Funbag Fantasy [Adult Content Warning] Review

funbag-fantasy-logo Funbag Fantasy, or Kyonyuu Fantasy, is developed by Waffle and is a game about big boobs. Or rather, it's a game with a medieval fantasy setting with a main protagonist that has a thing for big breasted women and all the women that he happens to encounter all have big breasts. From the outset, it seems as though Funbag Fantasy is a game for those that are a fan of the... funbags, and a lot of the H-scenes focus heavily on this aspect of the body. Expect lots of paizuri/ boob-jobs. Lute, the protagonist, is the worst ranked member of the Knight Academy. His grades are so low that the story begins with him being refused entry into the castle in order to receive his certification for becoming a knight, that's how un-knightly he seems. After being given his certification after some complications, he is given a new assignment. He is to look after the town of Boan, and work with the Lord there. However, while in Boan, it seems as though things may not be as they seem. The story told into the town of Boan is really a taste of the kind of storytelling that the entirety of Funbag Fantasy has to offer. On the one hand, it is incredibly interesting, with tales of behind-the-scenes manipulation and a plot to overthrow the throne, but on the other, it is also incredibly fun with how the main character kind of accidents their way through everything. Even more, the games secondary protagonist, the sexy Succubus character, adds a lot of life to the game, both sexually and in the characters writing. Using the early scenario of Boan as an example, there is a simple plot of what seems like an idea to have the Lord of that town have his wife executed so that he can remarry. However, this soon becomes an even bigger conspiracy that unfolds into a plot to overthrow the throne. However unlikely that it is, out hero is able to tame a succubus and sleep with the Lord's wife without anything bad happening. Even more, he ends up the hero in this instance. The above is pretty much the formula for how the story in Funbag Fantasy plays out continually. However, the formula never gets boring or uninteresting. Somehow, things just keep getting better and better and you want to keep on reading through. It's so weird where a formula doesn't eventually wear itself out, but, in this case, just keep going. funbag-fantasy-002 Much like in most Visual Novels, the players are presented with choices at times. Typically in this game, the choices don't really amount to much other than a change in lewd imagery, but, there is a point where it seems like one choice may make a big difference on the gameplay. This review is only based on one route, so, I'm not too sure what plays out if you take the other option, but looking in the menus at all the unlockables, it seems like the story may diverge at that point. As someone that prefers the booty more to the booby, I wasn't quite sure that I'd enjoy the artstyle in Funbag Fantasy as much as I did. It could have been the more fantastical and medieval style art that drew me in, but I can't say that the boobs weren't uninteresting either. I also really liked the artstyle in general, with the setting and characters working really well together, even if the designs aren't typically realistic. All of the H-scenes in the game revolve around boobs. I can't recall a scene off the top of my head that didn't have a boob take up most of the screen. Even more, there is a lot more paizuri than vaginal or anal sex, although there is a fair bit of fellatio. If you're into boob-jobs, definitely, DEFINITELY, take a look at this game. One of my complaints about this game is the background music. While it is quite cheerful and engaging most of the time, it doesn't feel like there is enough variety to make it not become annoying. I wasn't a fan of the soundtrack, but I think that some people will like it. You can always turn the music down or off if you're not too big on it. Meanwhile, I really enjoyed that Funbag Fantasy is only partially voiced. For the most part the protagonist and some side characters are not voice acted at all, while the female characters in this game are fully voiced. This kind of lets you self-insert into some situations, and not lose your boner while dealing with dudes. However, sometimes the voices are a bit on the loud side, possibly due to being higher pitched, so I recommend not playing this at full volume. Overall, Funbag Fantasy is a fun title with some pretty decent art with a focus on the mammaries (which my computer dictionary is telling me isn't a real word). As mentioned, if you like big boobs, you'll love this game. However, as someone that isn't too big of a fan of them, I really enjoyed what this had to bring as well, so I suppose that it has a level of universal appeal. I definitely recommend picking up Funbag Fantasy. Rating: 9/10 -- Funbag Fantasy comes courtesy of MangaGamer. This review is based on the PC version of the game and was supplied by MangaGamer for review. You can purchase it here for ~$45.
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  • Fujiro Tomoyoshi

    It may not seem like the game but the story is pretty cool.
    Well worth playing.