The #GamerGate #GGinDC Meetup Ends With Bomb Threat

gamergate-logo-tv-broked Earlier today over in the US, #GamerGate conversationalists had a small meetup at a local bar a block away from a police station, spread through the hashtag #GGinDC. This meetup would see local GamerGate tweeters, writers covering GamerGate topics, as well as others meeting up to chill and play video games. From reports in the Twitter-sphere, the #GGinDC meetup had a popular journalist at Breitbart, Milo Yiannopolis, as well as a popular feminist and feminist scholar, Christina Hoff Sommers, in attendance. These were two notable people in a sea of gamers willing to discuss gaming ethics over a chilled pint. However, the night would go from people dodging the dancefloor to a sudden fire evacuation within a few short hours. Of even higher note is that the event was held under some harsh criticism by the opposition to #Gamergate, often cited as anti-GamerGate, some anti's even going so far as to threaten the event with bombings. This started even before the meetup occurred with internet celebrity Arthur Chu trying to get the event shut-down before it had even began. It seems like one of these threats coming from the anti side had come through, with the fire-drill going off at some point in the night and attendees were evacuated from the premises. One set of tweets seem to indicate that this was caused by a bomb-threat. One can only hope that mainstream gaming and media outlets report on this incident. -- Additional Links - Twitter hashtag search. Jmillarworks Blog. This reddit post. Edit: Added a link to the body in regards to Arthur Chu.
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