Critical Hit [Adult Content Warning] Review

critical-hit-box-art Critical Hit is the debut single player visual novel release by TsukiWare for PC. It is filled with the sorts of DnD adventures that a 13 year old you might have created and the adult you more than likely still wants to indulge in. It tries to offer the player something a little different than the ordinary. How does it stack up to heavyweight fare? Let's see. Let's get this out of the way, first and foremost, Cirtical Hit features a trap as its central character in the story. If this is the sort of thing that will add some allure to the character (cough cough, raises hand) then I am sure you will get more out of the game. So, how is the game? Lets talk about the characters as that is where I feel the game best shines. In Critical Hit, there are three main characters that you will be dealing with in the game. Akira himself, a very mild and shy boy who wants to be a hero. He is a very feminine looking boy who wants to go on adventures to rescue his princess pony toy... yup you read that right. Then there is Spirit Akira, who is an anomaly that seems to represent Akira while also filling in as the observer to the audience about what is happening. Akira is unable to interact with Spirit Akira which makes for a lot of humourous dialogue as Spirit Akira seems to be aware of what is really going on. Lastly, the game is set under the whim of an all seeing and all powerful dungeon master. This DM likes to send Akira into all manner of situations that he must overcome, seemingly delighting in using cliche deviant scenarios to push Akira into the situations he wishes to be privy to.. In true adolescent pulp fantasy; this will mostly involve the use of Akira's pert young body and its ability to entertain objects of various size. The dialogue is very tongue in cheek and plays off a lot of the common expectations we are used to seeing in such a game and indeed, in the general DnD universe as a whole. I found myself enjoying the conversations between Akira and the characters around him, from people joking about him having a weaboo name (okay he kinda does) to a pair of goblins coming across him and deciding he needs to judge who is the best out of them both by molesting him. critical-hit-orc-v-futa I literally laughed out loud a few times playing the game, just seeing the situations that Akira found himself in and it was the sole reason I continued the story. That isn't to say that the graphics in Critical Hit are bad. I personally think that Akira is quite alluring, however I found myself wanting his scenes to be more drawn out, as it felt that by the time I was getting into a situation and really getting prepared for what was to come, Akira was taking it like a pro and moving the story along. The story has it's own conclusion but it all happens very quickly and the game will be over before you know it. This is the problem with Critical Hit as a whole. You have an awesome dynamic between a spirit that servers as a link between the player and game, a game master who interferes with what the spirit really wants to do, and Akira who is the pawn dragged into everything. These characters work well and you want to see more development from them. You want each scene to have more details, for there to be more individual choices as to what Akira will do, how he will resolve his dilemmas with the monsters that desperately want to spank his tight boy pussy and how it will shape the story. Maybe I am expecting to much from a small title but I think that speaks to the games credit, it left me wanting more than it gave. If it's asking price was say, $5, then I could fully justify the purchase and would argue that every one of you should experience Akira and his quest of boners for themselves. However, unless you have the money to spare or are a huge trap fan, then the asking price of $9.95 is a little much considering the very short length and linear nature of the game. I hope that Critical Hit will give TsukiWare some exposure and allow them to develop more fully realised visual novels in the future as they have shown themselves to have a good sense of humor and and the ability to create likeable and visually appealing characters. Score: Jackhorn / 10 -- Critical Hit is developed by TsukiWare and released by MangaGamer. This title was supplied by MangaGamer for the purposes of review. You can purchase it on their site for ~$10.
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  • Ironstrom

    Thanks for the review I think the whole team have read it now. Pricing may of been a slight mistake on my part though outside of steam, prices like these for adult games are not to strange. Though yes some devs can sell for less with far more content or some can sell for more with about the same.
    We have a html demo coming up for critical hit a bit late true but something we’re doing going forward for titles during/before release. There is also a Spainish tl that has been finished but we are working on a slight functionality update to Critical hit itself as well. Including Manual save + backwards option on dialog.

    This is a question to you would the pricing of $10 for a game this size be ok if I offer’d additional free content that extends the storyline ? I’m asking around for feedback.

    I’d love to put more content into the titles but I have to keep them rather small for now as I’ve not boosted production funds via a kickstarter. Have to work on what we can finish for now:D

    • Gaming Admiral

      No worries on that! Thanks for giving this one a read!

      Personally speaking, I thought the price-point for this was okay for the kind of game that it is, but, I don’t talk over the reviewers for each title, allowing them to voice their own opinions. I would say that free content upgrades can never hurt, and if it is financially viable, go for it.

      From what I’ve heard this was an enjoyable experience, so keep up the good work! 🙂

    • John

      Can you do some BBW vn`s or games? So very hard to find….. BBW and BBW trannys would be awesome and would buy day 1!

      • Gaming Admiral

        Have you checked out – ? Not from this developer, but same publisher.

      • Ironstrom

        Lupiesoft also on mg/steam have noteable characters like that. For TsukiWare though we have some non skinny characters but probably no more then a size 12 or so. Though we do love trap/genderbender content. Might change in the future this is just our current line up really and we’re sticking to only a handful of characters because of funds. I should have a demo coming out for my newest title next month.