Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Pendulum Summon Theory


Earlier today, some interesting news came out for the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Anime series where there will be a new method of summoning monsters called Pendulum summons. Essentially, from what we’ve gathered, the Pendulum Summon will require two cards somehow. For more info, check out this link where we first learned of this new ability.

So, as the title suggests, we have a theory on how this will work. We’ve been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! here at Attack On Gaming since we were in highschool, just over ten years ago (wow!), and we’ve seen a lot of new interesting ways of summoning monsters come from the trading card game. What’s always interesting about this though, is that there are always minor differences between how cards are played in the Anime compared to real-life. For this particular theory, we’ll be examining it from a gameplay perspective, so it may or may not be 100% accurate to the Anime.

Our theory is that the Pendulum Summon will be a method of temporarily summoning a stronger monster based on two existing cards of opposing types. These cards with opposing types might be, say, Dark and Light monsters. We also theorise that the cards will be effect monsters with some kind of name like “Pendulum”, or something eerily similar.

This will work by players having a card in their Fusion Deck (we are not calling it an extra deck, also, Spell Cards are Magic Cards) that will be labelled with the two monsters that are required to Pendulum Summon it. Once players have both the cards on the field, they can initiate a Pendulum Summon. A Pendulum Summon should be classed as a Special Summon for the sake of game balance, as this opposingly follows how many different types of cards in the Fusion Deck work. Some of these cards may also have Effects that allow them to Pendulum Summoned during their opponents turn or Battle Phase.

After, say, 2-3 turns, the cards then un-summon and return to being the two separate cards on the field again. This means that they would have been Removed from Play, and then brought back afterwards. If a Pendulum Monster was destroyed while its summoning monsters were still Removed From Play, then this means that they would not be able to return to the game outside of a card effect that brings them back into the game.

We came up with this theory after looking at the promotional image, which shows two wizard-like characters that loosely resemble both Yusei and Jack Atlas. After looking at the promotional image, it becomes apparent that the main character will be using two different main monster cards. Traditionally in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the leading character has always been paired up with the latest Monster types added to the game, so it is likely that Arc-V shall follow suit.

That’s our theory on how that would work on a basic level. Do you agree, disagree, or just want to wait and see what happens? Regardless, we’re excited for a new Yu-Gi-Oh! series and can’t wait for it to get started!

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  • Calum

    They should seriously stop with this. The characters are extremely similar to the original characters from Duel Monsters. For example the main protagonist is similar to Yugi, his childhood friend is similar to Anzu and the antagonist is like Kaiba. If they’re going to just make the characters this similar to the originals the company may aswell just reuse the original cast.

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      I kind of want to see them head down the original manga’s premise. Random games and sociopathic Yugi.

      • Son Goku

        Totally! That would be pretty sick.

  • Risewing

    Why wouldn’t it be called the extra deck?

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      Fusion Deck is the old name for the Extra Deck. We’ve been playing for a -very- long time :)

      • Risewing

        I’m well aware, I’ve been playing since pharaonic guardians.
        But uh, there are more Xyz than Synchros, and more Synchros than fusions. Not by a matter of addition, like 3x times as many. The Extra Deck belongs more to those mechanics, which are used way more often than fusion.
        I’d like more easily made and powerful fusions, with easier material requirements (i.e. Omni Heroes and Panzer Dragon ). But it’s not the “fusion deck” especially not exclusively in spite of the “extra deck” name.

        • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

          It was a stylistic choice to show how long we’ve been playing the game, note how we also refuse to call Magic Cards Spell Cards.