Forbidden Love With My Wife’s Sister Review [Adult Content Warning]

forbidden-love-box-artMangaGamer recently released this rather interesting, but short, Hentai Visual Novel, Forbidden Love With My Wife's Sister. The title, as it suggests, is about a man that has a forbidden relationship with his wife's sister. There isn't too much else to the games story than that. Much like a traditional Visual Novel, the player advances through the story text-box by text-box and is rewarded with gratuitous sex. If you're a fan of the genre, you might want to check this out. Forbidden Love With My Wife's Sister takes place over the course of a day within the life of a newly married couple. They have just purchased a new home together and have enlisted the help of the wifes younger sister in unpacking and setting up their new home. However, it seems that the sister, Sasa, might have other plans for the player character, who takes the role of the husband, Masayuki. The story begins with both the player character and Sasa unpacking boxes in what is probably a bedroom. While the pair are unpacking, it seems as though the wife, Handa, is preparing a meal of some kind. However, she must soon leave to get some supplies and that is when Sasa makes her move on the players character. For some reason, the main character goes along with her sexuality and they end up in a rather lewd situation together. From here, the two of them take bolder and bolder risks throughout the night, even at one point having sex in bed next to a sleeping Handa and then taking it out onto the veranda. The story itself is very short, but, it's also entertaining and quite arousing. If I had to peg the game as anything, I'd say that it was a parody or comedy game. The premise is kind-of believeable, but at the same time, the positions that both Sasa and Masayuki find themselves in are a bit unbelievable. For example, the two of them are banging pretty hard in the loungeroom directly in eye-shot of the wife character, and she just doesn't even seem to notice or care. It's quite odd, but if you're into that kind of thing, you'll probably enjoy it. forbidden-love-screen-002 Unlike most Hentai Visual Novels, you'll find that in a few H-scenes that you can kind of control the action just a little bit. For instance, some kind of action UI will come up and it will ask you where you want to touch and that kind of thing. The direction of the games multiple endings is told through this system, with the actions you take leading to the good or bad ending. I wouldn't really call them good or bad endings though, they're more like Ending A, and, Ending B. I couldn't work out the combination to get Ending B, so I translated a Japanese website and got the route from there. As the game is short, at roughly 30mins to an hour, it shouldn't take too many playthroughs to unlock 100% of the CG's and scenes. I particularly enjoyed the art-style of the game, which is not something that I thought I'd say from looking at the marketing. To be honest, it looks a bit bland from the character art stills. However, when you see the characters in action, the artwork actually stands-out pretty well. While the backgrounds are pretty bare, which is a given for a house with nothing in it, the character artwork actually works really well. Particularly with Sasa in all of the sexual positions that she ends up holding herself in. The CGs are censored, but, as a Japanese game, it's kind of expected. Forbidden Love With My Wife's Sister is a fully voiced game. This is with exception to internal thoughts and monologues, as is standard of the genre. However, all the spoken words are voiced. I will note that Sasa's moaning can get a bit repetitive, but, the sex scenes aren't as long or drawn-out as other titles, so it balances out. I actually liked the pacing of the sex-scenes. Not too long, but not too short. They were in that sweet-spot. Overall, Forbidden Love With My Wife's Sister is a pretty fun H-VN that doesn't outstay its welcome. It's short, fun and delivers on the specific fetish of sexing your wife's sister in front of her without being spotted depsite being compromisingly close to being spotted. If you're a fan of reverse NTR, this is a game for you. If you want to live out the fantasy of being a married man and banging an early-twenties university student, this is the game for you. If you want some vanilla sex after playing a visual novel with a metric crap-tonne of perversions that has completely ruined any and all fetishes for you, this is also the game for you. Definitely check this out. Rating: 7.5/ 10 -- Forbidden Love With My Wife's Sister, or, Yome no Imouto to no Inai, is released by MangaGamer. The game appears on the PC and is reviewed with the review code as supplied by MangaGamer. You can purchase it on their site for ~$15.
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  • Nonscpo

    Lol…banging your wife’s sister is considered vanilla ๐Ÿ˜€

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      To me it is, hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰