PR: xymatic releases their massive multiplayer online experience: Synermous

Multiplayer web-game shows off future development use-cases in the Web --- Berlin (Germany) - July 30, 2013 - xymatic today released their massive multiplayer online experience Synermous. Powered by their DELIGHT Engine, it pushes the boundaries of multiplayer web gaming using cutting-edge web-technologies. Especially the scalable multiplayer protocol that is used in Synermous may benefit web-developers all over the world greatly: "Developing a scalable real-time multiplayer-solution using web-technologies such as WebSocket is very challenging when you take all real-world implications into account. We have been measuring and testing many different approaches until we converged at something that does not only scale and deploys from one codebase, but also minimizes traffic overhead on server and client." said Maximilian Haupt, chief backend architect at xymatic. To showcase these technologies and furthermore promote new use-cases in the Web, xymatic released Synermous, which is instantly playable from the game URL - without installing any plugins or extra software. "This is a large step towards enabling a truly new generation of gaming experience in the plugin-free Web. Synermous is just a first glimpse into the future. We think the web community can build extraordinary applications, once they embrace new paradigms such as seeing the web as an always connected ecosystem, while harnessing the power of new web-standards. We have a new platform on our hands, that is ready to perform.", said Matthias Wolff, Co-Founder of xymatic. xymatic invites everyone to be part of the future and play their game in any WebGL capable browser on About xymatic GmbH xymatic GmbH ("xymatic") is an independent company dedicated to providing the latest in graphics web technology and tools, allowing developers to efficiently create next generation 3D browser games and applications that run on any Web enabled device and platform; without the need for additional plugins. xymatic is based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in early 2011, xymatic was most recognized for developing the multi-award winning augmented-reality game "reflow" (IGF 2012 Honorable Mention for Technical Excellence, SOWN 2011 Microsoft Japan Award, GREE Award, Cyber Agent Award, EuroGamer Expo Indie Arcade 2011 Finalist, HoPlay 2012 Festival Finalist). Behind the scenes xymatic has been working on the forefront of newest web and browser real-time technology. xymatic is currently in an open investment round. If you are interested to shape the web of tomorrow, contact Timo Bolse at directly. For more information, please contact
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