SMASH! 2015 – Day 2 The Reika and Kaname Panel Was a Lot of Fun!

smash-2015-kanameThis year at SMASH!, or, the Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, both Reika and Kaname sat together on a panel with Danny Choo as the host on the main stage during the second day of the convention. During the panel, the group discussed many things, like cosplay, traveling, anime and more. Rather than being a free-flowing interview, it seemed like Danny came prepared with questions, although the spontaneity and humour came through with the banter between the guests.

Danny asked Reika how she chooses characters, and how she chooses between male and female characters. He translated her response roughly like this:

“For Reika-san, she generally likes to cosplay characters which she really likes. When there are animes with lots of guys she generally likes the guys, but when there’re shows with the girls, she generally chooses the ones that she’s keen on the most.”

“She really likes Nico-chan, she also does Sheryl from Macross, so she generally tends to choose characters that she likes”.

He earlier asked Kaname that since he frequently cosplays male characters, if he would consider cosplaying a female character. He then translated Kaname’s response roughly as:

“He often gets asked if he would like to cosplay as a female character, and he will say “Hmmm-mmmm”?”

“Lots of folks in Japan usually say that they should, for boys, to dress up like a girl when they’re young. I asked him if he would naked, but he said: “that he isn’t that young anymore”.”

Overall it was an interesting panel and also had a lot of humour. I would watch them on stage again.

Image Credits: Kaname

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