SMASH! 2014 Pumped for Karaoke!

smash-logo-2014 We've now passed the first weekend for SMASH! being a month away and so we'd though that we'd share one of the things that we're pumped for seeing this year. Unlike the gamers, Gundam Building aficionados, or card gamers that we are. One of the biggest things that we're most excited for this year at SMASH! is the Karaoke Contest! Like, really, who doesn't love to sing? What's great about this Karaoke is that it comes in both free-singing and contest flavours. Con-goers, not congoers, will be able to participate in singing around at the designated Karaoke area and have some fun with friends, or even new friends. However, the biggest thing with this is definitely the contest. There's still a few weeks to go before the entry ends, so go and check that out. We've entered into the Karaoke contest ourselves already. Hopefully we get to go onto the finals! Check out our rendition of Daimidaler The Sound Robot below.
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