the Aqualopolis and any future loot behind. It’s a fun concept, and it’s incredibly fun to run with a few FC members. I recommend giving it a go if you can.

Overall, I’m having a blast with the content in this latest update. It’s a refreshing set of content for players that enjoy the kind of PvE experience that I do. If you’re an old FFXIV player, you might want to consider coming back to try the new stuff. If you’re new to the game, you have some fun things to run to look forward to. Pick up the free trial if you want to get into the game.

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