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Battlecry Hands-On Impressions – PAXAus 2014


  Battlecry is the flagship game from Battlecry Studios and is published by Bethesda Softworks. Battlecry is a multiplayer action game that feels a lot like a brawler mixed with a hack-and-slash style game. If you can think of something like God of War mixed with Team Fortress, you’d have a similar kind of game in mind for how Battlecry looks while playing. At Penny Arcade Expo Australia this year, we had an opportunity to go hands-on with the title thanks to Bethesda and the developers at Battlecry Studio. In this match, it was 8 players vs. 8 players, but the full version at release is expected to handle 16 vs. 16 players. The game of Battlecry has a nice … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: Bethesda Softworks Announces BATTLECRY Beta to Debut in Australia and New Zealand + New Gameplay video


Early 2015 for the beta for Battlecry! We will hopefully be taking a look at this at PAX, so check back. — BETHESDA SOFTWORKS ANNOUNCES BATTLECRY BETA TO DEBUT IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND IN 2015 Sign Up for Beta Now for BattleCry Studios’ Free-to-Play Online Team Action Game  October 31, 2014 (Melbourne, Australia) — Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, today announced that the first beta tests for BATTLECRY™, the all-new online multiplayer action combat game from BattleCry Studios, will begin exclusively in Australia and New Zealand starting in early 2015. Featuring 32-player battles, BATTLECRY’s team-based combat combines visceral brutality and competitive multiplayer action to create a new gameplay experience that’s free to play. Led by long-time industry veteran Rich Vogel (Star … Continue reading

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The Evil Within Hands-On Impressions – EB Games Expo 2014


At EB Games Expo this year, Bethesda were showcasing their upcoming Shinji Mikami horror game, The Evil Within. Locked down in a hidden room within the a massive Bethesda booth, there were multiple consoles with the game available to play. Our session with the game was only around 20minutes, but it sure as heck didn’t feel like it was that long. For those that haven’t heard of The Evil Within, it’s a survival horror game by Shinji Mikami and features a detective that has been engulfed by this case that takes him up against some rather scary wights. Our preview saw us start a few chapters into the game, at Chapter 9, where our protagonist is brought to a strange … Continue reading

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QuakeLive Standalone Client is out now! Has Issues.


The latest QuakeLive build, the standalone version, is finally out. This makes the web browser based game a standalone feature that doesn’t require a web browser to play. However, according to a recent news post, there are still a few issues for some users that the team are working on fixing. See the full post below: The following are known issues and that we are currently working to resolve within the QUAKE LIVE installer, launcher, and standalone client. Known Issues: Launcher: Auto-login reports missing email address. Standalone “Old” integrated Intel cards are unable to render the webview, resulting in a blackscreen with console access. We are working to identify which models and generations of cards may be effected. – Intel … Continue reading

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