4Chan Actively Supporting The Fine Young Capitalists

4chan-funds-games In a startling response to alleged reports within the whole Five Guys Burgers And Fries incident of a particular character shutting down a legitimate game development campaign to get women actively designing games and getting a foot into the door of the industry, the biggest "trolls" of the web, 4Chan, are banding together in order to get this campaign up and running. The Fine Young Capitalists campaign is one where five women are given the opportunity to come up with an idea for a game, and are then given concept art for that game. After that, the winning entry, as voted by the internet, will be given the opportunity to be completely developed. What's interesting here is that the proceeds from the development will be shared between the winner, the organisation behind the campaign and, we believe, charity. You can check out the contest at this indiegogo link, and don't forget to donate, even if it's like $1 and vote for the game that appeals to you! Use this link - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-fine-young-capitalists--2/x/8485163. Official Site: http://www.thefineyoungcapitalists.com -- Man I'm so sleepy. I shouldn't even be writing, we're in holiday mode here. It's good to see 4Chan doing something with themselves again.
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  • ChatWraithUpsilon

    Zoe Quinn is guilty of fraud for her rebelgamejam donation scam. Phil Fish is guilty of faking a hack on his own site and releasing the information of the employees of polytron.

    I would love to see both of these people go to jail so we stop hearing about them.

    • Ritchet

      Someone should contact the FBI about the fake hacks and how Zoe’s people actually Doxxed someone else.

      • ChatWraithUpsilon

        Someone’s already contacted PolyTron’s webserver to have them investigate. Supposedly their server requires double authentication, meaning that you get a secondary code sent to a cellphone or alternate email before you have access.
        i.e. The only person able to “hack” polytron would be someone who already runs the site.

  • Andy Louden

    Good on them, it’s amazing how someone can claim to fight for a gender yet shut down anyone of said gender that’s presented with an opportunity like this. /v/ & /pol/ found a way

  • Alan Brave

    This is so stupid

    • ChatWraithUpsilon

      Nah, phil fish and zoe quinn are stupid.

  • Benisgay

    And the best part is, 4chan’s doing it for free.

    • Frederick Wentworth-Fiennes

      They’re taking it very seriously.