Flowers -Le Volume Sur Printemps- Review

If there is one world to describe Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-, it would be beautiful. Developed by Innocent Grey and published by JAST USA, the yuri visual novel tells the story of Suoh Shirahane, an introverted young girl who starts attending Saint Angraecum Academy, an all girls school isolated from society. While there, she becomes good friends with her fellow classmates, but she also discovers a mystery that needs to be solved. The story and characters are likable, the art style is beautiful and the music is excellent. There are, however, a few issues with the translation, but that can be fixed in the future.

The story is centered around Suoh Shirahane, who is quite introverted and shy. She isn’t able to fit into a school due to her personality, but she asks her grandfather if she can attend a school by the name of Saint Angraecum Academy, an all girls boarding school. There, Suoh hopes to make friends and break out of her shell, but, as she finds out, there is more to the school that is isolated in the world. The story is great. The game takes two paths, focusing on Suoh’s friendship with one of two characters. The pacing is great, but it does feel restrictive when there is only two paths to follow. There is also a mystery to solve as part of the plot. While the mystery element to the story was great, how it was paced was poorly executed. It felt like you’ll learn about the clues after the fact rather than before making the decision.

The characters are well developed and fleshed out. Suoh is an interesting character to follow throughout the game. At first, she is shy and reserved, but, as the game progresses, she becomes more open to her fellow classmates. She is also quite emphatic and intelligent. She is very likable and a great protagonist. As for her classmates, there are a few who stand out. The two characters Suoh befriends closely are Rikka Hanabishi and Mayumi Kousaka. Rikka is like the mother hen of the group. She is calm and kind, yet strict when she needs to be. Mayumi, on the other hand, is a social butterfly, the opposite of Suoh’s personality. Despite that, she is also a hard worker when she puts her mind to her task. The rest of the cast are hit and miss, but the main trio of characters are very interesting and like able.

The visual novel really excels in its art design. The artists employed a water coloured art design, similar to Valkyria Chronicles. Each scene leaps off the screen with the beautiful strokes of each character design. They are also quite expressive with the character portraits. With that said, the art design leans towards a low contrast presentation. As such, the night scenes are too bright and takes away from the atmosphere. As for the music, it is as beautiful as the art design. Each piece fits the scene. The voice acting is also quite decent.

Despite the great story, characters, art design and sound design, there are a few flaws with the visual novel. Flowers -Le volume sur printemps- felt unfinished in terms of the story. Although there is some closure contained within this visual novel, it is, in fact, part one of a four part story, so it does feel unfinished by the end. There are also issues with the translation side of things. There are a few errors with the grammar of sentences, such as weird contextual sentences, as well as spelling errors. Also, there was the mystery during the visual novel which was annoying and all over the place.

Flowers -Le volume sur printemps- is a beautiful visual novel. The story is interesting, well paced and well told, the characters are interesting and like able, the art design is beautiful and colourful and the sound design is very enjoyable. With that said, there are issues with the translation, certain parts of the story do get annoying, some characters aren’t interesting and there isn’t proper closure by the time the visual novel ends. This is a great visual novel to check out.

Rating: 7/10

Flowers -Le volume sur printemps- was published by JAST USA, who provided a Steam key for the purpose of this review. Flowers -Le volume sur printemps- is now available on Steam and JAST USA’s website.

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