Beat Blades Haruka Review [Adult Content Warning]


Beat Blades Haruka is the ninja raising hentai nukige title published by MangaGamer and developed by Alicesoft. In Beat Blades Haruka, players take control of a Ninjutsu practitioner named Takamaru who would soon come to find himself as the leader of a band of sexy ninjas that have to fight against a rival faction of time traveling ninjas. The game is full of sex-scenes that serve an underlying purpose to the gameplay, as opposed to being used for storyline elements or gratuitous sex-scenes for the sake of having them, and also features a rather simple, yet fun battle system. Will Takamaru and his band of sexy ninjas be able to defeat the enemy time traveling ninjas before he runs out of time?

A long time ago in the past, a group of ninjas known as the Crescent Moon faction of Ninjas were fighting against the evil Naroi faction of ninjas. This is shown in-game through the opening few scenes. The Crescent Moons were fighting to stop the Noroi faction from traveling forwards in time to enact their world ending plan and conquer the Earth unopposed. Unfortunately for the Noroi faction, they were followed by one of the Crescent Moon ninjas, a girl named Haruka.

Fast forward to the present day and the Crescent Moon ninjas have lived on. They are now homed in a small dojo where it seems like their art is passed down to a small number of practitioners, rather than being a full-blown guild. However, it is soon revealed that the Crescent Moons are more than just a small dojo within the city. Instead they seem to own a lot of property within the area, including Takamaru’s highschool where everybody is clearly over 18 years of age.

Soon after being rejected by yet another girl, Takamaru spots a new girl working out hard in the gym. This girl is none other than Haruka, the Crescent Moon ninja from the past. Later that night, while training at the Crescent Moon dojo, he learns her true identity and his own as the new leader of the Crescent Moon faction. Soon, the Noroi faction appears and starts to make trouble in the city while Takamaru and his pink haired female ninja friend, Narika, are out and about. They are however aided by the Crescent Moon faction and Haruka. It is here that he learns about this unique Dragon Synergy power that he has, whereby he can fill a ninjas SP, or Synergy Points (not Sex Points), simply by behaving sexually with them.


I found the storyline of Beat Blades Haruka to be rather entertaining and pretty interesting at points. It’s not some high-level literature designed to make you question your feelings or reality or anything, but the story is still pretty fun for what it is. Usually the storyline will focus largely on Takamaru and his three ninjas, with their battle against the Noroi faction. I quite enjoyed that this wasn’t a game that was going for some kind of big-huge drama, and it instead was concerned with being entertaining. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any sweet or deep moments, but this wasn’t the focus of the story. It kind of has that cheap paperback feel of storytelling.

The gameplay in Beat Blades Haruka is actually really enjoyable, if not a bit long to get through. The players task is to raise Haruka, Narika, and later, another ninja named Subaru (who we see in the beginning of the game) into strong Ninjas that can take out the Naroi faction. At first, players will be tasked with fighting low level enemy ninjas as they appear on the world map, however, this soon turns into stronger enemy ninjas. On top of this, these things known as Tetra Castles appear, which need to be defeated in order to advance the storyline.

Players are only given a limited amount of time to defeat the enemy Noroi faction of ninjas, which is a time period of only 99 days. This can seem like a rather exorbitant amount of time to be given in the first place, and if you’re rushing the story, you could probably get it done in 75 days. However, there is an element of luck that comes into the fold whereby players are given a number of dice rolls per day to accumulate a total number of points to complete an action within a phase of a day. Each day has two phases where the player can raise their ninja companion and with the potential for failure on the dice-rolls, it can take longer than it’d seem in order to get somethings done. Luckily, these rolls are subtracted off the total needed overall, so you can usually complete a task the next day if you were unlucky with the rolls.

I really enjoyed this kind of luck-based gameplay when it came to the ninja raising elements. It kind of made it feel like you should main one particular girl and have the others kept as backup. However, it should be noted that when you’re given the opportunity to marry a particular girl, you are locked into the final battle with her. So don’t choose to marry a girl you aren’t maining unless you want to go back and reload a save from like 45 days earlier. On this point, it’s actually quite enjoyable how it’s entirely possible to lose the game simply by not training your waifu correctly. If you want to win, you can’t just dick around for 90 days. Well, I mean, you -can-, as it does help with raising your ninjas stats, but it’s best to plan your training regiment out properly.

Being an erotic game, there are a tonne of h-scenes to be unlocked over the course of the game. In most visual novels, you would unlock these simply by reading through and getting different scenes over different routes. In Beat Blades Haruka, while there are some h-scenes spread through the story, you’ll mostly be getting access to them through the Dragon Synergy gameplay element. What’s good about this is that it also serves a gameplay purpose, rather than just being there for the sake of it. Each time you Dragon Synergy with a girl, she gets an increase in stats based on what that scene was giving out. But also, it recovers a significant portion of SP, allowing you to use special abilities with that ninja girl when fighting enemies or taking on Tetra Castles.


There are a number of different h-scenes that players can unlock for each girl, with each having different SP and stat potencies. In my opinion, there are probably too many h-scenes and if you’re trying to rush through the game, it can feel like clicking through these sequences is a bit a chore. This is especially true if you have to go back like 45 days because you messed up and didn’t know that your waifu fights the final boss. However, in that case, you can also press the skip button to skip through and h-scenes you may have already seen on the girl that wasn’t your main (which probably wasn’t too many because she wasn’t your main).

Visually, Beat Blades Haruka has a rather nice style to it. I quite liked how they treated the ninjas uniforms as a kind of magical girl-esque outfit, complete with lewd transformation sequences! However, for the most part, the city seemed a bit more dull than it should have, with it seeming more like a standard city without a hint of the unknown. It really wouldn’t have been out of place in any other game of this type. The insides of the Tetra Castles were pretty cool though. As were a lot of the enemy designs. Even the low-level ‘Genin’ enemies looked pretty cool.

The audio in Beat Blades Haruka is a bit of a mixed-bag. The game is filled with an excellent female-only voice cast that really deliver a rather enjoyable experience when it comes to the dialogue. However, one of the things that wont be quite as enjoyable is the insanely repetitive background music. If I have to listen to the background song for the h-scenes one more time, I’ll probably become a rogue ninja myself and assassinate whoever was in charge of the music. Luckily, it’s possible to mute the background audio. The rest of the games background music is enjoyable though, even if it isn’t too varied.

Overall, Beat Blades Haruka is a rather enjoyable experience despite some significant flaws. Having a small ninja harem is probably something that any ninja would want to aspire to have, and so playing this game allows you to live out that fantasy. Obviously the best girl is Narika, because she’s so cute. Beat Blades Haruka is definitely recommended if you’re into these kinds of games.

Rating: Ninja Harem /10

Beat Blades Haruka, or Choukou Sennin Haruka, is released by MangaGamer and developed by AliceSoft. This review is based on the PC version of the title as provided by MangaGamer for the purposes of review. You can buy it on MangaGamer’s website for ~$35.

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