Free Friends 2 Review [Adult Content Warning]

free-friends-2-banner By now, you should be familiar with the Free Friends visual novel franchise as we have previously reviewed the first title in the series. If not, the premise is that there is a phone application/message board known as "Free Friends", where highschool women sell themselves for compensated dating. This is pretty much a form of prostitution with men engaging in paying girls for sex. While the first game focused on two people that meet by chance through the application, the second focuses on a reuniting brother and sister that engage in a sexual relation through meeting, after becoming estranged, through the app. The second Free Friends title, Free Friends 2, is released by MangaGamer and developed by Noesis. Sumire is a highschool girl who's mother had very recently passed away. As a result, she is soon faced with the inability to pay the rent on the house that she is living in. To get herself out of this circumstance, she needs to get some cash and quickly. Fortunately, she had heard of compensated dating through some girls in her class and soon posted herself on the Free Friends application. Kaito, a student teacher, is a frequent user of the Free Friends application and soon sees Sumire, or Sumi as she goes by on the application. Her price is a bit high, but he offers to meet. The two soon engage in sexual relations in a love hotel. It is after this that the two of them find out a hidden secret in their pasts linking them both together. As this is the main draw of the game, it's something that has to be talked about. Yes, both Sumire and Kaito are brother and sister. However, much like the first game in the series, there are two routes that the player can go down once they find out this information. The first choice, telling Sumire about her and Kaito's relationship, will result in a storyline that is actually pretty sweet in a weird sexual and incesty way. Meanwhile, the second option, to not tell her about their relationship will result in a storyline that is a bit more forceful. It's also a lot shorter. Much like the first game, choices dry up after this initial choice. I think the only other option was to ejaculate on Sumire's face or not in one other sequence. I quite liked the direction of the family storyline, despite it being really incest orientated. Maybe it's because I'm slowly becoming a sap for romance stories, but I really enjoyed how the brother and sister pairing in this story somehow strengthened the relationship of the two characters, despite it being weird. It's not too often you see stories like these, or at least, outside of this particular genre of games, so running through this story does provide some kind of insights into how people in other cultures see relationships. The art style in Free Friends 2 is very similar to the art style found in the first Free Friends. In fact, when I saw that it was a sequel, I could have sworn that Sumire and the girl from the first game were actually the same character. I then realised the girl from the first game has a mole while Sumire does not. Even more, somehow, Sumire can seem really exceptionally cute at times, even while she is gobbling down the main characters penis. The main character himself, Kaito, is really plain in the looks department. He's probably the most nondescript main character that I've ever seen in a visual novel. free-friends-2-001 Free Friends 2 has a lot of sex scenes, and they're really, really detailed. They've also been completely uncensored for the English release, which is pretty cool. As I previously mentioned, I quite enjoyed how they managed to get Sumire to look while engaged in sexual acts, it somehow ended up being more cute than anything. However, for the most part of the story, you'll be looking at static images of Sumire. Or at least usually. These are accompanied by backgrounds that are pretty detailed, but also pretty plain looking. I'm also pretty convinced that some of the backgrounds are lifted from the first game, but I haven't played through it again to verify. Much like the first game, Free Friends 2 is completely voice acted. I actually really liked Sumire's voice actress as she was able to portray a cute girl really well. However, it should be noted that there is a lot of egregious audio in the sex-scenes, and it seems like they've turned the volume up even higher than the usual spoken sequences. If you have headphones with audio-leak, you might want to consider turning things down while you play the game. The background music is also pretty varied and can be pretty catchy in some places. It's mostly filled with sweet melodies, but there are a few exciting tunes included in the mix as well. I felt like the music often helped push the feeling of a more pure relationship between both Kaito and Sumire, even though it is realistically kind of weird. I mean, it's kind of hard not to think that a relationship is pure when you're just reading along and there is an idyllic line of music playing into your ears. Overall, I found that Free Friends 2 was quite an enjoyable incest H-VN. If you're a fan of these kinds of stories, definitely pick this up. If you liked the first game in the series, pick this up. If you didn't like the first, this one doesn't really push the envelope of the first, so maybe hang back. However, I quite enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it. Rating: Onii-chan/10 -- Free Friends 2, or FuriFure 2, is developed by Noesis and released by MangaGamer. This review is for the PC release and is based on commercial code as provided by MangaGamer. You can buy it on their store for ~$25.
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