Hideo Ishikawa Panel – SMASH! 2016


Today at the SMASH! 2016 convention, the voice actor most notable for their role as Itachi Uchiha in Naruto, Hideo Ishikawa, held a panel at the main stage. The panel began with a bit of a Q&A session for fans, and was then proceeded by a session of Live Dubbing where the voice actor read over some lines from a rather interesting scene from Naruto Shippudden.

“I like to do other scenes, but this one felt much cooler!” he responded to a question about why he chose that particular scene. “That scene when he was young, I’m not good at acting when he is young.”

After the crowd clapped, he was embarassed. “I am embarrassed.” He stated.

After the Live Dubbing, there was a further Q&A session with the hosts asking some more questions to the actor. There were some interesting questions where the actor was asked about his portrayals of Itachi while he was younger and he answered that he felt like he had to convey that he wasn’t yet affected by Sasuke as much and he had to put that idea into the voice of the character.

There was a question about how he thought he would go at a Ninja Academy and he joked about probably becoming friends with Sasuke and some of the other students. He also said that he wasn’t really a good student before and so he has respect for the ninjas there. He also studied music in University.

After that short Q&A there was another Live Dubbing session, this time a scene from Bleach. This scene from Bleach was with his character, Rukia (who was passed out or something), and some of his subordinates on some kind of bridge. The session ended with more applause.

The panel quickly shifted into another Q&A session, with questions about that previous scene. When asked about the captains personality and taking on that scene, he explains that he wished he could do every scene 100% and while he was here he caught a cold, but even still he will try to give 100%.

When asked how he would feel about an afterlife like Bleach’s, he responded, after some consternation: “After I passed away I wouldn’t like to see a tradition same as Bleach. Sorry for the answer.”

The panel soon ended at 11:45 to a thunderous applause. He will be back tomorrow.

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