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Seraph Of The End Part 1 Review

Seraph of the End is an anime which plays it safe. In a post apocalyptic world, an orphan by the name of Yu has a desire for revenge against vampires for killing the other orphans in his orphanage. He escapes the underground city of the vampires and is found by members of the Moon Demon Company, which is a division of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. While it is told well, the story and characters are all run of the mill, generic tropes and cliches rehashed in a different way. The first half of the story is all about setting up the world, the characters and the overarching plot. The protagonist is Yuichiro Hyakuya, a sixteen year old orphan hell … Continue reading

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Madman Cosplay Competition – SMASH! 2016


It doesn’t go without saying that no convention, whether the focus is on otaku culture or pop culture, is complete without cosplay. While it’s all about dressing up as your favourite character and meeting new people who love doing it as well, it wouldn’t be wrong of me to say there is that element of showing off your creation for the community to see. At SMASH! 2016, there were a couple of cosplay competitions. One of these two cosplay competitions was the Madman Cosplay Competition. The Madman Cosplay Competition, while still competitive, is more of a relaxed environment compared the other event, the World Cosplay Summit Australian Preliminaries. I was actually quite impressed with the effort put into these cosplays. … Continue reading

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Madman Industry Panel – SMASH 2016!

As with every SMASH! convention, there was the obligatory Madman panel. Entitled Madman Industry Panel, two representative of the anime and film distributor informed the audience of recently released titles, more information on the upcoming Madman Anime Festival, information on the popular Love Live series, including some new merchandise, Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV and their streaming service, AnimeLab. There was also a quiz focusing on Madman’s history as they celebrate 20 years of distribution. Afterwards, there was a Q&A session, which did reveal some interesting tidbits that goes on behind the scenes. First up, Madman talked about the August new releases. All in all, the new releases were quite interesting after hearing their premise. Some that stood out were Psycho … Continue reading

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Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie Review

Ghost In The Shell has been around for quite some time. It follows a cyborg by the name of Motoko Kusanagi in a futuristic Japan. Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie portrays Motoko right before the start of the original film, which was released back in 1995. As such it is a prequel, but it is also the final chapter in the recent Arise series, which explores Motoko before the events of Ghost In The Shell. The film is great, with an excellent protagonist in Motoko, a great plot with twists and turns and excellent animation. However, it isn’t friendly with newcomers and elements of the story and characters can be quite bland. Ghost In The Shell: The New … Continue reading

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Sword Art Online II Part 3 Review (Bluray)

Sword Art Online II has returned for its third partial release. The insanely popular anime, created by A-1 Pictures and distributed by Madman here in Australia, returns to the land of fairies and Norse mythology with a short, enjoyable quest to obtain Excalibur and the beginnings of a new arc focusing on Asuna. While they were enjoyable episodes as a whole, the Excalibur arc was quite short. Nonetheless, expect the same outstanding action sequences, excellent animation and enjoyable soundtrack, staples of this great series. Part 3 leaves the world of Gun Gal Online and returns to Alfhiem Online, the game featured in the second half of the first series. After being swallowed by a giant worm, Kirito, Leafa and Yui … Continue reading

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Sword Art Online II Part 2 Review (Bluray)

It gets more and more exciting for another release of the Sword Art Online anime series. This steady release of the second season only heightens the excitement for more Sword Art Online. Alas, all good things must come to an end and Sword Art Online II Part 2 is the conclusion of one of the more exciting VRMMOs in the world, Gun Gal Online. Kirito and Sinon are part of the final of the Bullet of Bullets tournament. As they progress, they finally encounter Death Gun, who has been killing the real life counterparts of the in game avatars. With exciting action sequences, an excellent continuation of the plot, great animation and great visuals, the second part of this first … Continue reading

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Persona 4 The Golden Animation Review

If you’re expecting the full Persona 4 story repackaged with extra content, then this isn’t what you’re looking for. Instead, it is purely focused on the content found in Persona 4 Golden, focusing on the social links of new character Marie and adding extra character development to Tohru Adachi, Dojima’s assistant/lackey. It also includes episodes based on scenes only found in the Vita port of the original game Persona 4 Golden. Despite the disjointed nature of the narrative and a few problems of Marie’s character, this was a enjoyable anime series to watch. The nice art style, character design and voice acting really added to an enjoyable experience. The extra character development to Adachi also provides a more complex layer … Continue reading

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