SMASH! 2015 Reika Panel – Working With Wigs


This year at SMASH!, the cosplay guest from Japan, Reika, hosted a panel on cosplaying on the shows Saturday. In this panel, she discussed a few things, but predominantly talked about wig-styling and utilised a live demonstration on the topic. This talk involved her giving directions to the audience, which was translated on stage by a SMASH! appointed translator, and showing them what she was doing.

Some of Reika’s advice was pretty solid, giving out useful hints as to what to do in various stages of the styling process. What was particularly interesting was that she showed how the offcuts from a wig can be utilised to create the spikes coming out of the hair, like with Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII and how they come out of the front of his head and spike downwards. For the wig that she was using, she said that for the spikes she’d need was about 10 of them to be made. So she recommended making more of them just in case.

It was translated as (roughly):

“So for this kind of wig, with the hair brushed back, you’d need about 10 of these.”
“So it’s best if you make more than you need.””And if you have a character with all of the hair brushed back, you’d need about 20.”

The process for making these spiked chunks was described as taking a small handful of wig off-cuts and dipping them in a solution made of about half water and half liquid glue, as found from Daiso. The resulting solution should be a runny and white mix. You would then leave them to dry on a white paper-ish surface, also available from Daiso.

Image Credit: ゥ REIKA

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