The Heck Is This Dash Con We Keep Hearing About?

dash-con-welcome-to-urine So, as of late, there has been a lot of controversy around the "Unofficial" tumblr convention, Dash Con, and it's catastrophic failure as an event. The tale of Dash Con is a very odd one, one that should not exist, and one that should serve as a warning for those that wish to undertake the ordeal of running their own event like this. Dash Con, as a thing that happened, is a cautionary tale of how catastrophically bad things can get when expectations are not met, customers are treated terribly and when there is urine in the ball-pit. Why was there even a ball-pit? So from our massive investigation today, we have come up with a massive list of what happened, what went wrong and the lies and conspiracies running along in the background. From what we can tell, right from the get-go, things were already taking a turn for the worst, with vendors not even being able to be set up correctly at the event within the vendor hall. This is not including the fact that at least one vendor was not given the correct amount of passes for their staff while trying to get into the urine-filled Dash Con. We're not sure who was running this event for things to start off so bad, it kind of feels like the organisation was run by morons an unco-ordinated group of teens. Oh wait. It totally was. According to the link that we just posted to, the entire organisation was incredibly terribly organised since before the convention was even a convention. This is since before the planning stage even. And if you read the link, again here, you can see that they let pretty much anyone become admins for this event and run their own section based on fandoms. The qualifications of becoming an authoritative figure at Dash Con seems to be that you meet the pre-requisites of being able to submit a post on tumblr. Thank god nobody from 4Chan caught wind of this. And considering how recent this event comes after the raid linked, it is kind of surprising that nothing illegal (wait, I'm pretty sure there is a class action-suit happening, so we can't say that) raidy happened at the event. Okay, so when you're working with people over the internet that you've never met, these kinds of things can happen, right? I mean, even though it was poorly organised, it's not like the organisers couldn't afford to hold the convention, because it happened and it sucked pretty bad. So why then were patrons guilted into handing over a total $17k-$20k (the figure always fluctuates from reports) at the event to stop people from being kicked out of the hotel and keep it going for another three days like it was supposed to? It's not like venue threatened to throw them out for not paying, right? Well, according to admins, that's totally what happened. Except it didn't. Take a look at the alleged letter that the hotel sent through and take a look at the hotels policies. We did try to set an event up at Gaylord Palms to try and get something going that wasn't just reports, but, their site just doesn't give you basic information. Oh yeah, if you were nice enough to cough-up, you're not getting that cash back (read rule 21). Surely there are better things to invest $17k into anyway? Like this shelter for LGBT teens. At this point, the convention is saved and then nothing else can go all that terribly wrong and people can finally start enjoying the totally full convention full of people that wasn't totally boring, right? Like, for example, if you were under-18 and totally-on-purpose accidentally wandered into a room with some BDSM going on. That would have been the most exciting thing ever! Especially if you're under-18 and chains and whips excite you (<3 you Rhianna). Like really, there were chains and whips. There seriously couldn't be many more things that could go wrong right? We're on the sixth paragraph now. Not even Animania was bad enough to warrant 6 paragraphs of complaints. However, somehow, Dash Con was able to achieve it. How did they do it? By promising a big-name band, having the band arrive, and then not holding up their end of the arrangement. Basically, so far as we can tell, the organisers totally promised that they had the money and they'd totally pay them back the next time they'd see them. Of course, everyone stopped falling for that one once they had been served by it once or twice back in their early teens. This complete lack of organisation hurt no-one other than the fans themselves, fans that had paid this scam to see a band they truly would enjoy. I'm reasonably sure they're a band, anyway. The band didn't play, obviously. dash-con-nightvale-leaving So you know, obviously, these people that paid big money would have been renumerated in some capacity about being lied to by staff, right? Remember that urine-filled ballpit we struck-out earlier? Guess what the renumeration was? An extra hour in the ball-pit. That had urine in it (allegedly). You do not make this up (allegedly). It's after this event that all the reports just seem to end. Or at least, we can't dig up anything more. We think that the reason for this is because it was just flat out terrible. Here's a write-up that probably would have been similar to ours, had we attended the event. Notice how short it is. We don't want to say that this event was terrible, but it was. This isn't just supposition, this is fact. Tumblr just can not organise itself well enough to host an enjoyable or honest event. We expected more out of the community over there. I mean, like, at least 4Chan can get together and get things done. Tumblr, you're not worse than 4Chan are you?
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