Australian Government Condones Piracy, GTAV PC Leak Contains Viruses


Earlier today, the Australian Government issued a statement via their Stay Smart Online website warning PC users to not download a leaked version of the GTAV game through torrents as it contains forms of malware. What’s interesting about this piece is that it kind of goes into detail about what you can expect from downloading the file and just to not download it because of viruses.

It’s a little strange here because the Government has actually pretty much told people not to download the software, i.e. potentially steal the software, because it is full of viruses, not because downloading it is illegal and breaking copyright law. If this torrent was in fact legit, would there be a statement saying that piracy is a crime? Probably not.

In fact, nowhere within the statement does it tell people that downloading games, or any kind of licensed software, is a crime. Nor does it make the suggestion of simply purchasing the legitimate versions of the product. Heck, it doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of legitimate versions at all.

Gamers should be wary of leaked PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) carrying malware.

The official PC release of GTA V has not yet been announced, but large files hosted on torrent sites are claiming to be the leaked PC version of the game. These are fake and are known to be carrying malicious software.

But not fake and Illegal. Piracy must therefore be legal in Australia (it isn’t but you wouldn’t think that reading over this).

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  • Dakan45

    Kinda offtopic but with the scumbag prices games have in Australia, i dont mind them if they pirate any game.

    I mean we got steam, FREAKING STEAM, they dont have to ship copies across the world, so why are game in Australia so expensive?

    • gaming_admiral

      Nothing is offtopic, really. I kind of mind, it’s no fun pirating, it takes the thrill out of a purchase away from you.

      Because we don’t have strict enough pricing regulations. It’s a shitty deal and publishers have too much power.

  • dirkradke

    Just because they concentrated the focus on a particular message of “don’t download this software because it contains viruses” doesn’t mean they support anything having to do with piracy. Saying they do when they never mentioned piracy in the first place only serves to misinform the public and spread sensationalist rumors.

    • Joe

      Agreed. This is nothing but a bit of a pathetic attempt to grab some hits through sensationalism.

      “PIRACY IT’S (NOT) A CRIME.”. Hilarious.

      • gaming_admiral

        Hi Capsule.

        • Joe


          • gaming_admiral


    • gaming_admiral

      They don’t have similar listings for other software, they do not even acknowledge that there are legitimate ways of obtaining the software that would not contain malware. By not addressing the issue of legally obtaining the software from a reputable vendor, they add the assumption that illegally obtaining it is the only way, thus, condoning piracy.
      Hell, they shouldn’t even be running something like this unless they knew that people were trying to pirate it. And those that were, shouldn’t they be told that there are legitimate ways of obtaining the software?

      • dirkradke

        You’re impugning motives and making assumptions when you no proof to the contrary. Are you trying to be sensationalist or objective? Did you even ask why they may not have mentioned piracy? Should I assume you’re an idiot because you seem biased? An example of a probably erroneous assumption because I see no details other than “they didn’t mention it” so they must “condone it” according to you. I am however also curious why they didn’t mention it and would be interested in there answer.

        • gaming_admiral

          Why would they not have mentioned piracy at all on their website? They don’t even attempt to address the issue anywhere. A lack of evidence can often be evidence of a lack. In this case, I would regard the lack of addressing the dangers and illegality of Piracy anywhere on the site as evidence of them condoning a pirate act.

          Picture, if you will, a person that comes up to you and tells you of this awesome and cool thing over there. They then tell you how to get to it and what’s inside of it. What they don’t tell you is that it belongs to somebody else. So you go and take it because you didn’t know. They knew full-well that it was wrong, should they not be held accountable?
          Now imagine this person is a trusted institution (the government), they give you all of the tools to find illegal stuff (google, torrents, as mentioned in the article) and they then tell you that this one thing like it has viruses, but downloading things through torrents isn’t illegal and if there was a PC copy of GTA V that didn’t have viruses you could get it in exactly this method.

          • Joe

            From their P2P Factsheet Page:

            “While P2P file sharing can be used for legitimate purposes, generally, much of the content shared includes copyright protected material and is generally being shared illegally, that is, in breach of the copyright licence.

            The purpose of this Factsheet is not to discuss the legal issues or risks, but rather to highlight the security risks P2P file sharing poses to your computer and personal information.”

            Doesn’t sound like they’re condoning piracy at all, they’ve quite clearly identified that the content being discussed is illegal.

          • gaming_admiral

            Please point to me where it is stated that obtaining a copy of GTA is illegal, all the fact sheet says is that file-sharing may be illegal. In fact, it states may breach copyright, not will, not specific software, but just in general it can happen.

            Why is a specific warning about GTA V even necessary if they’ve already covered the fact that file-sharing is illegal and that it may be dangerous to your security. Will they be posting warnings about ripped ebooks or specific mp3 files?

            Please point to the specific section that links downloading copies of games to copyright infringement, because all I see are vague maybe’s and may lead to’s. For clarity’s sake, for it is, after-all, “quite clear”.

            I think that you’re more interested in attacking the site than you are actually interested in thinking about things. Which is cool, I guess, this site is about attacking things.

          • Joe

            You claimed the website makes no mention of piracy. It does, as I quoted above. There’s a “clear” statement right there that they don’t intend to discuss the legal issues or risks associated with file sharing. I don’t understand how you can take that to mean that they’re condoning piracy.

            It’s a warning. There’s a fake version of a very popular game floating around, and there are lots of idiots out there who will download it. The aim of the website is to prevent people from falling victim to scammers. That’s the aim of the website – to warn people, not to specifically deter them from downloading illegal content. The government has plenty of other campaigns aimed at tackling that particular issue.

            I have no interest in attacking your website. I think this is the first time I’ve even heard of it. I just assumed this article was just some lame attempt to grab some hits through a ridiculous claim (which certainly worked for me).

          • gaming_admiral

            You call it lame, I call it hilarious. Care to swap ends?

            BTW, I’m only really arguing for the sake of arguing. It’s a Friday night and bored.

          • Joe

            Hah. That, at least, I can appreciate.

            I think I’m actually going to go and play some GTA V now.

          • dirkradke

            I understand your argument – I truly do. However, without proof the statement “Australian Government Condones Piracy” is too strong and not accurate. Stating a fact doesn’t make it so. You’re making libelous statements and saying everyone in government condones piracy? How many policy makers and which ones are you referring to? In the Australian culture and mine “Innocent until proven guilty” is the cornerstone of the legal system because no government, organization, or person knows everything or thinks of everything when making statements. They are not perfect and that is recognized. So when you state such “facts” I say prove it and you said “it’s obvious and I don’t have to”. That seems really stupid to me.

      • nutcrackr

        It’s not even out on PC yet, so people wanting to play on PC have no means of legally obtaining it. This website is about staying smart online, and they suggest you do not download this file because it is packed with nasty viruses.

        “Government Condones Piracy” is a sensationalist headline.

        • gaming_admiral

          Would it not be easier to stay smart online by simply purchasing the software in the first place? Even if it is not available on PC, it should still be mentioned that it is available legally on other platforms.
          The headline is not the main point of this posting. The main point is that a legal way of obtaining the software was not mentioned at all.
          I should probably start ending all of my posts with a :P, not everything is srs bsns.
          Regardless, there have been no postings regarding piracy, just that downloading software has viruses. A bit sus, no?

      • mahunterjr

        This is a sensationalist article. The statement clearly says there is no Offical PC version, and the Austrailian code of law clearly says that piracy is illegal, so there is no need to mention it in this statement.

        • gaming_admiral

          Please link or quote the section within the article that clearly identifies this law.

          • mahunterjr

            Please give a reason why you think this statement needs to identify the law, when the Austrailian Code of Law already makes it clear which things the government declares unlawful.

            Like I said, the statement mentions the fact that the file is Unofficial. It’s reasonable to expect the public to already know that downloading unofficial software is unlawful. This is a widespread virus outbreak and they are making an effort to slow it. Surely you wouldn’t expect the government to make a special statement everytime a piece of software is downloaded illegally.

          • gaming_admiral

            How about so that nobody misinterprets the meaning of the posting. Because, following your logic, someone clearly has.

            It’s reasonable to expect the public to know what those letters and colours on the front of video game packaging means too, doesn’t mean that they do, or care to know. The best way of curbing or stopping it would be to inform of a legitimate way of obtaining said software, instead of giving people the tools to go out and find more potential threats. Sure that PC copy of GTA V floating around has viruses, but what about a “PS3 version” or an “Xbox 360” version? Regardless of how it’s labelled, it would still pose the same threat.

            No, not downloaded, just when a piece of software or other file with the same level of risk is floating around. It can’t just be the popular stuff.

          • mahunterjr

            The meaning of the posting want misunderstood by anyone but you (who I presume understood the posting, but chose to mischaracterize it it exchange for hits on your site)

            people can read the posting at face value, and understand that it means to inform the public that a specific file contains a harmful virus and nothing more.

            It would take an idiot (or a sensationalist) to assume that failure to mention piracy in a comment about viruses equals government approval of piracy. Especially when the law clearly shows the government doesn’t approve of policy.

  • Ca5pA

    Lol anyone foolish enough to download a game illegally before its released deserves virus/malware. Buy it, do not pirate it!