Huniepop Review [Adult Content Warning]


What happens when you cross a Dating Simulator, a Visual Novel and a game of Pokemon Puzzle League together with pornographic elements? You get Huniepop, that’s what. The game comes from the development team, Huniepot, and has recently come out of Kickstarter and into full release. The game sees players dating various Anime-esque women in the hopes of eventually bedding them. How does the player do this? With a game involving coloured jewels and achieving the required amount of points.

The storyline is that the player is playing as a character that apparently is incredibly bad with women. This character is so bad with women that the game opens you up with a conversation with a cute girl and all of the conversational points are equally bad. Unfortunately for the player character, he strikes out and heads back home, and this is where the game truly begins.

The next morning, the player awakens to find a cute fairy named Kyu hanging around in his room. Kyu, it seems, is a professional at getting men better at bedding women, and she sees the player character as her biggest challenge yet. She gives the player a stalkerish smartphone called the Huniebee and has the player go and to one of a few locations to meet their first girl.

Meeting with a girl the first time is one of the most fun parts about Huniepop. Each girl has an introductory scene that bounces off another girl exiting scene. The introductory scenes give the player a nice outlook into each girls personality and might drive the player into persuing a particular girl before the others. The games dialogue for these scenes are quite hilarious, although they are pretty stereotypical in nature. For example, you have the stereotypical bitch, slut whore conversation between Audrey and Kyanna. Also, each girl seems to follow a stereo/arche/type that can seem offensive if you are specifically looking for things to be offended by. As a massive plus, all of the games dialogue is voiced, and for the most part, enjoyably voiced. All ten girls have fully-voiced audio. There are ten girls in total.

To progress in Huniepop, the player must succeed in dating each of the various girls 4-5 times, which works them closer to their H-scene. To unlock a H-scene, the player must successfully complete a date on the Night phase of the day with a girl that they have reached 4 or 5 hearts/affection with. This isn’t a guess, it’s 4 needed to unlock, but you can hit 5 if you take the fourth date during any other phase of the day and succeed. To succeed in a date, the player has to achieve a certain number of affection points over the course of 20 actions in a puzzle game involving connecting colours by dragging them across a grid in sections of 3 or more along the same plane. The best analogy here is with Pokemon Puzzle League or Bejeweled. After winning at a date, the game will increase a heart thingy with the girl that you were dating and she will probably text you with a picture message. These picture messages usually come soon after a date, and the last one is always a sext.

Winning at dates also has its drawbacks as well. When you win, the total number of points that have to be earned to win on the next date increase, making it harder to progress through the game. Fortunately, to help with this, the player can earn experience and cash, each with some kind of Hunie-derivative name, by talking with girls, getting them drunk, and bribing them with gifts. These points can be used to purchase Trait upgrades, which influence the accrual of points during the puzzle segments. The cash monies can be used to purchase gifts for the girls. These gifts can sometimes be converted as a date gift from the girl given, which can be used on all dates to gain special effects. Later on, these effects become crucial to winning due to how high that needed score can get.


The H-scenes themselves can vary from easy to get to nearly impossible to get, depending on how favourable the game is feeling at that time. After finishing the final date, the player will bring the girl they’ve successfully wooed back into their bedroom where they will be able to finally bed them. However, the bedding process is… another puzzle! This one has a lower threshold, that also increases after bedding other women, but it likes to decrease itself back down to zero at an incredibly quick pace. Luckily, the player gets unlimited moves to complete this segment, and each successful chain gets the girl to moan in pleasure. However, unless the player is incredibly lucky with the game dropping chains, they’ll find themselves stuck at around zero for quite a while. In some respects, this seems realistic, with the sex in reality being too quick for enjoyment, or too long for comfort. My advice is to keep your genitals in their pouch until you’ve unlocked all the images in the gallery. You’ll probably lose your arousal during this endgame.

One of the things that I didn’t like about the dialogue in the game was that some of the characters are very abrupt at declaring that they are hungry and wont talk to you until you feed them. The first time that I heard this, I was taken aback. Feed yourself, I’m not your parent. And then I fed them and got points.

It also felt like there wasn’t enough punishment in the game for failing a date, or remembering a girls information when prompted by her questions. I would have liked to have seen some kind of reverse progress or a more in-depth dialogue system that could accommodate for poor-form during gameplay. It feels a bit too easy when you can get an entire conversation with a girl wrong and then still take her to bed that same night. It’s even weirder that you can date a girl after having an atrocious conversation with her. None of this is really game breaking or anything, it’s just some personal things that I think would be great for a sequel if one happens.

I really quite enjoyed this games visual style, in particular, the artwork done on each of the unlocked images. The art-style of the game does vary in some cases, with one artist working on the girls as they would appear in gameplay, and another artist working on the unlockable images. This mixture works pretty well when combined with highly detailed background and a UI that’s pretty easy to understand. The background music is also a rather nice touch, with it never getting old, even after playing an 11 hour session. We’re not making that number up, at the 11 hour mark this reviewer had to force himself off of the game.

Overall, Huniepop is an incredibly addictive blend of Visual Novel and Puzzle game. Somehow, the Hentai elements are what pushes the player forward, while a poker-machine like reward design keeps the player from realising how long they’ve been playing. That satisfying fap after unlocking all of the games visuals is a well deserved one. We can’t wait for a more in-depth sequel.

Rating: A well deserved fap /10

Huniepop comes from developer Huniepot and can be purchased from their site for $10. There is also a censored version available on Steam. This review was paid for by the reviewer, although a key was offered to us shortly after we purchased it. We turned the developer down on their offer. Thanks though :)

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