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SMASH! 2016 – A Weekend in Photo’s


This years Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, or SMASH!, convention has come and gone. Once again, this year, SMASH! has proven itself to be the best convention out of all the ones that I have been to at the very least. What was there to do? What wasn’t there to do? Read on for my adventure. The day began with my the entrance to the convention, a convention held at the remarkable Rosehill Racecourse and its multiple buildings. These buildings make things so much easier on a navigation scale, because you know that each building has a particular purpose. However, the first building that I, and a friend, checked out was the Vendor Hall. Conveniently located at the first building. … Continue reading

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Yuegene Fay Panel – SMASH! 2016

Over they years, SMASH! has featured a plethora of cosplayers as guests, both Australian and international. At this year’s SMASH! convention, their major international cosplay guest was Yuegene Fay from Thailand. Since her first cosplay in 2000, sixteen years ago, Yuegene Fay has travelled around the world to various conventions as a guest, attendee or even a judge for a cosplay competition. I managed to catch the short panel as it was directly before the Madman Cosplay Competition. Considering I do have an interest in the art of cosplay, I decided to stay and learn more about the inner mind of a world renowned cosplayer. Before I go into the panel itself, I noted that it was a short panel. … Continue reading

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Madman Cosplay Competition – SMASH! 2016


It doesn’t go without saying that no convention, whether the focus is on otaku culture or pop culture, is complete without cosplay. While it’s all about dressing up as your favourite character and meeting new people who love doing it as well, it wouldn’t be wrong of me to say there is that element of showing off your creation for the community to see. At SMASH! 2016, there were a couple of cosplay competitions. One of these two cosplay competitions was the Madman Cosplay Competition. The Madman Cosplay Competition, while still competitive, is more of a relaxed environment compared the other event, the World Cosplay Summit Australian Preliminaries. I was actually quite impressed with the effort put into these cosplays. … Continue reading

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Overwatch – Watch Over, Anticipate the Release


Overwatch is the upcoming team-based shooter from Blizzard, and a game that I really, really, really, didn’t want to like. Looking at the marketing for the game, the MOBA-like gameplay elements, the art-style and what seemed like a general direction in the path of casualness, I didn’t think that I’d like this. At all. It wasn’t until someone I knew said that they were checking out the Open Beta, someone that didn’t traditionally play shooters, that I decided to check this out. After-all, if they enjoyed this, maybe I could convince them to play a real game. But man, I’m glad as heck that I tagged along, because Overwatch really took me back to that feeling I got playing Assault … Continue reading

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‘What A Big Camera’ Cosplay Photographer Forced To Retract Defamatory Statements


This post has been updated with additional information. – 17/12/2015 12:32AM In a post made earlier tonight by the noted Australian cosplay photographer, ‘What A Big Camera’s’ Kris Ezergailis was forced to make a statement retracting defamatory remarks against an individual involved within the cosplay community. These defamatory statements were made against a cosplayer named Wen Cheng, involving falsehoods about ingredients being used in the creation of an unspecified type of cooking. In his post, Kris, from ‘What A Big Camera’, states that he did indeed echo falsehoods towards Mr. Cheng to members within the cosplay community. He also states that these falsehoods were “vicious, malicious and highly damaging” in nature towards Mr. Cheng. I retract all statements I made … Continue reading

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SMASH! 2015 Reika Panel – Working With Wigs


This year at SMASH!, the cosplay guest from Japan, Reika, hosted a panel on cosplaying on the shows Saturday. In this panel, she discussed a few things, but predominantly talked about wig-styling and utilised a live demonstration on the topic. This talk involved her giving directions to the audience, which was translated on stage by a SMASH! appointed translator, and showing them what she was doing. Some of Reika’s advice was pretty solid, giving out useful hints as to what to do in various stages of the styling process. What was particularly interesting was that she showed how the offcuts from a wig can be utilised to create the spikes coming out of the hair, like with Sephiroth from Final … Continue reading

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The “Senpai Notice Me” JPF X SMASH! Cosplay Workshops! Was Pretty Fun


Over the weekend, on Saturday July 11, 2015, SMASH! and the Japan Foundation in Sydney held a trio of pre-SMASH! panels for people that RSVP’d to a Facebook event focused on Cosplay called “”Senpai Notice Me” JPF X SMASH! Cosplay Workshops!“. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend one of the workshops, the make-up application one, but I did attend both the Wig-Styling and the Casting workshops. As you can tell, each workshop focused primarily on one thing each, but went for about an hour or so each, with plenty of time for nuance. As we mentioned in the OP, we didn’t attend the Make-up workshop, so were not too sure about what happened in that. However, it was the first … Continue reading

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