Red Vs. Blue Season 11 Review

red-vs-blue-box-art-season-11Red Vs. Blue is the longest running webseries that we know of. This is currently it's tenth year of existence and the 11th season of its run. Over the history of the show, we've seen it move from a bunch of gags with coloured teams divided across Blood Gulch into a fully realised universe with a unique story spanning across many iterations of the video game franchise, "Halo", that it is recorded from. This latest season continues on from where the last ended, in a way that stays true to the Red Vs. Blue franchise. Red Vs. Blue is a long running Machinima styled webseries, which are essentially films created by using video games or other puppeteered digital content. As a series, Red Vs. Blue has seen a shift from the traditional puppeteering filmography in recent seasons. Instead they (RoosterTeeth) have combined CGI, to deliver some action oriented scenes, and the more traditional puppeteer techniques, which personally didn't resonate too well with us as a viewer. Why not just CGI the whole series if you're going to rely heavily on it? What's great about this latest season of Red Vs. Blue is that it has omitted the heavy CGI elements from this particular series and instead have used it as a cheap gimmick, much like in the earlier seasons of the show. For example, adding a sombrero to a robot, or leaving Lopez' head on the floor. For those of you unaware of the initial premise of the series, it's essentially that there are two teams (the Reds and the Blues) that are stuck in a canyon in some kind of war with each other. The series revolves around the incompetencies found in both teams as they continuously fail to do any real major harm to the opposing team. Actually this entire season seems like a throwback to some of the more recognisable Red vs. Blue scenarios. For instance, a lot of the series revolves around the two teams doing a lot of nothing in the most hilarious ways possible. But, of course, there is a driving force behind the series still. The two teams are essentially stuck in a canyon on a world on the edge of the galaxy in the middle of nowhere and, early on, must work towards getting off of the planet. What's interesting here is that the team members are still trying to get over their leader, Church, practically abandoning them at the end of the previous season, which leads to some rather hilarious confrontations later on. The best example of this is where Caboose builds a giant killer robot, which, in turn, leads the Red team to try and oppose it later on. If you've seen Red Vs. Blue in the past, you can probably guess at how that had turned out.


Interestingly, this season is setup near the start to feel like a standalone season, but as each episode goes on, there are more and more elements added that keep on pushing this feeling that they're building up for another intricate Red Vs. Blue storyline. The series has had a number of plotlines and arcs in the past, and a lot of them have quite humourous concepts, however, the way this is being setup, it's as though we've got another Freelancer feeling arc incoming. This is because we seem to have two badass teams, the Republic and the Empire, which seems like a homage to Star Wars, and the Empire at the very least, is setup to be these ultra badass guys that are all business. While this may have been intended to come off as goofy, having one team that is way too serious seems like it has parodied over itself and become serious again. So the juxtaposition between the goofy Republic agents and the serious Empire seems to go to waste because of this. Although this is only the ending of this season, so it could be building up tension and the next season could be quite hilarious. Not that this one isn't already funny. We can see a lot of potential here. Red Vs. Blue Season 11 is available in both DVD and BD formats, though we definitely suggest grabbing the BD format if that option is available to you. This is because, clearly, the BD gives a superior visual representation of the Red Vs. Blue experience. This is because the show is filmed in Full HD using a video game console, and so, naturally, the Full HD will bring out the best of the Red Vs. Blue experience. Overall, Red Vs. Blue Season 11 is a show that builds up the laughs from the get go, sets up a potential serious, but funny plot line, while returning the series to its roots. This is definitely a must see for fans of the old Red Vs. Blue that may have left during the CGI overuse of previous seasons, and fans that have stuck around since the start will not be disappointed. It's a great throwback, so definitely tune in on this. Rating: 7.5/10 -- Red Vs. Blue is produced by RoosterTeeth and is distributed by Hanabee here in Australia. The webseries is currently celebrating its tenth year of life. You can watch the series online on the RoosterTeeth website. You can purchase the DVD and BD from Hanabee at $25 for the DVD and $30 for the BD. Definitely recommend the Blu-Ray.
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