SMASH! 2014 – Day 2 Of Fun!


As we have previously written, we’ve been attending the Sydney Manga and Anime SHow!, or SMASH!, convention this weekend which was held at Rosehill Gardens. The convention itself is dedicated to the culture of Anime, Manga and other things Japanese, as well as the people that partake in that culture within Australia. This year is the first year that the show has been held across two days, and so it had a slightly more prolonged feel to it. Yesterday, The Consultant was in attendance at the event, today, was I! Anime Ninja! Kwacha!

One of the first things we did at the show was check out all of the panels that we wanted to cover at the show. Fortunately for us, these were all held one after the other, so it was very easy to find a nice and comfortable spot and then park in it for three hours. Of the panels on display in the Hanabee Panels area, we saw the Introduction to Cosplay panel, Armour, props and weapons making panel, and, the Madman panel. These panels were a lot of fun and were very informative, we quite enjoyed them. And by we, I mean I.

After that, I took a look at the merch hall for a bit, caught up with some of our contacts, such as Mindscape, Madman, Hanabee and, our latest contact, Siren Visual. Interestingly, I also happened to bump into some Gamespot peeps as well as the crew from SnapThirty.

The day also saw a lot of cool events, I took the time to check out some Live Dam Karaoke, which had Reika singing at one point (the Evangelion OP! It was so good)! There was also a cool art panel held by five artists that were showcasing their works in the artists alley. That was pretty interesting. There was also a lot more stuff to do, like taking photos of cosplayers, scurrying about and catching up with people, as well as cosplay contests and even a closing ceremony to check out that the day was pretty much just flat out!

Overall, we had a massive amount of fun at SMASH! this weekend. This two day format is a very nice touch, giving attendees two days to soak up the SMASH! experience. This years convention has proven that, once again, SMASH! is the number one Anime and Manga convention in Sydney and continues to be my personal favourite convention ever.

See below for Photos!

Notable Cosplay Pages:

Reika – Karaoke, Guest of SMASH!

Thai-Tanium Cosplay – Wedding Kamina

Jadeabella Cosplay – Crossplay Kamina

Alysael – Lolita

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