The Play-Asia DOAX3 Salt-Mine Provides Much Insight


Earlier, we released an article where Play-Asia ( had suggested that the reason Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 was not being localised was because of “SJW nonsense”. While we personally probably wouldn’t have run that particular tweet in such tough terms ourselves, seeing another company do this has provided a tonne of insight into the western gaming news reporting and PR sphere. In particular, the views of the people within them.

Below, I have accumulated a representative portion of people within gaming development, PR, journalism, as well as some technical people that appear important. I’ll let their own words speak for themselves.

We do not support or condone the views of the people linked below. They represent themselves and their own opinions. Attack On Gaming is known for its pro-gamer and pro-common-sense stance. The point of this article is to point out potential biases, conflicts of interest and anti-competitive behaviour displayed by the people behind sources of gaming and gaming news.

This page may be updated in the future (probably not though). If you see anything we’ve missed, drop a link in the comment section.


Games news writers/critics/bloggers/Youtubers


Game developers


Game PR


Illegal Fansubbers


TV Staff

Technical People


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  • Dominic John Chan Maca

    Salt mine, wow. Look at all that pillar of salt.

  • thesteelguy

    add to this, the cancer and mental gymnastics that is jim sterling’s video.

  • reversalmushroom

    I don’t see why SJWs think they can just have things cancelled.

  • famous_wolf

    Oh please, given the chance if somebody offers to suck their dick, they’ll be the first to take their pants off. What a bunch of hypocrites. LEL

  • WhyWai

    those hate tweets shown just how self-justified & easily offended those SJW are…

  • Jamic

    Those tweets are fucking beyond my comprehension…

  • Strazdas

    “not buying again” does not mean much when you never bought in the first place….

  • plasmacutter

    Wait… a fansubber whose an SJW?

    Oh wait.. I haven’t seen “vividsubs” tag ANYWHERE, EVER..

    and he “occasionally edits” for dvd ripping groups… in other words, he knows how to use mkvmerge.

    • Gaming Admiral

      Vivid used to be pretty big. I remember them taming up with UTW once or twice, but then they both seemed to have died in the ass.

    • dninja

      I looked at their website and he doesnt even TL he just edits and they subbed some sexist anime like Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai.(well at least to SJW standards.)

      • plasmacutter

        to SJW standards any anime period is sexist because it comes from the patriarchy of japan.

    • Mea K

      Xythar is actually pretty active. Well, I don’t know what he actually does but he’s involved with a lot of groups and posts all over the place. His attitude is concerning to be sure.

      I asked him on Twitter why he’s taking offense on behalf of people that would love to ban a lot of the shows he’s worked on, and he just shamed me for “actually believing in the SJW boogeyman” and blocked me.

      With all the game censorship that’s happened lately in an effort to appease those with delicate feelings I don’t know what kind of blinders these people are wearing to still believe SJWs aren’t a threat.

      • plasmacutter

        He’s a member of the SJW parasite class. He’s a “fansubber” in the same way Leigh Alexander “works in games”.

  • Steven T.

    All this salt certainly can’t be good for my blood pressure.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Thanks for collecting all these bitter, nasty comments towards a company trying to offer things gamers want.

    • Budgiecat

      Play-Asia is pretending to be the hero here capitalizing on KT’s dumb decision

      Because they stand to make MORE money if KT does NOT localize their game.

      They can mark up import prices higher. No one in their right mind is gonna go to Play-Asia to buy a U.S. game for $80 that they can get in their local Best Buy or Gamestop for $60 lol

      But an import only game? Now that Western consumer’s choices are limited.

      And Koei Tecmo just lost a ton of potential Western sales and do not reap any of the extra money Play-Asia marks up on their import titles
      And the most hilarious thing is this DoA Xtreme series has historically sold better in the West than Asia, so KT is shooting themselves in the foot because they dont wanna deal with potential online blogger opinions that do nothing…

      All because KT is scared of SJW idiot backlash more than they actually like money


      • Platinal

        Are you going to copy paste this shit on every site running pieces about Play-Asia?

        • Budgiecat

          yes you Salt-mine factory. Problem? :p

          • Raiden

            Not at all.

          • Juan David Mejia

            who care sif they want money they are doing their job an serving the customer so who cares

  • Raiden

    If you haven’t recommended this discussion. Please do so. We need to get the news out there and expose the social justice mafia for what it really is.

    Individual creativity and freedom of expression is being eroded with every tweet, hashtag, and protest these clowns do. We need to start fighting back.

  • ρяøxч

    The salt mines are plentiful today :^)

  • DavidGX

    MMMMMM, unleash the tearstorm, crybullies. Your impotent SJW rage sustains me.

    I’m definitely importing DOAX3 from PlayAsia now.

  • derram

    They’re not trying to take games away.

    They just don’t want us playing them and they’ll mock us when they get their way.

    • Gaming Admiral

      Taking games away would damage their credibility imo. They just want to crybully their way into having their artsy-fartsy utopia of non-engaging games.

    • Raiden

      They’re a Mafia. Pure and simple.

    • Raiden

      If for nothing but the sake of spitting these clowns. Please sign this petition asking the game devs not to give into SJW pressure, and localize the game.