Titanfall – Six Things We Would Like To See In The Future


Titanfall’s Beta test period just ended a day or two ago, and us here at Attack On Gaming had a great time participating in it. We spent around 14 hours of time within the Beta, so we’ve played enough to work out a list of things that we would love to see in the full release as either a release feature, or in an expansion pack down the line. From what we played within the Beta, development on Titanfall is coming along nicely. It’s already a lot of fun. But we’d really love to see –

1. Titanfall Universe Lore

One thing that smacked us right in the face during the Titanfall Beta was it’s loading screens. These screens generally served as a short info-dump as to the history of the battlefield that you would be fighting on.

Now, we believe that these little bits of info were designed purely to give a little bit of a description on the field to amuse you for a few seconds while you wait to load in. What I don’t think the developers intended was for them to be interesting enough to want us to request an elaboration on the history of the maps. This is especially true for that one map Fracture.

Why would a rich as fuck colony for rich people need to start mining resource in the middle of their estates? Did something happen during the storyline? Is there a backstory to this particular map? We are intrigued by the premise and want to know more.

2. A MOBA-like game mode

Within the rules in Titanfall, players already actively mow-down hordes of NPC grunts, so it’s a no-brainer that the rules could be adapted into some kind of MOBA-esque tower defence game. After all, all current MOBAs are essentially tower defence games.

The way we envision it is that players take time to level up their characters, gaining Gold and XP in order to purchase bigger and potentially better weapons. Perhaps, instead of having Titans on a timer, they could be summoned only after so many kills, or after earning so much Gold or XP?

But still, even if something DOTAery isn’t viable, we still believe that a straightup players vs. grunts Tower Defence could be viable. While it may be too late for this to be in release, DLC or expansion packs could make this a possibility.

3. Fixed Controls

This is more for us PC gamers, I should think. Titanfall, by default, uses all toggle controls. Toggle scopes, toggle run, toggle crouch, toggle etc. This is, well, completely annoying. While you can change some of these parameters, it goes completely against how most PC gamers prefer to play.

The toggle controls need an opposing option to be set, and it needs to be easy to find. The controls for Titanfall need to feel precise, and much like the mouse sensitivity bar, at the moment it’s imprecise and not cool.

This wouldn’t even be difficult to implement. Stick a button in the control menu for toggle and change the bar to a box that you can type numbers into. Done.

Lastly, fix the FOV to more than 90, please. 125 should be comfortable.

4. More Movement Options (Rocket Jumping)

Titanfall has some of the most smoothest movement we’ve used in a multiplayer shooter since Quake 3/Live. Moving along the walls, double jumping, and being tricky by combining them is an essential part of the Titanfall experience. This is why it is also really weird that you’re only limited to those forms of movement.

We would like to see a little more customisability in the player movement. What if there was a perk you could get that gives you rollerblades, or an anti-titan weapon dedicated to boosting you into the air when fired at the ground, or directionally if fired against something? Basically, we’re requesting Rocket Jumping to be added to Titanfall. We tried during the Beta with a sidewinder, but it didn’t work.

5. Chat Box

This is especially important for PC Gamers as we have always had a chat-box. Most of us do not like using microphones, and when we are, it’s in a private chat session with friends.

It’s simply easier and more effective to add a basic chatbox into the game with filters for All and TEAM for the players of the game, in order to co-ordinate and trashtalk the opponent. We don’t see how this would even be difficult to implement as it could just write to a local log file or something, so the stress on Microsofts top-of-the-line-and-somehow-better-than-a-gaming-PC shouldn’t be an issue. Not that it would be, for such a beastly Microsoft server in the first place *snicker*.

6. Drop Xbox Live Servers (PC Only), Give Us Dedicated Server Support (Everyone)

Since the advent on multiplayer shooters, the server browser has played a pivotal part in competitive gameplay for gamers everywhere on the PC platform. What’s been interesting about this technology is that it has since been adapted into a useable technology for console gamers as well. At the moment, Titanfall seems like a step backwards in this area as it seems to be lacking dedicated server support.

This is a bit bizarre, but what’s more bizarre is the reason for this is because they want to have Microsofts godly Xbox Live servers running in the background, processing crap for you. This is mostly a by-product of plebian game consoles needing somebody to step in-between on the processing because they’re unable to keep up. But, then, even that seems like a bit of a copout answer.

What are these servers really doing, why can’t PC gamers, at the very least, have dedicated browsers? After all, even my pretty average gaming rig is more than capable of decoding a bijillion-zillion polygons a second as referenced by simultaneously running Battlefield 4 on Ultra, decoding a movie, hosting a server, watching an Anime show in Hi10p and mining for dogecoins. I would assume a proper gaming server could do much more.

This is even worse for us Aussie gamers as we have no local Xbox Live servers at all, despite having a Microsoft office or two. This is simply insane as we have an EA datacenter that can clearly be used for matchmaking in other games, and considering a bunch of servers were taken offline because of Star Wars players getting bored, this is even more possible. So even if we can’t get dedicated servers, why can’t we just have an EA run Xbox Live server or two? After all, they are the publisher of the game (not Microsoft).

Did you play the Beta? What else would you love to see in Titanfall?

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  • NeonPriest

    A few good ideas and a few bad ones. Take rocket jumping or rollerblading for example, that’s a horrible idea and would wreck the fluid combat and maneuverability in place. Chat box….not needed lol, use ur headset to communicate and plan a strategy, it works swimmingly.

    Lore, now that’s a good idea and I hope they delve deeper into it with campaign multiplayer and loading screens. A MOBA type option would be pretty cool as well, if implemented properly. All in all this game looks amazing, I had so much fun with the beta and can’t wait for release. Although I recently bought an xbox one for this game and other exclusives, I do wish it was coming out for our PS4 as well :( but hopefully the sequel will.

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      The chatbox is more-or-less for PC players. In the 12 hours or so we played, we only encountered 3-4 players using their microphone.

  • Blaze Blue

    Correction there is no such thing as Xbox live servers. I might add that the servers run absolutely amazing .

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      Are you playing from Australia? Also, the servers are indeed running off the Live servers. – https://twitter.com/Titanfallgame/statuses/434495159258972160

      • Blaze Blue

        Xbox don’t have servers. The servers are called azure from microsoft. These servers are used for way more than just Xbox live. Xbox live is on azure servers.

        • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

          Regardless of what the servers are called, they’re the same servers as the Live servers. Our initial draft called them Azure servers, but we changed it due to it possibly being confusing for our readers.
          As the main point of the argument, there are no Azure servers in Australia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Azure#Datacenter

          Moreso, Titanfall really needs to include dedicated servers. Most gaming PCs are more than capable of hosting. Not only that, but you can purchase Azure software for use on servers anyway, so whatever makes them special isn’t really too special. – http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/solutions/

          I understand where you’re coming from, please understand that we are keeping it simple for our viewers that aren’t technically savvy. As an aside, when you’re loading Titanfall, it comes up as connecting to Live servers on the top right hand corner on both PC and Xbox versions. We assumed that this was a Beta thing and would be changed at full release.

          • Blaze Blue

            No they are not “regardless” it is the amount to what you pay for and what you do with it.

          • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

            You just dropped your spaghetti all over your keyboard, mate.

          • Blaze Blue

            Ok I’ll clean it by eating it.