Hachioji-P Panel – SMASH! 2016


Over the weekend at the Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, or SMASH!, convention, the well know Vocaloid DJ and Producer, Hachioji-P, held a Q&A panel. This panel had questions posed from both the audience and the hosts, and proved to be quite an interesting thing to participate in. Hachioji-P, or Eight Prince, answered a lot of questions during the panel.

The most important questions of the panel revolved around his career and insights into the Vocaloid scene in Japan. Although he did talk about himself personally a little too. For example, he was asked about some of the steps he takes to make music, to which he answered:

“You have to start with something that inspires you, which could be like taking a walk or watching a movie or some kind of activity.” He started by adding on to: “look after the lyrics and arrangement from there”.

While a more personal question would be like the question that asked which song of his that he had created that was his favourite. Of course, it was Sweet Devil.

“It’s a difficult question, but there is one song in the spotlight and that’s the song Sweet Devil.”

He is also an avid Pokemon GO player, currently sitting at Level 28. But has not yet caught a Kangaskhan.

Even though he is a popular producer, and a prince, he still seems rather down-to-earth. You got a sense of that when he talked about himself.

“Even though I am a prince, I wear tracksuits and wear baggy clothes, and eat normal foods. It’s really quite normal.”


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