Kill La Kill Episodes 1 and 2 Impressions

kill-la-kill-aussie-posterKill La Kill is the next Anime series from a new studio of industry experts in Japan called Trigger. Fans will remember this group as the team behind the much loved Inferno Cop, the charming Little Witch Academia and, of course, their previous works in the past with other production companies (such as Gainax), most notably, Dead Leaves, Gurren Lagann and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. For those unfamiliar with Kill La Kill, it is essentially about a girl traveling the world trying to find and get revenge on the person that murdered her father. To do this, she teams up with a blood-hungry sailor-uniform which, when transformed by the power of blood, gives the heroine super-powers. She is also equipped with a trusty scissor blade, about the size of a sword, which was left behind by the murderer of her father. This journey eventually leads us to the start of the series where we find the main character in a new town, ready to take on those she suspects as being behind the attacks. Eventually she trails into the highschool, which seems to be in control of the entire city, and is hosted by students in super-powered uniforms, strong enough to make fighting interesting. The best part about Kill La Kill, isn't the action, nor is it the storyline, it's the stylistic way the entire show is portrayed. To be completely honest, Kill La Kill is a creative goldmine, and it really, really pushes the Anime genre in a direction that could very well lead it to be the series that saves Anime. In some ways, Kill La Kill is very reminiscent of classic Anime series', especially when it comes to the animation, quality and designs. It's like it's taken a step back from an overuse of CGI and hyper-detailed artwork, and has instead embraced a unique look and feel that resonates throughout the entire production. While the series itself seems like it has pretty basic story on the surface, the way it's told is really quite enjoyable. However, it is fairly obvious that this is a series aiming to be incredibly stylish, rather than incredibly deep. This isn't a bad thing at all, there are many series' that do deep, but there are also many highly regarded series' that do style. The best example of a stylish series' would be Cowboy Bebop. kill-la-kill-tennis So far, it looks like the team are working towards having a lot of fast-paced and a kind of slapstick humour to move scenes along. This is great and makes it incredibly fun to watch. Of course, given the kinds of series' that the team have worked on in the past, it's pretty much a given that there will be left-field, and often brutal, humour thrown into the mix. The main selling point on Kill La Kill, much like in Gurren Lagann, is the strength of spirit and strength that the characters all share. In almost any antagonistic circumstance, all of the characters show an inhuman level of resolve and will that leaves you in a state of awe. The characters are inspirational on the level of resolve they show, especially the main character, who just seems to captivate you with her sense of will. Actually, come to think of it, all of the characters are some level of badass (even the comedy relief character is on some levels). The characters are just the right level of near over the top badassery that it doesn't quite flick into parody territory, leaving you with the feeling that, at the very least, the main character could be the next Kamina. The best part of Kill La Kill at the moment though, has to be the action sequences. By combining all of the elements from above, you've ended up with some incredibly amazing sequences that just blow you away. The creative team behind the series excel at doing over the top and stylistic battle sequences, even when they're not necessarily fights. Perhaps it would be best to label them as action sequences at this point in time. Although, the storyline looks like it's setup for more traditional combat to take place. So far, it's looking like Kill La Kill is the series that will save the Anime industry from creative bankruptcy. By having a staff that isn't afraid to take risks, having a series that is both unique and fun, it looks like this will be it. Kill La Kill the series we're the most pumped for this season, and the first four minutes of the first episode had it as AOTY status. Watch it. -- You can watch Kill La Kill as an ongoing series over at the Madman Screening Room.
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  • Vash bane

    well just finished episode 2 and the anime really is random lol it reminds me of FLCL with the random stuff and the action reminds me of that anime where a guy had a tv for a head ( havnt seen it in years so the name eludes atm) so yeah it feels like im watching both of those shows at the same time lol. I admit the anime had me crack now in then and there really are some WTH moments I wont be too surprised if they start fighting in outer space. they already doing mindless damage to the area’s.

    so first ep there was some serious over kill on the thief

    ep 2 not bad I can see why your saying what your saying here in reminisce of the two anime’s I mentioned im liking this show lol.

    but I admit when I heard the word “fan service” and saw her outfit I instantly thought of …eh..i forgot the name lol (senran kugara I think is how you spell it and no not a fan of the series saw only half of ep 1 – 2 then stopped… couldn’t take it) but it was kinda how every one takes pics of the main character yet not of the defeated nude opponent( or I wasn’t paying close attention to it lol)

    whew … I don’t think I ever ranted on this long before go figure eh?

    • gaming_admiral

      The Anime series you’re thinking of is Dead Leaves, another one of our favourites. We’ve been meaning to do a review on that one since we rewatched it a few weeks ago.

      I think some of the people that worked on both FLCL and Dead Leaves worked on this, same as Gurren Lagann and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. It has a really strong team behind it.

      At this point, we’re almost certain that the fan-service is either a stylistic option or a parody, we don’t think it’s gratuitous to boost sales, there’s gotta be a purpose behind it. Or maybe the artists are just massive pervs 😛

      • Vash bane


        • gaming_admiral

          No worries!

  • Vash bane

    hm seeing as I only just stumbled on this anime from a anime site I had no idea about let alone never heard about it til today. nice article though

    hm so she could be the next kamina eh? that peeks my interest this article makes it sound awesome but i’ll have to see it my self (sorry but I like to see it myself before I judge it or take any one points into) but judging by what you say your obviously sound by this show.

    btw save the anime industry?

    (lol that sentence just out right confused me)

    edit: just found out what AOTY stands for lol I guess i’ll be back and leave another post i’ll take you guys word for it and try it out

    • gaming_admiral

      Another site is sharing our article? Give it a go, don’t expect anything deep, just pure fun, style and randomness. It’s great. Let us know your thoughts!

  • gustave154

    AOTY indeed.

    • Guest

      what does that stand for?

      • gaming_admiral

        AOTY stands for Anime of the Year 🙂