SMASH! 2016 – A Weekend in Photo’s


This years Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, or SMASH!, convention has come and gone. Once again, this year, SMASH! has proven itself to be the best convention out of all the ones that I have been to at the very least. What was there to do? What wasn’t there to do? Read on for my adventure.

The day began with my the entrance to the convention, a convention held at the remarkable Rosehill Racecourse and its multiple buildings. These buildings make things so much easier on a navigation scale, because you know that each building has a particular purpose. However, the first building that I, and a friend, checked out was the Vendor Hall. Conveniently located at the first building.

Inside the Vendor Hall was a fair few stalls looking to peddle their wares to unsuspecting buyers, unsuspecting buyers with lots of cash. Probably the best store at the convention was Anime at Abbotsford, which doubled as a stall for Good Smile Company. Good Smile Company was selling a few limited edition Nendoroids, all of which sold out rather quickly. I hope we continue to see their presence in the future.

After that, it was panels all day erryday. I joke, I watched both of Hideo Ishikawa and Ai-pon’s panels on the main stage. On the mini stage I managed to catch Hachioji-P’s panel, and a video game development panel, as well as a few other smaller panels too. I even managed to catch the Yuri panel in the upstairs panel rooms, as well as the Cosplay Skits panel hosted by Blatant Labs. There was also a panel on starting a pop-culture blog by our rivals over at SnapThirty, but I’m not going to link to them because rivalry. Also, because I didn’t watch it, so, I can’t honestly recommend it either.

What else did I do? I bought some art from the artists room. That’s right! It wasn’t an alley. It was an entire room (or two)!

Those are the things that immediately came to mind of my journey over the weekend. Of course, this year also happened to mark the 10th Anniversary of SMASH! being a convention, and as such, they hosted a massive after-party. This anniversary after-party was so amazing! There was booze, and art, and anime screenings, and even live music! Hachioji-P DJ’D LIVE! AND WE GOT TO WATCH IA PERFORM THROUGH A PROJECTOR SCREEN. It was fun!

Overall, this years SMASH! convention was amazing! I definitely recommend checking it out again in future years!

See my gallery below!

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